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#WNLBOOKTOURS #BOOKBLAST Saved By Grace, by Natasha C. Pointer, #poetry #christian #inspirational

Genre: Poetry/ Christian/Autobiography

Book Title: Saved By Grace

Author: Natasha C. Pointer

About The Author

Author | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Fort Myers, FL, Natasha C. Porter, shares her stories of faith and encouragement through poetry. She serves in ministry at Destiny Life Ministries. Saved by Grace is her first published work and is currently working on her next book Expressions. She is the owner/founder of Mysteri Message-In-A-Bottle.

About The Book

Saved By Grace is an Autobiography told thru poetry about her life, the hardships she faced, but most importantly how she overcame it all through prayer, faith, and steadfastness.

Poetry to touch the lives of others, to inspire someone, to encourage, and to bring joy in someone’s life. This book is filled with great hope for those facing life’s most challenging moments. 

As a storyteller, Natasha shares where she found her greatest strengths through prayer, faith and her steadfastness. 


From the day you were born,

you were a blessing.

You were a comfort and

inspiration to those around you.

You suffered enormous tragedies

and faced many challenges.

You suffered a great deal

and life as you saw it was over.

Each day seemed like an eternity—

every moment seemed everlasting.

You went in with your eyes closed,

but came out with them wide open.

You fell to your knees and asked,

why, why me?

Not realizing that your trials

would prepare you for your future.

Not knowing you were a blessed child

and you were called for a purpose.

Many obstacles came your way

and the enemy tried to bring you down.

He never wanted you to succeed,

let alone see the light of day.

Your cries reached up to God.

He said, You are my child.

No matter where you go,

I will be with you.

You are blessed.

Blessed you shall be,

and blessed you shall continue to be;

not only to yourself, but to others.

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#WNLBOOKTOURS An Ember In Time, Virtual Book Tour, Author Anna M. Aquino, #newrelease #christian #ficion


Genre: Christian Fiction

Book Release Date: Publisher: eLectio Publishing (March 30, 2016)

ISBN-10: 1632132265

ISBN-13: 978-1632132260


About The Author

Anna M. Aquino is a super fabulous woman of God, wife, and ninja mom of two daughters. As a writer, guest minister, and host of an online interview show, Anna’s passion is to encourage others to fulfill their own destinies. Often referred to as a preacher and a comedian rolled into one, she believes laughter is one of the best ways to get people to think. She is the author of many works including Cursing the Church or Helping it? and Confessions of a Ninja Mom. Her first fiction book An Ember In Time is now on the market. She has been interviewed on places such as TBN and the Gospel Channel. She and her family do travel for ministry, Anna is based out of Central Ohio.


About The Book

Pastor Jon Stevens has grown weary trying to argue with his church over every little thing. His passion in life has felt as if it has fizzled in front of him. He is caught in a downward spiral. He would rather keep his feelings on a shelf and just visit them on occasion as he needed to. He keeps a plastic smile on his face. Sometimes he imagines himself as a used car salesmen. He throws on a cheap suit every Sunday. He trying desperately to peddle the same God that everyone in his town seems to know about and has heard of before, and where does it get him? He knows his attitude is wrong. But if he walked down to Charley’s Auto Bonanza and got a job; at least he would be making commission.

However, that is when God steps in. God sends Sergio a time traveling angel to give him the opportunity to experience any time in Biblical History with the stipulation that he not interact with anyone. He goes back to watch David kill Goliath. Due to a chance encounter on the road with a very young Bathsheba carrying a basket of flowers, Jon makes his crucial mistake. He has to fix the past before it unravels the future. Little does Jon know that God has sent him on the mission to prepare him for his future.

An Ember In Time is an excellent read for anyone who loves a first-rate adventure.

Read the Excerpt:

What Others Are Saying

“Anna Aquino’s uniquely anointed and creative writing is evident in this book, “An Ember in Time”. Guided by the Holy Spirit and given the hand of the ready writer, it will grasp your attention from start to finish! These pages are filled with her experiences and inspired imagination for the first in a series of great adventures.”

Hank and Brenda Kunneman
Senior Pastors of Lord of Hosts Church & Founders of One Voice Ministries

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#WNLBOOKTOURS Author Spotlight T. K. Ware, Trial Of Injustice, #Christian #Fiction #Mystery

Today I'd like to welcome T.K Ware to my blog. 

