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#VIRTUALBOOKTOUR THROUGH HEALED LENSES by Adrienne'Quinn #nonfiction #newbookalert @wnlbooktours

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour for Through Healed Lenses by Adrienne’Quinn. The book tour will run August 24-Sept 4, 2020.


Genre: Non-Fiction    


ISBN-13: 979-8648414099



Meet Adrienne'Quinn

Adrienne Kelly, pen name, Adrienne'Quinn, is a practicing Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in Atlanta, GA. Adrienne's childhood included being raised by a single mother and growing up in a small town with a large, close-knit maternal family who heavily influences her upbringing and writings. She is a mom two a boy, Joziah and girl, Azariah. She is the CEO and founder of Gifting Love LLC, an organization that focuses on holistic mentoring through the use of spiritual and emotional education, as well as therapy services for adolescent girls. Adrienne started her therapy journey years ago and has become an avid supporter of counseling services.


                                                                                    About The Book


How often do you find yourself wondering why the same outcomes in relationships, be it familiar or personal, continue to happen to you? When is the last time you caught yourself feeling as if there was something missing? Or something more to life than your current predicaments? When was the last time you had a negative thought about yourself, that you could not comfortably say aloud because society would judge it by their skewed standards? Or how about a time when you felt defeated but had to keep moving forward for the sake of image or responsibility? In Adrienne ‘Quinn’s new book, every page answers, provides depth, and context to the above questions.



Life is a slideshow full of relationships. The journey we experience with our parent, children, brother, sister, friend, teachers, strangers, significant other, and spouse are all relationships in which we learn to exist and navigate life. The people gifted to us by blood were, in some realm, ordained by God to guide and influence our life experiences. These life experiences do not always present as the most favorable or positive; however, they are a part of our story.


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Registration Now Open. 6 Weeks Writing Challenge #newauthor #writers #nonfiction




Everyone has a story to tell. Don't let anyone else tell your story. Our stories and experiences in life are not for us, but for others.

Your story is the answer to someone's problem or pain. Why keep it to yourself? Share it with the world. Someone is waiting on you to tell it.

Join the the 6 Week Writing Challenge that will have you finishing your first draft in 6 weeks. 

In my Writing Challenge, I'll teach you my step-by-step approach to picking a topic for your book, how and where to begin writing and completing your first draft in 6 weeks. 

Why Write Your Story?

People are looking for stories of transformation, self-help, reference guides, and how to’s  that help them navigate through life. 

Stories and books that resonate with people and these stories help them move forward. 

Your written words allow the reader to be inspired, empowered and motivated, knowing their own struggle is real but they can remain hopeful. 

During this challenge, you will go from idea to implementation with personal support from me!!I

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#VirtualBookTour The Beginners Guide To Wealth Building by R. LaMont W. August 10-21 #nonfiction #financial #literacy


Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour for A Beginners Guide to Wealth Building by R. LaMont. W. The book tour will run August 10-21, 2020.


Genre: Non-Fiction


Book Title: A Beginners Guide to Wealth Building


Genre: Financial Literacy

                                                        Meet R. LaMont W. 

Retired: Partner at the Institute for Fiduciary Education ( Event planner: International investment education seminars for large institutional pension and endowment funds. 


Retired: State of California for 28 years (16 years at the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, Investment Officer II). 


13 years — Trustee for the Sacramento County Employees Retirement System (SCERS) Retirement Board...6 years — President, African and African American Alumni Association (5A)...3 years — Trustee, Cal Aggie Alumni Association, University of California, Davis...3 years — Trustee for the Cosumnes River College Foundation...3 years — Mortgage Broker, Summit Funding, Currently — Board Member and Financial Education Consultant, Greater Sacramento Financial Literacy Group.


Adjunct Professor, “Essentials of Personal Finance” — University of Phoenix, Sacramento Valley Campus, Teacher of the Year).


Passion: To share his knowledge of financially literacy through the Art of Storytelling. 

About The Book 


“A Beginners Guide to Wealth Building ” is a book on the Fundamentals of Money Management. 

