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Author Book Spotlight, Woman On Top, by Brenda Thomas, #newrelease #fiction

Started from the bottom . . .Once hailed as the Queen of Philly’s nightlife, Tiffany Johnson-Skinner
now reigns as its prominent First Lady, standing proudly beside her husband, the charismatic Mayor, Malik Skinner. Tiffany is the first to admit that she doesn’t have the perfect life, especially with the demands of her husband, caring for her young daughter, Nylah, and working with Blessed Babies, her budding charity. But since she once ruled the streets, Tiffany should have no problem ruling the city, right? Staying on top…When her husbands’ arch nemesis, former District Attorney, Gregory D. Haney III, reappears, Tiffany may have to revert to some of her old ways to keep her happy life. Tiffany and Mr. Haney share a dark and storied past and Tiffany will stop at nothing to keep it buried before the secrets and lies destroy everything she’s worked to build. In a riveting, sizzling page-turner, Brenda L. Thomas once again delivers a story of a woman intent on staying on top – no matter what it takes.

About The Author

Brenda L. Thomas is the author of several books including Threesome and the deeply moving memoir of her 15-year struggle with domestic violence and drug addiction, Laying Down My Burdens. A sought-after and compelling speaker, she's appeared on such shows as CNN, ESPN, Dateline and Entertainment Tonight. A native of Philadelphia, Brenda is currently serving as Executive Producer of the movie adaptation of Laying Down My Burdens.

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Love Defined, by Leila Martinez, Book Blast and Giveaway, #christian #YA #romance #newrelease #fridayfinds

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Author: Leila Martinez

Book Title: Love, Defined

Paperback: 242 pages ISBN-10: 1680582313


Publication Date: August 4, 2015

Genre: Christian YA Romance
About The Author


Leila Tualla is a Christian blogger and writer. She blogs at and writes about her misadventures in faith, in motherhood, and whatever else inspires her. She holds a membership to the American Christian Fiction Writer. Her current project is a YA Christian Romance.
About The Book

Into their final summer before graduating college, three childhood friends, Alex Makapulo, Lori Hanson, and Andy Taylor had each expected an uncomplicated transition to adulthood.

Alex had recently professed her love for Christ and is toying with the idea of leaving the Catholic Church and becoming a member of her best friend,

Jack Page’s church. Jack wonders what is keeping Alex from being baptized and fully accepting a new life with Christ. Alex wonders the same thing and believes that she needs to be 100 % in her conviction before fully committing to a new Christian life. Like everyone she has doubts and wants to make sure she’s doing the right thing in her spiritual walk. Her new found beliefs disconnects her from her roommates and while they feel she is intentionally separating herself from them, to Alex, she is trying to figure out what is Christian and what isn’t. For Lori’s twenty-second birthday, her grandfather Pete Hanson presented her with a summer vacation to England. While looking up various tourist spots, she meets and befriends Colin Watson, a British musician, online who then suggest they meet when she lands in London. They hit it off instantly but Pete is angry and believes that she only used him as a means to meet Colin. When he finds out that Lori met Colin online, he forbids Lori from seeing Colin entirely.

Lori, who has fallen in love with Colin, is heartbroken. Pete threatens to leave England with Lori’s passport. Colin and Lori try to arrange meetups where they can see each other but Pete catches on. Lori takes this as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. She unhappily finishes her trip with Pete and goes home vowing not to forgive her grandfather.

Andy reconnects with her old crush, Miles Webber and decides she wants a more meaningful relationship with him. She tells Alex about the situation and Alex truthfully tells Andy that Miles only wanted her for sex. This angers Andy and she walks out of the apartment. Andy ends up walking to the coffeehouse and comes up with an idea to throw a surprise birthday party for Alex. She believes that if Alex and Jack were to hook up, the focus would shift from Miles and her. Andy spikes all the drinks for Alex’s party and leaves her friend while she goes in search of Miles.

He shows up at the bar with another girl. In an effort to soothe her wounded ego, she goes home with someone else. When she wakes up the next day, she realizes she’s in bed with Alex’s young boss from the coffeehouse, David Roberts, Jr. They return home from their trip with Alex asking Jack to baptize her. Andy confronts David and Lori both forgives and asks for forgiveness from Pete.