We chopping it up about his latest release

Trial Of Injustice

Tshombye Kentrell Ware, raised in Albany, Ga. A young man endowed with creativity, moved to the city of Macon Georgia, to continue his education. Upon graduation the creativity began to emerge. Kentrell would often times would drift away and find himself writing from the imagination that lingered within. This led to the creation of a Christian CD entitled "L.O.C" The Love of Christ. Upon completion of high school, Kentrell traveled to the great state of Alabama by way of an athletic scholarship to Lurleen B Wallace College. Kentrell, being a man of vivid imaginations, would discover his creativity while obtaining studies at the local college. 

Kentrell was drawn to particular classes that promoted his creativity. These included Psychology, English, and History courses just to name a few. As the years progressed, so did his creativity. Oftentimes Kentrell would share his faith with other collegiate students through a gift called the spoken word. As the door to inspiration continued to open, Kentrell became drawn toward writing; which led to his inspired creations.

T.K. Ware has a passion for writings that offer a subliminal message that minister to the body, soul and spirit. A firm supporter to those who seek to employ the world through inspired writings. Many of his titles are unpublished. He has chosen to release certain titles throughout the days, months and years, as the seasons change.

Banker, Alabama
will never be the same again....

On a Thursday morning in Banker, Alabama the body of a twenty-one year-old woman was discovered murdered. After the police and forensics inspected, with the help of eyewitnesses and fingerprints, the man responsible for the heinous was identified as Pastor Thaddeus Ganvis.

After finishing another victorious case, Charles returned to his office. As the day continued, he found himself logging into Facebook, and nearly dropped his phone when he discovered that his former pastor was arrested for first-degree murder.

Without a second thought, he flew to Banker, Alabama to prove the innocence of a godly man. Along the way he discovers the opposition that threatens.

What do you hope this book accomplishes?

I hope my book opens the eyes of the readers to see how faith operates. Moreover, to show the true power of forgiveness.

Who (or what) is your greatest encourager when you write and why?

My greatest encouragement is the simply fact that I'm able to implement a gospel message within my stories. Instead of pounding someone on the head with biblical principles, I found it easier to display those principles in a way that's easy to understand.

Upcoming events?

We have a couple of book tours coming in the July. Once the locations are set, all the information will be posted on my website.

Any tips for upcoming authors?

Don't give up on your dream. Continue to work on the craft. Anyone can write a book, but only a few will take the time to learn the craft. In doing so, you'll stand out from the millions of authors and those who are yet to come out.

How can readers connect with you?

Twitter & Instagram @GospelWriter8, Facebook: TK Ware , and through my personal website.

What genre is your book? Christian fiction/mystery

Is there a biblical scripture that would sum up your novel? Why?

Yes. Proverbs 3:5-6 'Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.'

The lawyer defending Pastor Gavis lives by this particular scripture. There are severa moments where he turns to the guidance of the Lord to clear his mind of doubt.

Can you explain your writing process? 

Yes. Writing comes to me in seasons. There are moments when my dreams are invaded with insightful ideas. I can't count how many times I've been awaken by an idea, which later turned into a book. When the idea is upon me, I follow it's leading until I have developed the idea into a story.

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#WNLBOOKTOURS, Reunite A Gift From God by M.E. Marshall #newrelease #fridayfinds #chrisitian #fiction


Madlyn E. Marshall 

Madlyn Marshall is the Founder of G.R.A.C.E. Financial Ministry Inc. G.R.A C.E is an acronym for “God’s Resources Advancing Christian Evangelism” a biblically based financial management and budgeting ministry. Madlyn is also conducts workshops writing all the material used in the workshops as well as during one on one consulting sessions.

Madlyn has also written several short stories and poems. It is in this genre where Madlyn has the opportunity to share the creative side of her writing. Madlyn has a vivid imagination and a unique way of bringing the stories and characters she writes about to life with descriptive images.

The Window of the Heart series is a collection of small fictional stories that explore the depth of God’s love and His capacity to restore that which was lost, albeit relationships, a renewed sense of oneself, or joy that had been buried under the weight of life’s challenges. In these stories, you will laugh, cry, and paused to think about your own challenges and I hope come away with a renewed spirit and a stronger faith.

In the first of the three book series, ReUnited – A Gift from God; the characters struggle with their faith in God, and the pain from their past. Can they truly forgive? Can they trust God and allow Him to heal their brokenness? Tony and Elaine have the opportunity to answer these questions and more because they are thrown together in an unlikely place, on top of a mountain in Alberta, Canada. There is no place for either of them to go, so they are force to face their fears and their past lives together.