It is written in simple English to demystify the cryptic world of investments including, the importance of income tax deductions, the importance of budgeting, how to construct a stock, bond and mutual fund investment portfolio. You will learn to do a Spending Personality Assessment Review, a technique used successfully for more than 20 years to teach you how to better manage your money. 

This book is transformational. It will empower you to be your own champion and master of your financial universe. You will find this book informative, at times funny and very rewarding. 



Guest Post

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

1.      Read, Read and Read some more.

            I have found too become a better writer you have to become an avid reader. I’ve always been a reader. I used to read 50+ books a year. Now, because of writing I am down to 10-12. I have become a more selective reader. I want to read books in the fiction and self-help genre to look at writing styles, word usage and the entire book set up. 

2.      Research Everything

            When I attended  UC Davis, I learned how to do research. This practice is drilled into my brain and I question everything and research what I don’t know. I know there are a lot of things that are out of my expertise. I research things I write about and I bounce my thesis and conclusions off of experts in their field. They keep accuracy in my writing. It really helps when talking about police procedures, weapons, the military, medical and legal practices.

3.      Taking Writing Classes

            After my first book went to editing, I realized I could write well but I wasn’t a writer. I came to understand writing a resource guide is different than writing a story. The two are worlds apart. 

            My current book is written in the first person (a resource guide). My second book is written in both first and third person (a novel). I’ve taken many writing courses from, “Writing Great Sentences” to “How to Write Great Fiction Novels”. My writing an evolving, work in progress. One thing I know for sure: I’m getting better. 

4.      Join a Writer’s Guild

            I took an on-line writing class and discovered the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild. I picked his guild because of his track record. Jerry has written 198 books. He got to book number 75 before it hit the New York Times best seller list. He has since produced 21 New York Times best sellers. 

            I’ve learned more about writing in his first class than I have in all of the other DVD’s and books I’ve read. I’ve learned how to set up the story, better use of grammar and writing dialogue. I learned the difference between writing a book from an outline versus writing from the seat of my pants. 

            I’m in the process of learning the marathon of writing and to keep my reader engaged.

5.      Learn to Self Edit

            I’m learning to self edit relative to the writing process. I actually write one day and edit the next day. I read books by other great writers to analyze their writing techniques. Using what I learn I go through my book to see where I can improve my the story. 

            One thing I’ve heard, agent’s can read the first few lines or the first paragraph of a book and will decide right then if it’s worth their time or the garbage can. Good self editing will help you write a better book. 

            Even thought your book is well edited the publisher will still send your writing to their Chief Editor. However, the less editing the publisher has to do, the more likely they’ll be willing to publish and promote your book.

6.      Join ToastMasters

            I was in a conversation with my wife when she said, “you should join ToastMasters.” I asked why? She said, “writing is a form of public speaking. If you become a better speaker you will become a better writer.” 

            I joined ToastMasters. Everything she said was true. In becoming a better speaker I’ve become a better writer (I think). I learned about wasted words like “so”, “because” and the dreaded “ah”  and many other words. ToastMasters has helped reduce my wasted word vocabulary. The two go hand in hand. One side helps the other.

7.      Find a mentor.

            I’m finding this is the hard part. I would love to find a mentor to review my writing but I have some concerns on how to proceed. I’ve learned to only give copyrighted material to someone for review. 

            I’ve been taught finding an established writer can help you along the way but I only know a few that live close. I am in uncharted waters on this endeavor but I think I’m getting close.

            I tried to get a university English professor to read my book and give me feedback. She  never returned my correspondence. I still have a few ideas and people in mind but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Everyone wants to get paid. My budget is limited. I’ve spent a lot of money on editors and others but some don’t have the same perfectionist philosophy I have regarding my work. I’m not giving up. I know a good mentor will be very important in my growth and development.


8.      Develop a thick skin

            I wrote my first novel and handed it out to family and a few friends. Out of 11 people, one came back and gave it two stars for Good Reads. They suggested I break the book up into three different books. One came back and said , “it was okay.” Another person said, “the off character should have been the main character.” 

