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#Virtualbooktour What Do You Do When Your Faith is Unsure? My Journey of Singleness to Intimacy by Dr. Debra Moore Ignont #newbookalert #newrelease

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and Amazon gift card giveaway for What Do You Do When Your Faith is Unsure? My Journey of Singleness to Intimacy by Dr. Debra Moore Ignont. The book tour will run from Dec 5-16, 2022.

ISBN: 978-1-958207-30-7

Genre: Christian Memoir

Book Release Date: September 1, 2022



Dr. Ignont is passionate about ministry and has served in various capacities for many years; be it as a youth department administrator, singles ministry leader, choir member, or interceding for others on the altar.

A Bay Area native, Dr. Ingot graduated from Bishop O’Dowd High School and studied at the University of Phoenix earning a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis on Small Business Entrepreneurship. Additionally, Dr. Ingot was recently bestowed with an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the God School of Ministry.

Dr. Ignont is married to George Ignont and the stepmother to 4 adults and step-grandmother to 6 grandchildren, while also assisting in the care of her 85-year-old mother.

She currently serves at the Well Christian Community in Livermore, CA where she has completed a 2-year ministerial course and is currently enrolled in their School of Worship. When not serving in ministry, she is the CEO of D. Moore Consulting, Inc., a labor, and contract compliance consulting firm.



We’ve all had moments in our lives when our faith is being challenged. Perhaps you’re trusting and believing God for something and the manifestation of it feels like it’s a lifetime away. This transforming story of triumph, victory and God's relentless grace is not without setbacks and disappointments. Author, Dr. Debra Ignont takes us on a self-revealing journey as she uncovers the underlying reasons for low self-esteem and rejection that have plagued her faith for decades. Debra helps readers connect by sharing her non-public journey of broken relationships, but also her journey to redemption and freedom. A beautiful aspect of this book is that it reminds readers of the extraordinary path we each must take to reach our own promised land.


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The PKs Journey to Jesus by Dr. Stephanie Bigelow #christian #nonfiction #newbookalert #newbookrelease #indieauthor

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a one-week book tour and Amazon gift card giveaway for The PKs Journey To Jesus by Dr. Stephanie Bigelow. The book tour will run from Nov, 28- Dec 2, 2022. 

ISBN: 979-8218059743 

Genre: Christian Inspiration 

Book Release Date: October 16, 2022   

Dr. Stephanie Bigelow has served in ministry since her early teens. Growing up a Pastor’s daughter, Dr. Bigelow was exposed to serving in God’s Kingdom at an early age. In her father’s ministry in Fairfield, California, Stephanie taught children’s ministry, worked as a youth leader and assisted her parents with church administration. A Bay Area native, Dr. Bigelow grew up in Fairfield, California where she graduated from Armijo High School. She studied at the University of Phoenix earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration. Additionally, Dr. Bigelow holds a Master of Theology degree and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from GODSOM University.  

Many preacher’s kids who have grown up in the church have experienced ups, downs, and challenges associated with ministry life. Ministry is no tedious journey. Just like their parents, PKs have had to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling, both privately and publicly. There is no doubt that PKs will endure their own life challenges, but regardless of how they start, what matters is that they finish! This book chronicles one such PK whose personal journey to Jesus was met with trials, setbacks, victories, and ultimately total redemption. Readers of this book will gain a better understanding of the humanistic side of ministry families. PKs will be empowered to embrace this mandate they have been called to. PKs, it’s time to reach forward and walk in your God-given calling!


Trials don’t discriminate. They are equal-opportunity employers. In our lowest points in life, we can pull on God’s joy and strength to lift us out of whatever pit we find ourselves in. When we’re weak, God is even stronger. No matter where life takes us, there’s no pit that’s deep enough where God’s word can’t deliver us out of. Psalms 40:2 (KJV) says, “He brought me up also out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.” When God brings you out of your pit, it’s a wrap!







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#Virtualbooktour The Birthday Gift: Book 1 by Betty Collier #inspirational #christian #fiction #wnlbooktour


Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and $25.00 Amazon Gift Card for The Birthday Gift: Book 1 by Betty Collier. The book tour will run August 15-26, 2022.


ISBN: 978-1638718451


Genre: inspirational Christian fiction


Betty Collier describes herself as a nurse by profession, author by passion, and storyteller by the grace of God. She is a 5x bestselling, 4x award-winning inspirational Christian author. She writes with a purpose, and that is to bring honor and glory to God.