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Book Spotlight Hypnotic by Iris Bolling #newrelease #fiction

Iris Bolling


Dr. Adam Fitzgerald Lassiter has Masters Degree in Biometric Engineering and Nuclear Engineering and let’s not forget his Ph.D., in Chemical Engineering. With several inventions under his belt, the tall, dark, intelligent, and definitely uninhibited, Adam Lassiter has his life figured out. He is on his way to becoming an FBI agent. He is determined to step out of the shadow of his larger-than-life older brothers. The problem...there are those who are willing to kill for his latest invention.

Deemed a medical genius early in her career, the sexy Dr. Amber Nicolas feels her life is finally on track. She has accomplished a lot in her young life. Now, she feels that something is missing, that feeling of contentment from being held in the arms of a loving man. So she asks God to bring her the Yin to her Yang; the King to her Queen, the Clyde to her Bonnie…you get the idea.

In walks the man who kidnapped her dreams years ago...Adam Lassiter.
Within 48 hours of the two officially meeting, there are three murders, an attempted kidnapping, and the takeover of a small country.


The Book of Adam – Hypnotic by Iris Bolling
"Allow is such a speculative term. Have you ever heard of doing something then asking permission later?" 
"No. I have always been told you ask permission first."
"You must live a very sheltered life." Adam smiled. "Where is the adventure? Living that way makes a person so predictable people know exactly what to expect before you even do it. I find that life is more interesting when people have no idea what you might do next."
"Living life that way puts your world in turmoil. There are no controls, no accountability, no limits."

"Why should there be limits? Each day God gives us a day to find our purpose for being on this earth. I say we should live it to the fullest. As the old adage says tomorrow is not promised. Go for the gusto while you can."
"That is an immature way of looking at things." Amber sobered. "There has to be structure in a person's life. And while you say it's being predictable to live within one’s limits, I find it being dependable. People know what to expect from you. It's clear that you can be counted on when needed."

"You're a military brat, aren't you?" Adam frowned.
Amber's defenses rose. "Yes, I am and very proud of it."

Adam suddenly came to attention; he saluted her with his hand. "Yes, ma'am," he laughed. "I bet you have a daily regimen, don't you? Get up at six in the morning. Dressed and showered by 6:30, breakfast by seven, in the office precisely at 7:30. Am I right?"

For a moment, the routine Amber always looked at as a good quality suddenly felt dirty. She should get off the subject. "I get up at 5:30, dress, take a run and I am back home by six. I shower, get dressed for work and I am out of the house at my office no later than 7:30." She frowned. "You make it sound like being dependable is a dirty or bad thing. I look at it as being an adult. Allow me to correct that - a responsible adult."

Adam leaned back against the counter top, folded his arms then tilted his head to stare at her. "Where is the time for your man to make love to you in the morning so that you are full of energy and awareness of your sexuality each day?" He took a step towards her. "What about lunch time when your man has an unquenchable desire to hear you scream his name in the middle of the day?" He took another step towards her. "What about at night when dinner is on the table, the candles are lit and the dessert your man wants is between your legs rather than on the plate? When does your way of living allow for a gentle kiss that leads to hours upon hours of sexual satisfaction? Do you have time in your schedule for that? Or does that have to be timed and placed on a schedule as well?" He stood a mere breath away from her. "Where is the spontaneity, the building fire, the lingering desire, you know the normal reactions between a man and woman?"

Amber was visibly flustered by his words. Her breathing increased, her eyes widened, beads of perspiration formed right above her lips as if a flame had just been struck under them. She stepped back until her desk blocked her escape. Slowly her eyes rose to meet his. They really were beautiful. Or can a man's eyes be classified as beautiful, she thought. And his lips, they were thick, smooth, suckable lips. And they had the nerve to be calling out to her. As if on command, her tongue involuntarily snaked out to coat her lips.  

Adam watched as her tongue glided slowly across her lips and smiled. "I think I know the answer." His eyes held hers. "You haven't met a man who would make you want to throw all your schedules and controls out a window just to have a taste of him." His lips brushed against hers with the lightest touch. It was the jolt he felt that forced him to pull back. The intensity to cover her lips with his did not dissipate. The heat rising between them had increased to an unbearable temperature. He knew she felt it too. But this wasn't the time or place to act on what he was feeling. "One day soon, you will know that feeling." He stepped back and resumed his stance against the back counter.

