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#Secretplacesrevealed #HotNewRelease #Bookalert Getting to know Aaron Blackman

Welcome to my blog. I'm so glad you

stopped by. Today I'm 

sharing three things 

about the character Aaron Blackman in 

Secret Places Revealed

1. He is the co owner of Blackman and Blackman Law firm

2. He is single, sexy and works out daily

3. He has a tattoo on his shoulder of an eagle

About The Book

Single and content, Real Estate Developer, Aaron Blackman is determined not to be in another relationship. His ex Macy, gave him enough drama to last a lifetime. The only thing that has his attention right now, is his growing business, that’s until Simone Herron comes along. Fighting to keep his promise to himself, he soon learns that when it comes to love some rules are meant to be broken.

After losing her fiancé to an untimely death, Simone Herron is relocating and trying to put the past behind her. A new chapter in her life is what she is hoping for but what happens when her past and her present collide? Will she let the walls she has built come down?

Simone must learn that in order to love again, she must conquer her past fears and allow God to put all the broken pieces together. 

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Did You Know? 

Some of the highlights in Secret Places Revealed is that a few of the 
featured places that Aaron and Simone 
visit are in Oakland, CA

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#SecretPlacesRevealed #inspirational #fiction #romance #novel

Welcome to my blog. Today I'm introducing the two main characters in my upcoming new release Secret Places Revealed, an Inspirational Fiction Romance Novel. 

Releasing July 12, 2016

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Aaron Blackman

At 5’11, Aaron’s Hershey’s chocolate completion and his brown seductive eyes, labeled him as one of Bay Area’s most attractive bachelors. He was the perfect package— a man of God, professionally successful and financially secure and added to his physical resume the brother was ripped, toned and tight.

He was everything the right woman would desire.

Unattached to no particular woman was where his love life stood and that was the way he wanted it. The drama from his previous relationship with Macy was enough to make him not want to date anymore. Well at least not now and no time soon. The experience with Macy taught him two things: never date someone from work and make sure the person you’re dating is not a gold digger.

As a Real Estate Development Attorney, Aaron and his brother Shaun partnered together and started Blackman and Blackman over five years ago. Together they have done a remarkable job in bringing large business to the Oakland and San Francisco Bay area.

Simone Herron

Simone Herron stared out her 5th floor Park Avenue office window. Manhattan, New York, the city that never sleeps. Below her, crowds of people bustled to and fro, arms laden with shopping bags. Tourists gawked at the beautiful and spectacular views from Time Square to Central Park. Others walked hurriedly into delicatessens and restaurants. It was close to lunch time. She never questioned why people wanted to be there. It was obvious. Manhattan was known for its world-class cultural attractions, thriving restaurant scene and scintillating shops. It was truly an amazing site to see. No matter what time of day, downtown Manhattan was busy and crowded. New York City, known for its So, why did it feel like her heart was no longer captured?

For Simone, the Big Apple wasn’t the same anymore. After ten years of living in the city, she still loved it. New York was an ideal place to work, shop, live and entertain. But, her life felt lackluster. Simone turned away from the window. Even the busyness of the city and all it had to offer, could no longer mask her restlessness. Something was missing.

Five feet six, Simone maintained her hourglass figure with a daily workout regimen. Her toasted caramel complexion complemented her long, thick honey brown hair which she wore in twists. Simone worked as a paralegal for a prestigious law firm with some of the most gifted and intelligent lawyers. She studied the notes that sat on her desk. She absolutely loved her job and would not trade what she’d learned from them for anything in the world. She had established a great rapport in her workplace. Because of her work ethic, attention to detail and professionalism, she would come highly recommended to any law firm she wanted to work for.

Could a move be the answer to her restlessness?

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#NewBookAlert #Preorder Secret Places Revealed #inspirational #fiction #romance

About The Book

An Inspirational Fiction Romance Novel 
Releasing July 12, 2016

#secretplacesrevealed @wnlbooktours 

Single and content, Real Estate Developer, Aaron Blackman is determined not to be in another relationship. His ex- Macy, gave him enough drama to last a life time. The only thing that has his attention right now, is his growing business, that’s until Simone Herron comes along. Fighting to keep his promise to himself, he soon learns that when it comes to love some rules are meant to be broken.