Her first book series, "Living Inside the Testimony" is a collection of inspirational nonfiction stories. Betty showcases her gift of storytelling by engulfing her readers from the very beginning and captivating their attention throughout the emotional journeys.


In her second book series, "The Birthday Gift", Betty displays her creative storytelling in a surprisingly extraordinary way with her fictional work. She continues to inspire while lifting the words right off the pages to bring her characters to life. Readers will find themselves hoping for the best and dreaming about the characters as if they were members of their own family.


Betty also co-authored 2 anthologies with visionary author, Paulette Harper. Both are Amazon #1 bestsellers, "For Such a Time as This" and "The Breaking Point." They feature incredible and inspirational stories from 20 different men and women from all across America.


Betty’s fictional work in The Birthday Gift Book Series is included in the John 3:16 Global Placement Mission as commissioned by founder, Terry Gurley. She uses her talent to introduce readers to the greatest gift ever given to mankind. While taking them on intriguing tales of heartbreak and hope, Betty intricately weaves together stories leaving readers in suspense until the very end. What they have in common is they all beautifully deliver the gospel message found in John 3:16.


On a personal note, Betty has been married since 1986 to William Collier, the absolute love of her life, after first meeting him in middle school. They are the proud parents of two sons and a daughter-in-love, all of whom reside in Shelby County, TN.

An unexpected knock on the door derails a birthday celebration as Mrs. Williams recalls the mysterious events that prevented her beloved husband from flying back home with their daughter's priceless, life-changing gift he discovered at a flea market in the Middle East. In the opening scene, she learns in a most dramatic fashion that the absolute love of her life was murdered while in route to Los Angeles. Her faith and fortitude are unimaginably tested, but Mrs. Williams ultimately realizes that she possesses the greatest gift inside of her.


This Book Excellence Award-Winning Book is an exceptionally thought-provoking and intriguing tale that takes the reader on an emotional journey of profound heartbreak to surprising hope for the future. Although a catastrophic loss occurs, one comes away with a great sense of hopefulness in this increasingly violent world. The author intricately weaves this story together leaving readers in suspense until the very end. Be uplifted and inspired as you discover your own faith while experiencing the gift of a lifetime so cleverly embedded within the pages of this book.


Tell us about The Birthday Gift: Book 1 –  This Book Excellence Award-Winning Book is an exceptionally thought-provoking and intriguing tale that takes the reader on an emotional journey of profound heartbreak to surprising hope for the future. Although a catastrophic loss occurs, one comes away with a great sense of hopefulness in this increasingly violent world. 


Is there one particular message or “moral of the story” you hope readers walk away with? After reading The Birthday Gift: Book 1, I hope readers will gain a newfound sense of hope. The book teaches readers some of life’s most important lessons including how to forgive, how to deal with heartbreak and trauma, and how to find inner strength during life’s most troubling times. 


How did The Birthday Gift: Book 1 get started? Terry Gurley, a visionary artist and sculptor is the Principle Director/Creator of The Gospel Symbol. One of his pieces is The Message of the Bible sculpture. It explains the gospel of John 3:16 using a picture story. Terry approached me the first day we met after learning that I was an author and asked me to write a fictional story about the sculpture he created. He provided no guidelines for what I should write and simply asked that the gospel symbol be part of the story.


How do you see yourself in your character’s story, if at all? I intentionally named the main character Mrs. Williams because my husband’s first name is William. In order for me to feel the unfathomable loss that Mrs. Williams endured, I engulfed myself into her emotions and wrote how I thought I would feel had I been in her shoes. It was an excruciating process that broke my heart as I was writing her story. I dreamed about the characters in the book as if they were my own family which made those raw emotions truly come to life. 


Where do you like to write? In my dreams, I write on location in some far away, exotic location. Out of curiosity, I’ve sometimes wondered what it would be like to write in solitude like Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond. In reality, I write in my home office while sitting at a desk and typing on my laptop. I always start with a blank Word document and no outline. Because ideas often interrupt my sleep in the middle of the night, I make voice memos in my cell phone and then listen to them the next day when I’m sitting at the computer.


How do you choose between ideas you’d like to write about? My mind is constantly bombarded with story ideas, but before I make a decision to write anything, I seek the Lord for guidance first. I will not consider writing anything that does not bring honor and glory to God as that is the main reason why I write. It is only after careful consideration of the message I hope to deliver in a book that I will even begin to entertain the idea of actually penning a story. 