            No one else finished the book or has made a comment about it. The only thing I can thought about was to get a better editor. After my first Writers Guild Class, I looked at my book  and saw all the flaws. Some things I did right and some things I did wrong in terms of writing  techniques. 

            At first I felt bad. I realized it was my fault. I loaded the book with to much stuff. It became boring and difficult to read. I am learning to write with the reader in mind. 

            I asked the writers guild should I re-edit and re-publish. The answer came back “No”. Learn from your experience and move on. Develop a thick skin. You are going to get critics as well as lovers. 

            I read a quote from Harlan Coben. “Most writer don’t think their work is good. Only the bad writers think their work is good. It comes with the territory. Get use to it.”

            That’s what I’m gonna do!

9.      Build a publishing team

            Build a good publishing team. This is not a team of your friends and relatives. It’s not a team of people who will praise your work and tell you your writing is great. Build a team to look at your work from a professional perspective. 

            Most importantly build a team who will put a critical, but a helpful eye on your writing. Make it the best it can be. This is everything  from the book design, the fonts, punctuation, grammar checking, formatting and size. This includes whether it is a hard or soft cover and/or ebook. 

            I know, I know it is a painstaking process that makes you want to pull your hair out and run screaming into the night. No book is ever perfect but with a good team, the pursuit of excellence is within reach.


10.   Plan to Write, Write to Plan...then write some more

            I wrote a one page business plan. In my plan I have 14 book titles. I have one paragraph to one page for many of the stories that pop into my head. I never stop writing. 

            You can set aside to specific times to write (early in the morning, mid-day or you can write on an ad hoc basis (whenever). 

            For me I like to write between 8:00 p.m. until I get tired or lose my concentration. Sometimes a good movie will break my habit but I’d rather read then watch TV.

            I have a book called Courageous Money Conversations. My Spiritual Advisor gave it to me. It requires me to write when I first wake up in the morning and at sunset thoughts bedtime. 

            Keep a diary, a notebook or voice record things you want to remember. 

            I am a dreamer. I get up and record dreams I can remember.

            Make writing a habit. I have found myself writing when I am watching the evening news.

            Stay focused and write, write and write some more.

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→, Coaches, entrepreneurs, business experts, speakers and consultants.


The Toolkit includes checklists, templates, bonuses and more!!!

Some of the goodies inside the Toolkit

Author Roadmap- Before you post a question on Facebook, or Google it... the Author Roadmap is what you need. Directions to help you travel the road to becoming a published author.

Self-Publishing Checklist- This checklist reduces errors by clearly laying out exactly what needs to be done.

Marketing Plan Bank Idea-You'll learn ways to promote your book before, during and after your book is released.

Ways To Monetizing Your Book- Ideas to bring more income into your business.

These actionable items you can implement RIGHT NOW!

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Its Pre-Launch week for The Authors Remedy my 'done with you program" for nonfiction aspiring authors. Its a 12 week program that starts in April and you'll release your book by July 3.... Right in time to celebrate the 4th of July.

YOU READY... to get WRITTEN, PUBLISHED AND PAID doing what you love?

THREE Things authors are doing before they enroll in The Authors Remedy.

1. Sitting around waiting on a publisher to publisher their book.
All publishers are not created equal. The industry is full of predators looking for eager authors
anxious to get published. These predators have been in business long enough to know that with the right "bait" they'll have you signing all your rights away.

2. Wasting time being indecisive about what to write.
It is said with too many options people won't do anything. When we're not clear on our message or what story we want to write... we won't write at all! The ability to have clarity on which story to write first comes through the process of elimination and even when this is done.... writers still ponder over if that's the story they should be writing.

3. Having a limited belief that their stories don't matter.
The lack of confidence hinders writer’s own perception of their ability to write a good story.

Click here to download the e-Book to be the first to the early bird news:

Join our FB group where you’ll find tips and tools to help you get a jump ahead!!