After losing her fiancé to an untimely death, Simone Herron is relocating and trying to put the past behind her. A new chapter in her life is what she is hoping for but what happens when her past and her present collide? Will she let the walls she has built come down?
Simone must learn that in order to love again, she must conquer her past fears and allow God to put all the broken pieces together.

About The Author

A multi-published, best-selling and award-winning wordsmith,who writes Christian fiction, nonfiction and children’s books. Paulette has been writing since 2008. 

She is also the owner of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours and as a book writing coach she enjoys assisting aspiring authors navigate through the process of publishing books, marketing and creating an online presence. 


Secret Places Revealed opens with Aaron's single-minded determination to not become involved in anything more than his blossoming, potentially successful business pursuits - but life has a way of changing even the most carefully determined plan, and so it is that Simone enters Aaron's life with her own preset obstacles to romance.

It should be mentioned that this is billed as an inspirational romance. This label means that God's hand is ever-present throughout the story line, and that spiritual references are part of the events. Even when His will is being questioned, forces are being set into place that will lead both characters in new directions: "People told her never to question God. But those who knew Simone knew her to be inquisitive. She couldn’t understand why God had taken away the only man she ever truly loved. Joshua was her soul mate, her friend, the love of her life, her future children’s father."

 Manhattan is the backdrop for the romantic action; but both characters are experiencing lives interrupted by challenging changes when they meet, and sparks don't fly automatically when so many jigsaw pieces of their broken lives remain scattered. It will take a miracle (or divine intervention) for these wounded individuals to overcome their pain and see love and broken dreams alike forging new directions for their lives.

On the face of it, Secret Places Revealed is a romance, to be sure. But there's something deeper happening than an attraction between two powerful, professional individuals, and this is where the spiritual side of the story comes into play.

 Many satisfying devices are used: street talk and slang are realistic and well done, the characters of Aaron and Simone are both visions of beauty both internally and externally, and there are many light moments sprinkled throughout, as when a young man with saggy pants tries to flirt with Simone right in front of Aaron, using a poor pick-up line that cause both to laugh.

 How does healing begin and where does love enter the picture - and how does divine intervention enter into the scene? What flaws are deal-killers and what knowledge serves to solidify the passions and purposes of a deeper love?

Secret Places Revealed covers all these topics and more and is especially recommended for religious romance readers who like their protagonists powerful, sassy, human, and God-driven.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Later that night when Aaron arrived home, he and Simone talked for another few hours. He crawled into bed and pulled the covers over his muscle toned body. His mind traveled back to dinner, the conversations and the wonderful evening he had with her. Why was he feeling like their relationship was speeding as fast as a rocket into space? Were they moving too fast?

They were spending a lot to time together and although their relationship was just developing, he was getting attached. Maybe it was the fact that as hard as he tried to fight his feelings, he had broken his own rule. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn’t been in a genuine relationship in so long and it scared him.

Unbeknownst to her, in the short time that they had known each other, she had kidnaped his thoughts, got him to miss his poker night with the fellas, and had him considering settling down.
He wasn’t looking to be in any relationship. He was consumed with work and everything else that could occupy his time and then she came along. That first touch in the elevator and the first time he laid eyes on her, set everything off and everything in motion. He couldn’t put the brakes on even if he wanted too.

He pondered over everything that could go wrong, like if things didn’t work out how would it affect their working relationship? Would she eventually turn out to be like Macy? Or could he stand to see her everyday knowing he couldn’t hold her, kiss her or even talk about their future.

Could he handle that? He shook his head. He had to force the thoughts from his mind.
Why was he second guessing himself, the relationship or his feelings? He liked her—a lot. The realization was that Simone had caught his eye and captured his heart and it wasn’t anything he could do about it.

He turned over, reached for his phone on the nightstand and viewed the selfies they had taken at dinner.

His lips curled in a smile.

She was intelligent, charming, and graceful, and those beautiful brown eyes reminded him too well why he wasn't able to get her out of his mind. He would push aside all the fear and doubt and embrace the possibilities that Simone was a perfect fit for him. 

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#Authorspotlight #newrelease, The God Attraction by Craig Merrett #christian #nonfiction

Today I Welcome Craig Merrett on my blog with his new release 

The God Attraction

 Craig, tell us what was the inspiration (motivation) behind the book?