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Book Blast and Giveaway, One Delicate Night, by Joy Avery #fridayfinds #contemporaryromance #newrelease


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Book Title: One Delicate Night
Publication Date: 7-11-2015
Genre: Contemporary romance
Author: Joy Avery



Can one night lead to forever?

Kassidy Monroe has spent far too many nights alone. But could she actually go through with a one-night stand? No! At least, that’s her answer until her eyes settle on him—tall, dark, and ultra-mysterious behind a black and platinum mask that makes him even more appealing. It’s lust at first sight, but how far is she willing to go with a man she’s just met?
Jaxon Prescott has always gone after what he wants. And he wants her—the sexy vixen in the feather mask. Something about her calls to him, and he’s all too willing to answer. An invitation to his hotel suite was supposed to be for a night she wouldn’t soon forget, but somehow the tables turn. He never imagines he’d be the one constantly reliving their time together.

One need. One night. One unforeseen outcome.



Joy Avery is a contemporary romance author who loves watching her imaginary friends fall in love. When not crafting her next love story, she enjoys reading, spending time with the family, playing with her two dogs, and cake decorating.
She’s the author of the novels Smoke in the Citi, His Until Sunrise (book 1 in the Indigo Falls series), Cupid’s Error-a Valentine’s novella, and His Ultimate Desire (book 2 in the Indigo Falls series).


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Virtual Book Tour Life on Fire, by Authors Jenetta M. Bradley and Karen D. Bradley, #newrelease #fiction #fridayfinds

Book Title: Life On Fire
Genre: Fiction
Author: Jenetta M Bradley
About the Author

Chicago natives, Jenetta and Karen Bradley, are sisters and authors. Jenetta has always had a love for writing and has written and published five fictional books. She also post weekly updates to The SSMD, her online, interactive fictional story of a relationship advisor helping the Single, Shacking, Married, and Divorced (SSMD) while dealing with her own life’s ups and downs.

Her younger sister, Karen, didn’t start off sharing the love of writing. While being a creative mind, English and Grammar were never her strongest subjects. As life would have it, her weakest link would become her saving grace in life. It was during college she wrote her first book to help her cope with the death of her father, the upheaval of emotions, and her changing family dynamics. Writing fiction soon became one of her favorite forms of therapy.

About the book


Brooklyn Saunders' life is set ablaze when her ex, Dante Nines, and a newly single friend, Hunter Torres, vie for the number one spot in her heart. Unknowingly, Dante brings trouble to her door causing their personal and professional lives to collide in the worst way. The entanglement unleashes a danger that will have both of the men she loves fighting to keep her safe. Will Brooklyn survive the chaos threatening to destroy her very existence? And if she does, who will she choose?

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Virtual Book Tour Weed and Water Bringing The Resources of God To a Teenager #newrelease #youngadult


Book Title: Weed and Water
Author: Ian Palmer
Genre: Teenage Redemption story; Christian faith
Paperback: 266 pages

ISBN-10: 1506188451
ISBN-13: 978-1506188454



Originally from Australia, Ian lives in the high desert in his beloved Southwest USA. As a petroleum engineer, recently retired, he consulted all over the world. When he hikes with them or watches them play sports, Ian’s grandchildren are a particular source of happiness. His main interests are hiking, dancing, writing, and stimulating conversation. Ian regularly writes a new blog on various topics relating to Christian faith, and has also written a book called Hiking Toward Heaven.


book cover

A mysterious stranger helps a teenage boy called Ethan rescue his mentor, an elderly father-figure, from drowning when their canoe capsizes in a flooding river. A star athlete, Ethan later gets involved in unsafe sex, which leads to drugs, and gets him blackballed by jealous and gossiping team-mates. The boy is going down, and at times hates himself for it and for hurting his mom who is a caring, loving, and beautiful woman.

After another disastrous episode, where Ethan might have died, the river-stranger turns up again to confront him about his life choices. However, even after rehab, the boy’s condition is marked by a yo-yo attitude which causes massive emotional heartache for his mom.