What’s on the horizon for you?  What will you be writing next? Completing the series of 5 books birthed from The Birthday Gift is my top priority. Dear John is the 2nd book in the series, which will be released later in 2022. The 3rdbook, I Can Only Imagine: Bella’s Journey will make its debut in 2023. Following that will be book # 4, Mary, Did You Know? coming in 2024, and finally the climactic end to the series, book #5, WILL Is a Gift from God, which readers will have to wait for until 2025. After reading The Birthday Gift, it becomes apparent why there has to be multiple sequels. I will also launch my new business, John316 Global Publishing in 2023. As the publisher, my vision is to publish encouraging and inspirational works sharing the gospel presentation found in John 3:16 around the globe. It will be a place to discover nonfiction, fiction, poetry, blogs, and children’s books that all point readers to HIS message.





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#Virtualbooktour #Nonfiction #AmazonGiveaway #WritersLife #Self-Publishing. #Amazon #eBook #TheInWord #CynthiaRobinson


Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a one-month book tour and $20.00 Amazon Gift Card for The In Word: Two Letters That Will Change Your Life by Cynthia Robinson. The book tour will run July 5-29, 2022.


ISBN: 978-0578952932


Genre: Nonfiction, Christianity, Inspiration



Cynthia Robinson is a 6-time published Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Pastor. She believes that every woman has a purpose and whether that is to be the best mother and wife or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company they deserve respect in their positions in life. 


As an author has written several books to empower and inspire the women of God to reach for their best life amid bad circumstance. As a coach, she believes in the building up a woman to move forward in their journey and learning to enjoy the process. She is a motivational speaker that ignite the people to go for theirs. Pastor Cynthia is a loving and compassionate soul that knows rebelling against God only brings you to him humble. 


She speaks to the hearts of men and women alike through her daily motivational messages on her social media pages and her blog entitled “My Crazy is Real,” which is on her website www.CynthiaRobinson.me. She works to change the mindset of women around the world to walk in the royalty they have called you in to by God.



As Christians it is somehow implied that once we are saved, we have all the skills for living a kingdom life on earth. There somehow a switch that flips on and we are downloaded with the faith to make it through all the storms. We will instantly trust God with our lives even though we were taught to not trust anybody. We are somehow just going to love God unconditionally when most of us were not loved and don’t have a clue how to receive love without conditions. We must learn the new life and way of living IN God. When we come to Jesus Christ as born-again servants of the Lord, we are not told that we need more that a service mindset with God to make into heaven. Our relationship with God can be broken down into three parts just like the Tabernacle of old. Either you are having a relationship (outer court), or you with God (The Holy) or you are in relationship with God (The Holy of Holiness). Now all are good to experience but faith, trust and love can only be when we are IN a relationship with God.


Cynthia Robinson takes you through the 3 stages of growth in God it is Have, With and IN. She explains the how’s, what’s, when’s, and who’s with familiar biblical characters and principles. Cynthia has included her own experiences waking in complete darkness right in the church.” I never know faith, love and trust in God would be like this but when you open yourself to his grace and mercy the True God can show up for you”. 




The “IN” word is a simple yet complex book on being “IN” a relationship with God. We cannot just be a Christian or a religious person. At the point of adoption into the family of God, everything in our lives change. We are no longer on the outside looking in. No more just being Gentiles or Jews. Not sinners doomed to hell for eternity. The confession of your mouth that Jesus Christ came to die for your sins and that His resurrection confirmed eternal life with the Godhead, we are now heirs with Christ. 


With that being said, to be “IN” means we have something we must do. We are to be “IN” relationship with God. Now, I know some of you are saying, “I’m already in a relationship with God. I pray daily, I read my bible and I go to church. I sing in the choir, I minister to the young/the elderly, and I do other ministry work. I give to the poor and I do missions work out of the country. I pay tithes and offerings.” “My relationship with God is fine. Is it, really?” Everything mentioned are works for the Kingdom. It’s good, but what about the “IN” God part? Merriam-Webster defines the word “IN” as, used in a function to indicate inclusion, location, or position within limits.


After reading this definition, what type of relationship do you have with the Godhead? Are you “Having” a relationship or “With” God “IN” a relationship or are you “In” relationship with God? 

Let’s see… 




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#VIRTUALBOOKTOUR The Breaking Point Anthology~~ Co-Author Carolyn Coleman~~Chapter: Discovering My Strength #fridayfinds #newbookalert #bookcollaboration


Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and $25.00 Amazon Gift Card for The Breaking Point with co-author Carolyn Coleman. The book tour will run June 20-July 1, 2022.