Upon launching a start-up business in my early 20’s, I began to research innovation, entrepreneurism, and business principles.  I distinctively remember being floored that the vast majority of the books in the business section of book stores and libraries were littered with content that dealt with psychology, spiritualism, and faith principles. Shockingly, I soon discovered that this content was basically the bible regurgitated - with a glaring omission: God. I was stunned that the teachings of Jesus and the faith principles of the bible had merely been paraphrased and wrapped into a secular packaging. And of course, people were benefiting!       

Upon meeting and researching many of the world most successful and wealthy I learnt that they made no secret of attributing their success to these faith principle and yet I found the lack of acknowledgment towards God stunning, and even rude. God’s instruction, methods, and divine laws of blessed and prosperous success principles were utilized with passion and yet He was omitted and overlooked.         

Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 release, The Secret, exemplified this approach of embracing the gifts buts overlooking the Gift Giver, of celebrating God’s hand, but not looking at His face.   
The wisdom that God has shared with us in truly breathtaking and I am humbled to be just one of many vessels to share a light on His Law of Attraction. Additionally however, the mandate of this book is to not sell our selves short -  as captivating as The Law of Attraction is, the true prize, the greatest Attraction is God from whom such wonderful laws flow.                                                                                                                                In discovering the Creator the greatest discovery is found. This book offers a fresh perspective of operating in harmony with and by God’s spiritual laws through intimate partnership with Himself.

What genre is your book?

‘The God Attraction’ is a Christian non-fiction piece that deals with the Law of Attraction and practical inspiration.

What do you hope this book accomplishes?

I believe that we all have that God-shaped hole inside, and that we are wired to seek, pursue, and find Him.
In a curious twist, His blessings bestowed upon the world, from the soothing rays of sunshine, to the laughter of the family table, from the ability to create wealth to the glory of health may all be blissfully enjoyed without knowing Him personally.

On Earth one can thus reject His person whilst still enjoying His pleasures, numbing oneself from the deep calling of the heart. This is a very real danger, a risk of callously deadening ourselves to His person with His very own blessings!

Psalm 42:7 informs us that ‘deep calls to deep’ in a life that on surface level can be enjoyed without the wilful acknowledgement of He who breathed this gift of life into us, that is, the One to whom we owe our very existence.

Alarmingly, we may Attract whatever we desire and falsely see this as a tick of approval from the God of lights.
In Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus said it is not those who merely call upon His name or use His gifts but those whom know Him and do the will of Father God that will find the kingdom of heaven.

When all is said and done it is Love and validation that we are all chasing, and this is found in God whom is Love. I hope this book will be a divine bridge for many: a practical guide to how to live a life of greatness and more importantly, a tool that will draw us into intimacy with God.

Your book touches upon different approaches to the Law of Attraction, how did this come about?

The Law of Attraction essentially says that our lives are like a canvas that can be painted through the thoughts of the mind, emotions of the heart, and words of the tongue. Such teaching is peppered throughout the bible. We are like a radiant lighthouse calling in cargo ships that carry to us wholeness or brokenness as they respond to our flashing signal.
My observation of the church is that we broadly fall into two camps: Camp Prosperity, and Camp Self-denial.      

Essentially there are two kinds of two extremes theologies, one hand that says we are to live in abundance, prosperity, health and wealth, and another that says we are to live in meekness, humility, frugality, and with eyes for eternity.                                                                                            Are we to walk in ‘faithful submission’ or ‘triumphant defiance’ to life? Are we made to be rich or poor? These are questions that I felt needed addressing and I enjoyed unpacking.  
Any tips for upcoming authors?

My advice is to choose a topic that causes you to burn with enthusiasm and excites to the very core of your being. It may sound corny, but it is true that we all have a unique heart song to share, therefore don't be a duplicator but be an originator. You have a unique story that's is yours alone and needs to be told. By all means be inspired by others, but ultimately write from your unique perspective and experiences, be you – unapologetically! When roadblocks (and mental blocks) hit, and they will, it is your individual passion that will see you through.  Listen to the 'inner voice'. Writing isn't easy, so even if you feel that you are on a lonely island at times dream out-loud and persevere, persevere, persevere!

How can readers connect with you?