The river-stranger, after sharing his own amazing history, suggests taking the fight to another level which draws on the resources of God. This begins a new and fascinating sequence of events, including a tornado, which get Ethan’s attention.

The book is a captivating story, packed with adventure in the desert Southwest and in the rivers and lakes of the Midwest USA. But it is also a goldmine of spiritual wisdom for teenagers. The mystery that permeates the story is compelling, and the thrilling ending may call for a tissue or two.


“A story of modern Christian guidance that will interest readers unopposed to heavenly intervention. Though a more or less well-adjusted kid, Ethan’s attitude toward life takes a downturn when he contracts herpes from a cheerleader named Rachel. Popper, ever the Christian optimist, 0 does his best to explain to the young man that his life is not over. Ethan’s attitude continues a downward slide, however, as he experiments with drugs. The nature-filled story makes use of scenery for periods of reflection about weighty matters. Notions of God and morality are never forced on Ethan; rather, they are discussed in open and meaningful ways 0” – Kirkus Reviews


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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Virtual Book Tour, Our Marriage Contract by Taylor M. Fletcher #newrelease #selfhelp #inspiration


Book Title: Our Marriage Contract
Paperback: 68 pages
ISBN-10: 1478754338
ISBN-13: 978-1478754336

Genre: Self Help, Inspirational
About the Author


Taylor M. Fletcher is the Managing Partner at The Law Offices of Kawalski, Fletcher & Kirkpatrick, P.C. Mr. Fletcher has more than ten years’ experience as a corporate law attorney, an attorney consultant, and an expert legal volunteer for various public and private non-profit organizations throughout the Tri-State area.

About the book

book cover

NO JUDGES, NO LAWYERS, JUST GREAT COMMUNICATIONS...... Although titled Our Marriage Contract and written by a lawyer; I'm happy to say the book has absolutely nothing to do with the court or U.S. legal system. Instead the book actually explains and shows people how their relationship Expectations...Leads to Disappointment....Disappointments Leads to Resentment and Resentment Leads to Failure.

FROM A MALES PERSPECTIVE......In the book, I'm not writing from an expert or lawyer standpoint. Nope! I wrote the book from an average guy standpoint, who after years of darting and trying to figure why during most of my relationships I was either a hero at times or a big fat zero; even when I tried to do the right thing.

I FINALLY CRACKED THE CODE....So I think. After finally coming to grips that as crude as it may sound; relationships are just like any other of life's fragile unions and in order to be successful there needs to be rules both people must follow to make it work. Now, here's the fun part, part of putting my hypothesis or what I called "cracking the code" to the test, not only did I test and try it out on my then fiancée' and now wife but I tested it on many of my friends who are in relationships or at the early stages of one. To my surprise it worked! Seriously! I was kind of shocked because I'm no Dr. Phil or other relationship expert, I was just a guy who figured it had to be an easier way to get what I wanted out of a relationship, and now I had the answer!

Two years later, Our Marriage Contract "the book" was born and published. I am really happy with the final product because I stayed true to the books mission which was to share my personal experiences and explain in under 65 pages how people can have a great relationship, regardless if they've been in a relationship for 6 months or 6 years, all with just a simple piece of paper. In the book I think women will appreciate The Men's Quick Start Guide (page 17) and men in-turn will surely appreciate The Hostile Love Terms (page 32). In the end both people will know how to simply "ask" for what they not only need but want" in their current or next relationship and have fun doing it! Why? Because, I explain step by step how the process of "getting what you want" requires going to out to dinner along with a few other things designed to bring the couple closer in their relationship. Our Marriage Contract is currently listed on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Kindle.

Valentine’s Day is coming, so I ask my wife, "Honey what do you want for Valentine's Day"? She candidly replies "nothing ", I then say "are you sure"?, She again says "I'm fine"!. Five days later Valentine Day rolls along and because I didn't get her anything "but " all the ladies in her office are receiving flowers, cards, bears, balloons and flowers...all except my wife. And even when she comes home, there's still no flowers, cards candy etc. Now my wife is extremely disappointed at me but she can't say or show it because remember I did asked her. Instead she's disappointed, now what happens if this continues for years? You guessed it, Expectations leads to Disappointment...Disappointment leads to Resentment...Resentment leads to Failure.... Don't think this can happen, well it does and in the book I explain how to avoid that situation so both people ultimately "get what they want".