ISBN: 978-1737093145

Published by: Thy Word Publishing (April 14, 2022)

Genre: Nonfiction, Inspirational, Book Collaboration, Anthology


Carolyn Pickens Coleman is a daughter, wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend, and co-worker from Bessemer, Alabama. She has a B.S. in Nursing from Samford University and an M.A. in Health Service Administration from Strayer University. Carolyn is a member of the Birmingham Black Nurses Association, Inc., serving as the Chairperson of the Outreach committee, and is the current President of the Bessemer Public Library Trustee Board. She has a big heart and volunteers in her community.

Carolyn has more than 36 years of experience as a critical care nurse and spent five years as a nurse case manager. She worked with hospital administrators to establish plans regarding complex patient cases, concentrating on outcome management, utilizing best practices, advocating for patients. She is also an adjunct instructor.

Carolyn is the author of four books a series about Gentry who faces her life choices, as we all do, Happiness Hurt Healing, The Re-Entry of Gentry, Gentry’s Journey, and Gentry’s Circle of Friends. For Carolyn, writing is cathartic. She enjoys reading and staying active by line dancing, walking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Carolyn joins a group of esteemed authors in The Breaking Point and hopes that her chapter will give you the insight to find your passion and purpose for a meaningful life.


The Breaking Point is Endorsed by Les Brown

Have you ever arrived at a place in life where you knew you were created for more, and you were hungry for more? You knew you possessed greatness, but the life you’d been living didn’t mirror the life you desired or even deserved? These authors, who share their stories in The Breaking Point, wanted more in life. Yes, they were broken, afraid and flawed, but decided to believe in themselves. They wanted to live in their full purpose and potential, and did what was required to obtain it. With strong conviction and passion, they made the necessary turns and adjustments because they wanted more from life. This book will inspire you to bet on yourself and push forward, despite what you face, knowing that you have what it takes to steer the course of your life in the direction you deserve. 

 Les Brown Speaker, Author, Trainer


The Breaking Point is stories by men and women on how they came to that turning point and were able to over- come adversity and reach their own personal break- through in life. Each story will encompass their unique struggle of how they overcame the challenges to find that you had the courage, the power, and the resolve to build your life again. This book will serve as a potent reminder that everyone has the power to choose which direction they want for their own lives.

These twenty women and men, some first-time authors, said yes to the transformation; yes to the stretching; yes to going back to those dark places that brought them pain. Because they knew what they experienced wasn’t just for them, but it was for others who will come behind them needing those words to pull them up and help them move to a place of wholeness. These authors are writing from a place of victory, a place where they are no longer the victim.




My mind was all over the place; life as I knew it was about to change. Not wanting to move. Not knowing what to do next. Getting up meant moving. I did not want to talk to anyone. Talking meant explaining, answering questions. 

That is not who I am. Sometimes you have to reconcile some things within yourself before you can communicate with others. Just because you are comfortable with a situation does not mean that is where you belong. It can sometimes mean you are settling. 

Why should I settle? Newness brings anxiety. I wondered why I had these feelings, because I had detached long before he spoke those words. One thing for sure, I knew moving forward I had to find my strength and my worth.

Carolyn shares with us the 10 lessons she has learned since becoming an author.

1.     It is cathartic
2.     It stretches you
3.     Writing non- fiction forces you to analyze and pull from yourself
4.     Fiction is what you make it
5.     Your work is your work
6.     Clap for yourself
7.     Everyone will not give good advice
8.     Research 
9.     Say Yes
10.  Promote yourself


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#VIRTUALBOOKTOUR Removing The Fear: A Truth Journey from Fear to Freedom #Ifedayo Greenway #newbookalert #newrelease

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and $25.00 Amazon Gift Card & She Unveils Swag Bag for Removing The Fear: A Truth Journey from Fear to Freedom by Ifedayo Greenway. The book tour will run May 30-June 10, 2022.

ISBN: 978-0578365152

Genre: Non-Fiction



Removing the Fear: A Truth Journey from Fear to Freedom is a collision of journeys written to chronicle the authentic reality of unveiling the fear, feeling it, and moving forward anyway.

Answering the question, "What are you afraid of?" Ifedayo Greenway and eleven women come face to face with the embedded lies of their respective uncertainties. Accepting the invitation to heal, each writer is liberated as she bravely exposes the truth of the matter. These courageous women reveal their personal struggles and how they managed to turn their fear into a pathway to purpose and freedom.



Ifedayo Greenway is a mother, transformational speaker, and master life coach who is passionate about her covenant with God to impact & the world and change lives.