I can be found on Facebook, either through the book’s FB page ( or the ‘God and the Law of Attraction’ community found at

Author bio: An ever inquisitive mind, Craig has spent years carefully crafting a mosaic of rich philosophy through his study of the positive faith, mind-set and action connection and marrying these insights into practical living. With a message on his heart and an anointing to share rich and deep insights, Craig’s book ‘The God Attraction: A fresh revelation of the Law of Attraction’ can be found at:

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#WNLBOOKTOURS #BOOKBLAST Saved By Grace, by Natasha C. Pointer, #poetry #christian #inspirational

Genre: Poetry/ Christian/Autobiography

Book Title: Saved By Grace

Author: Natasha C. Pointer

About The Author

Author | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur

Born and raised in Fort Myers, FL, Natasha C. Porter, shares her stories of faith and encouragement through poetry. She serves in ministry at Destiny Life Ministries. Saved by Grace is her first published work and is currently working on her next book Expressions. She is the owner/founder of Mysteri Message-In-A-Bottle.

About The Book

Saved By Grace is an Autobiography told thru poetry about her life, the hardships she faced, but most importantly how she overcame it all through prayer, faith, and steadfastness.

Poetry to touch the lives of others, to inspire someone, to encourage, and to bring joy in someone’s life. This book is filled with great hope for those facing life’s most challenging moments. 

As a storyteller, Natasha shares where she found her greatest strengths through prayer, faith and her steadfastness. 


From the day you were born,

you were a blessing.

You were a comfort and

inspiration to those around you.

You suffered enormous tragedies

and faced many challenges.

You suffered a great deal

and life as you saw it was over.

Each day seemed like an eternity—

every moment seemed everlasting.

You went in with your eyes closed,

but came out with them wide open.

You fell to your knees and asked,

why, why me?

Not realizing that your trials

would prepare you for your future.

Not knowing you were a blessed child

and you were called for a purpose.

Many obstacles came your way

and the enemy tried to bring you down.

He never wanted you to succeed,

let alone see the light of day.

Your cries reached up to God.

He said, You are my child.

No matter where you go,

I will be with you.

You are blessed.

Blessed you shall be,

and blessed you shall continue to be;

not only to yourself, but to others.

Website            Facebook

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#WNLBOOKTOURS An Ember In Time, Virtual Book Tour, Author Anna M. Aquino, #newrelease #christian #ficion


Genre: Christian Fiction

Book Release Date: Publisher: eLectio Publishing (March 30, 2016)

ISBN-10: 1632132265

ISBN-13: 978-1632132260


About The Author

Anna M. Aquino is a super fabulous woman of God, wife, and ninja mom of two daughters. As a writer, guest minister, and host of an online interview show, Anna’s passion is to encourage others to fulfill their own destinies. Often referred to as a preacher and a comedian rolled into one, she believes laughter is one of the best ways to get people to think. She is the author of many works including Cursing the Church or Helping it? and Confessions of a Ninja Mom. Her first fiction book An Ember In Time is now on the market. She has been interviewed on places such as TBN and the Gospel Channel. She and her family do travel for ministry, Anna is based out of Central Ohio.


About The Book

Pastor Jon Stevens has grown weary trying to argue with his church over every little thing. His passion in life has felt as if it has fizzled in front of him. He is caught in a downward spiral. He would rather keep his feelings on a shelf and just visit them on occasion as he needed to. He keeps a plastic smile on his face. Sometimes he imagines himself as a used car salesmen. He throws on a cheap suit every Sunday. He trying desperately to peddle the same God that everyone in his town seems to know about and has heard of before, and where does it get him? He knows his attitude is wrong. But if he walked down to Charley’s Auto Bonanza and got a job; at least he would be making commission.

However, that is when God steps in. God sends Sergio a time traveling angel to give him the opportunity to experience any time in Biblical History with the stipulation that he not interact with anyone. He goes back to watch David kill Goliath. Due to a chance encounter on the road with a very young Bathsheba carrying a basket of flowers, Jon makes his crucial mistake. He has to fix the past before it unravels the future. Little does Jon know that God has sent him on the mission to prepare him for his future.

An Ember In Time is an excellent read for anyone who loves a first-rate adventure.

Read the Excerpt:

What Others Are Saying

“Anna Aquino’s uniquely anointed and creative writing is evident in this book, “An Ember in Time”. Guided by the Holy Spirit and given the hand of the ready writer, it will grasp your attention from start to finish! These pages are filled with her experiences and inspired imagination for the first in a series of great adventures.”

Hank and Brenda Kunneman
Senior Pastors of Lord of Hosts Church & Founders of One Voice Ministries

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