Tell us about yourself?

First and foremost, I’m a happily married! And I’m not just saying that to be saying that. I’m a guy who feels incredibly blessed for all the little and wonderful things God has offered me in my lifetime.  By trade I’m a Corporate Attorney who again has been blessed with the ability to help my clients prosper and stay out of trouble. I’m a dog parent to a Boxer Beagle mix, named Gemma and married to my best friend. I enjoy a good movie on the couch with my BFF (my wife) or jumping on the motorcycle and grabbing a bite to eat with my wife. My favorite thing besides flea marketing hopping is to get a pedicure alongside my wife, those chairs are Great! Other than that, if you strip away the titles, the degrees, the material possession, I’m just your average everyday guy except I found happiness through dealing with my expectations upfront. 

Tell us about your book?
The book addresses what I call the Miss”Education” of Romance. How many classes or seminars have you attended that teaches people how to have a better relationship or romance? So although titled Our Marriage Contract and written by a lawyer; I'm happy to say the book has absolutely nothing to do with the court or U.S. legal system. Instead the book actually explains and shows people how their relationship Expectations...Leads to Disappointment....Disappointments Leads to Resentment and Resentment Leads to Failure. I wrote the book from an average guy standpoint, who after years of dating and trying to figure why during most of my relationships I was either a hero at times or a big fat zero; even when I tried to do the right thing couldn’t get it right….until I decided to treat a relationship for just what it truly is and use what everybody uses and understands and that’s simple rules…And it worked!

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

I was months away from getting married and super worried about what I read on-line about marriages. No, honestly I was down-right petrified, plus I was worried about failing. Now, I know that may sound weird but just like every relationship I had, it was all great in the beginning and middle but for whatever reasons it ended whether by my actions or the other person. But getting married, that was not as simple as 3-4 weeks of heart-ach after a break up. Divorce was like a badge of shame that would stay with me forever. So basically I came up with the concept after fearing the worst but wanting the best.

What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading your book?

If the rich and wealthy can use marital or relationship aids to get what they want out of their relationship with success. Why can’t you and I? We’re worth it too, right? Everyday normal people like you and I deserve happy and healthy relationships and great romance. The number # 1 reasons people don’t get the job. Is they don’t ask! The # 1 reasons people don’t get what they want from a relationship, is…you guessed it “They don’t ask”! The book will show you how and WHY you should ask for the things you want in your relationship and not just to expect them. The book teaches us “Expecting leads to Disappointment, Disappointment leads to Resentment and Resentment leads to Failure.    

 What inspired you to write this book?

I think what really inspired me to write the book was first and foremost having a marriage contract in my own relationship work and is still working to this very day. So, thinking” I Finally Cracked the Code”, on what I refer to as the Miss”Education” of Romance and I coming to grips that as crude as it may sound; relationships are just like any other of life's fragile unions and in order to be successful there needs to be rules both people must follow to make it work. I put my hypothesis or what I called "cracking the code" to the test, not only did I test and try it out on my then fiancée' and now wife but I tested it on many of my friends who are in relationships or at the early stages of one. To my surprise it worked! Years later, Our Marriage Contract "the book" was born.

What’s next for you?

Hopefully, to do a few seminars covering the book and its topic, I hope to get the message out to as many women as possible. I believe it all starts with the women and teaching and showing them to stop expecting and start asking, particularly minority women. There’s an old saying that “there‘re not a lot of good black men out there”. I beg to differ and in fact I know there are, women just have to curve their expectations of what a good is and ask for what they want and that’s half the battle”. Think about it! Women say a good man is supposed to have good qualities, so they look and expect to find those things are qualities in a “Quote on Quote “good man” so let’s just say for one second. Woman meet a man for face value, (physical attractions, etc.) if she ask for the things she expects and wants in a relationship AND she gets 85% of those things, now suddenly she has a good man! Well at least by her standards …. The “MissEducation of Romance” being explained and fixed is well on its way. 

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