She works as a Corporate Investigator in the financial industry, utilizing her degree in Criminal Justice. She is also the CEO of IG & MORE (Ife Greenway & Ministry of Real Empowerment) LLC. A personal development coach, Ifedayo is dedicated to helping women leverage their place of pain as momentum for forward movement; she has been featured in Huffington Post, CBS, FOX, NBC, and Shoutout Atlanta.

As a fear strategist, Ifedayo teaches others the art of living a life less impacted by fear. She is the host of Changing Faces, an annual empowering makeover moment that encourages women to embrace their personal change journey by seeing themselves through the eyes of purpose and not circumstances.

She is the founder of the She Unveils movement. In addition, she serves as a writing coach helping women accomplish their literary goals by unveiling, writing, and publishing their personal stories.

Ifedayo is a five-time author and two-time best-selling author. Other published works include inspirational writings and articles which have reached thousands of readers in various mediums, including Thrive Global & Faith Heart Magazine.

Ifedayo uses her journey to strengthen others and is committed to helping women find their authentic voice in their pursuit of transformation.


Pulling back the layers of my struggles presented me with a multi-pronged issue that I needed to explore. There were times when what I toiled with was not fear itself. Instead, it was the life I knew that I could have if I would just let the fear go.

This truth would come to uncover a deeper layer to this phenomenon. What was I really afraid of? Well, the answer was twofold. It was the idea of being stuck with mediocracy because I was either (a) too afraid to let average go or (b) fearful of what it would feel like to embrace first-class. I was scared to lose and even more terrified to win. I wasn’t always frightened by the worst-case scenario. In some instances, the best possible outcome made me uneasy. It caused me to refuse to live a life beyond the proverbial wall of apprehensive excuses. It was the question on the opposite end of, what if I don’t get a better return spectrum. The double-edged sword that said, but what if I do. I remember years ago, talking to a friend after I completed a book project and saying, “What if I don’t do well with book interviews and selling this book?” Her response was, “What if you do?”

I normalized things not working out for me. So, could I respond appropriately if it did? Was I capable of walking in the win? Would true happiness cost more work and effort than I was willing to put in?



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#Virtualbooktour Naked & Not Ashamed: The Transformational Devotional Experience by Chanelle Coleman #spiritual #newbookalert #newbookrelease


Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a one-month book tour and book giveaway for Naked & Not Ashamed: The Transformational Devotional Experience by Chanelle Coleman. The book tour will run May 2- 27, 2022. 

 ISBN: 979-8985407600

Genre: Spiritual



Chanelle Coleman Wesley is a native of Milwaukee Wisconsin. She is the creative powerhouse of CeCi’s Ink, an innovative storytelling company that conveys stories through poetry, books, playwrights, blogs, fashion, and motivational speaking. Chanelle is significantly inspired by her late mother’s, Brenda J. Coleman, penchant for prolific storytelling and developing a strong sense of faith. As a survivor of abuse, Wesley believes in passing on the communication skills she developed to cope in those environments. She is also an accomplished playwright with her latest project, a gospel stage play entitled The Beautiful Truth About an Ugly Lie to be released soon. She strives to empower individuals who have lost their ability to advocate for themselves by challenging them to recognize the power of their voice. Her greatest accomplishment, however, forever remains becoming a mother to her six beautiful children and “GiGi” to her two adorable grandchildren.


Naked & Not Ashamed is a transparent conversation between Sisters. One that allows both the writer and reader to expose themselves without fear or sense of condemnation. It’s a journey towards healing that allows us to dialogue without masks, charades, or pretense. We explore familiar stories of women in the Bible. These powerful narratives of trial, triumph, failures, and flaws show the resiliency, redemptive and transformative power of encountering Christ. I also reveal personal experiences of my own Christian walk with all its ups, downs, twists, and turns. But the most amazing part of these chronicles is you! Right now, you are writing your story. Are you living with pain, grief, and regret that needs to be released? This book is designed to help you see your own undeniably powerful narrative. I want to challenge you to see the hand of God in your life and urge you to find the ability to tell your story. We accomplish this through journal prompts, activities, prayer, etc.