The Heart Television Show

Award winning author, Iris Bolling, has always had the dream see her characters on a larger platform. After years of dreaming, she decided to put her faith to work. She consulted with a few friends, family members and fans and devise a plan to put her vision to action. She took the bull by the horn by placing her own money to use primarily for the funding of the first season of The Heart Television Show. She also had super fans who contributed their money and time to assist her in realizing her goals.

No, Bolling is embarking on the launch of season two of The Heart Television Show. She along with Judith Wansley and few faithful fans and supporters are making season two a reality.
“No longer can we artist, stand back and wait for others to validate our work. It is time we create vehicles to showcase the diverse talents of people we know.  We need to invest in our own dreams and assist others along the way, “remarked Bolling.

Ms. Bolling will be the first to tell you that the process of writing, filming, and budgeting is not easy. However, the rewards easily outweigh the obstacles. Her Company Siri Austin Entertainment, has been able to train and hire people to perform technical and artistic jobs behind and in front of the cameras. Giving artist of all mediums to have a voice.
The actors of The Heart Television Show are constant supporters of the project. Actor Tommy Ford, from Martin Fame, portrays Avery Brooks, a prominent Civil Rights attorney, along the lines of Julian Bond

“My character is a loving father and husband, who has a commanding presence! However, my family has been divided for several years. In season 2 of The Heart, my son James turns to me for guidance. I see this as an opportunity to not only give my son the direction needed in his professional life, but his love life as well. Feeling loved and needed by my son is more rewarding than any business success that my character has ever accomplished!”

New actress Erika Lee is still reeling from the love she receives from her character, Ashley Harrison. "Playing the role of Ashley Harrison was literally a dream come true. Anybody who knows me knows my character and I are very similar.  It was such a joy and so easy for me to connect to her character. She is feisty and fierce yet compassionate and loving. I feel like every woman around the world can someway relate and enjoy her role in The Heart TV series.” 
Season two revolves around the lives of political game changer, James Brooks (Mark Vincent) and his captivating, sassy love interest Ashley Harrison (Erika Lee). The drama unfolds when secrets, lies, and violence erupts to destroy their lives and love. The show will air on MyTV Richmond, Fox Richmond for six weeks on Saturdays at 10:00 p.m., starting March 19, 2016.

About the Author

Iris Bolling’s published her first novel, Once You’ve Touched the Heart in 2008. This self-published work was the first of the five additional books to complete the Heart Series. The popular Heart Series has captivated the hearts of readers and awarded Iris the Emma Award as Debut Author of the Year in 2010. In May of 2011, Iris introduced a new cast of characters in her in Night of Seduction Series. The second book in the series, The Pendleton Rule was reviewed in USA Today and received, the 2014 Emma Award for Suspense of The Year.

In 2012, she began the Gems & Gents series with her novel Teach Me, which generated an importune shoe contest on Facebook that spanned the international waters. It continued with the release of the very popular Book of Joshua I and Book of Joshua II. The series has earned Iris several awards including 2014 Hero of The Year and 2015 Heroine of The Year.
The beginning of her third series, The Brooks’ Family Values, was introduced in her novel Sinergy in 2014, followed by book 2 Fatal Mistake and Propensity For Love, both released in 2015. Propensity For Love was awarded the Villain of The Year honor and has been nominated for several 2016 Emma awards.

Iris received the honor of being named Author of The Year twice since the inception of her career, 2012 and 2014.

In 2014, Iris stepped into a new venture geared towards bringing books to film. She produced The Heart, a television series based on her popular novels. Season two will air in the spring of 2016.

Adding more to her resume’ Iris is now doing quest-speaking engagements to share her experience and to encourage others to follow their dreams.
Iris currently lives in Richmond, Virginia where she is working on her next series. Join Iris mailing list for news about new books and upcoming appearances in your area. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram. 


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Author Spotlight Guilty Pleasures by Deborah Fletcher Mello #newrelease #fiction

Guilty Pleasures
Deborah Fletcher Mello

Former NBA star Alexander Barrett has slam dunked his career into second gear with the grand opening of his hot new gym in Boulder, Colorado. But his excitement is tempered when his estranged twin brother, MMA title holder Zachary "The Hammer" Barrett returns home from Thailand. Alex has never forgiven Zach for marrying his college sweetheart. And while they're now divorced, his bitterness lingers.

Zach hoped to re-connect with his brother, but when his personal assistant and trainer, Sarai Montri, arrives, their rivalry is soon reignited. Highly educated, not to mention gorgeous, the former Miss Thailand captivates Alex for the first time since his heartbreak. But Sarai's devotion to Zach only stirs up the past. Will the brothers' competitive natures tear them apart once more--with Sarai caught in the middle? …

"Mello dishes up rich emotions, memorable characters, and family intrigue." --Publishers Weekly on Craving Temptation, Starred Review
"An author who consistently delivers a strong story, complex characters and scorching love scenes." --RT Book Review

Alexander stood beneath the spray of four, bronze-colored, shower heads, the hot water like little piercing needles against his skin. His body hurt, and the heated shower massaging his muscles was welcomed. His early morning workout had been a bear, but the exercise was needed to alleviate the anxiety that had been with him since the grand opening of Champs. As he thought about the hard work and effort that had gone into creating and building his dream gym facility, he wanted to smile but didn’t have the energy or the wherewithal to make the effort.

He was emotionally exhausted, and if he were honest, he didn’t see that changing any time soon. Thoughts of his brother and the woman who’d called the man her friend flooded his mind. Alexander hadn’t been able to stop thinking of either, imagining the unfathomable. How was it possible that his twin had gotten to another woman who’d caught his eye, the two actually living together? For a brief moment he’d been excited at the prospect of taking her to dinner to get to know more about her. There was something about Sarai Montri that he couldn’t quite put a name to that had him curious, and Zachary had once again beaten him to the punch. It felt like high school, and college, all over again.

Learn a little about Debra Mello

Describe your writing style.

I'm what's lovingly called a pantser. Until I actually start writing the story I don't have a clue where it will go. I generally know the characters but not much else. It's the characters that lead my writing and I often say I'm just the conduit for what they want us all to know about them. They whisper in my head and I put it down on paper.

For Deborah Fletcher Mello, writing is as necessary as breathing and she firmly believes that if she could not write she would cease to exist.

Her first novel, TAKE ME TO HEART, earned her a 2004 Romance Slam Jam nomination for Best New Author. In 2005 she received Book of the Year and Favorite Heroine nominations for her novel THE RIGHT SIDE OF LOVE. In 2008, Deborah won the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award for Best Series Romance for her ninth novel, TAME A WILD STALLION. With the release of her second literary work, GRAYE in 2012 and her fifteenth romance novel, PASSIONATE PREMIERE in 2013, Deborah knows that there are no limits to her writing career.

A true renaissance woman, Deborah's many career paths have included working as a retail buyer and size model for a national women's clothing chain, a finance manager for a well-known beverage organization, a sales manager for an infamous candy company, a telecommunications administrator and corporate trainer for a hotel-owning company, an art gallery director for a world-renowned artist, and an administrative consultant for multiple organizations throughout the United States. Deborah is also a licensed real estate broker and general building contractor.

Born and raised in Fairfield Country, Connecticut, Deborah maintains base camp in North Carolina but considers home to be wherever the moment moves her.
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Mind Matters: Get Out Of Your Head, and Jump Into Life #bookblast


#newrelease #inspirational #selfhelp #motivational @amreading

Mind Matters: Get Out Of Your Head, and Jump Into Life

by Tanya J. Miller

This book blast will run February 29, 2016

About the book
FRONT MindMatters (1)
Do you ever get lost in the maze of your mind? When your thoughts start spiraling in a continuous loop—positive or negative—it can seem impossible to consider a different idea or even catch your breath. If the way you think greatly influences the way you live, then it’s important to know how to manage your thoughts and channel their power to improve your life, rather than hinder it.

Mind Matters explores practical ways you can bring balance to your thought life, from replacing anxious thoughts with hopeful ones to curbing unnecessary thinking altogether. It also points out traps that keep you stuck, like “clearing your mind” by airing your thoughts to anyone that will listen via Facebook or the occasional tantrum and outburst.

As you learn the art of controlling your thoughts, you will be able to focus on what you can do in the present to experience the life you want in the future. Whether you struggle with anxious thoughts or just need a few tips to better manage your mind, this easy-to-read guide provides you with simple instructions you can immediately put into practice.
About the Author
Tanya J. Miller is a certified life coach with over eighteen years’ experience working with youth, young adults, and women throughout the community and in ministry to pursue purpose, passion and destiny.

Tanya holds a BBA in finance and business management from Northwood University and an MBA from Regent University and is also certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Scrum Master.

Her lifelong passion for writing eventually led her to start the blog Talking with Tanya in 2005. Mind Matters is her debut book. Tanya is married and currently lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
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