Tony instantly began screaming and yelling. I continued to bite down harder. I continued biting and grinding my teeth until I couldn’t bite anymore. I let go. He fell back onto the bed. I jumped up out of the bed, my heart was pounding, terrified I opened the door, and I was met with darkness. Hurriedly I ran out past the dining room, through the hallway to the kitchen. Panicked, I reached the back door. I began pulling on the door, but it was locked. Fear seized me as I began fumbling with the knob trying to unlock the door. The latch finally twisted up and I raced up the back-hallway stairs. At last, there was light. I ran as fast as I could through the open kitchen door. The light continued to welcome me as I forged ahead running through the hallway past the bathroom and my aunt’s and grandparent’s bedrooms, the dining-room and into the living room to the couch where my grandmother was sitting. I distinctly remember her shocked expression as I pounded towards her as she sat there speechless, on the couch holding my baby brother. I felt relieved and a sense of security momentarily came over me until my grandmother spoke. She stared at me, with her mouth opened in shock. She screamed, “Chanelle, you’re naked! Where are your clothes?” Momentarily, I had forgotten that I was naked, but the awful realization of my nakedness began to cover me like a garment. It was the evidence of my pain, humiliation, and fear. I stood there breathlessly as I gasped, painting for air, naked and ashamed, I told her my story. 

How did Naked & Not Ashamed: The Transformational Devotional Experience get started?


I’d like to begin by thanking you for providing me with this amazing opportunity to connect with you and your audience. My journey to writing this book began while attending College days at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Al. While there I attended Breath of Life Ministries under the pastorship of Pastor Carlton Bryd. Bryd’s message spoke of a woman in the Bible. Although the story was a familiar one, that day the woman’s narrative spoke to me on so many levels. I felt deeply connected to her. As I continued to meditate on what I heard, I thought about countless women who may find a parallel between various stories of women in the Word of God and their own lives. It was at that moment I decided to get started.


My book is entitled Naked & Not Ashamed: The Transformational Devotional Experience. Naked & Not Ashamed is a transparent conversation between Sisters. One that allows both the writer and reader to expose themselves without fear or sense of condemnation. It’s a journey towards healing that allows us to dialogue without masks, charades, or pretense. We explore familiar stories of women in the Bible. These powerful narratives of trial, triumph, failures, and flaws show the resiliency, redemptive and transformative power of encountering Christ. I also reveal personal experiences of my own Christian walk with its ups, downs, twists, and turns. But the most amazing part of the story is the readers! Right now, they are writing their story. Some are living with pain, grief, and regret that needs to be released. This book is designed to help her see her own undeniably powerful narrative. I challenge readers to see the hand of God in their life and urge them to find the ability to tell their stories. We accomplish this through journal prompts, activities, prayer, etc.



Is there one particular message or “moral of the story” you hope readers walk away with?


Yes! I want readers to emerge from these pages empowered, inspired, and on the road to healing. We live in a world filled with hurting people. They need to know there is a Balm for their pain. These powerful accounts will give the reader permission to tell their stories so they too can encourage someone else who is broken. I want them to recognize that encountering Christ, apart from the crowd, will allow them to experience a breakthrough in their lives. Developing a personal relationship with the Master will irrevocably change their lives giving them peace, joy and happiness. At the conclusion of this book, it is my desire for each woman to realize how deeply she is loved by her Creator.



What is your current work in progress?


I’m so excited about my next projects! A gospel stage play entitled The Beautiful Truth About an Ugly Lie. It will be performed in person in May 2022 and virtually in June 2022. A devotional book I co-authored entitled Joy Comes in the Morning is scheduled to be released in June.2022. I’m in the process of having a children’s book illustrated by Janna Peterson. The book is designed to help children believe in themselves and foster positive self-esteem entitled Believe. Last, but certainly not least, a self-help book for women She said Yes to Herself!



What advice would you give to a beginning author?


My advice to a beginner writer is very simple; before you sit down to write, identify your target audience. Create a persona, know their age range, sex if applicable, education, are they married or single, where do they spend majority of their time, what types of challenges do they face? This information will help to guide you as you begin to write and market your book.




What would be your dream vacation?


I’d love to visit Hawaii or Dubai. Traveling is such a freeing act. I love the opportunity to experience different sights and sounds. I could admire the beauty in a natural landscape for hours. There is a medicinal property that is activated by being out in nature or changing your scenery. It gives me an adrenaline rush and my mood is always brightened by taking in new sights.



Besides when you came to know the Lord, what is the happiest day in your life? 


Besides knowing the Lord, the happiest days of my life are the births of my 6 beautiful children. Each time I experienced a new way to fall in love at first sight all over again. My children are my life. They have given me so much strength, understanding, wisdom, patience and a greater capacity to love another human being.



How has being published changed your life?


This has been such a rewarding experience. I started writing at the age of seven or eight years old. I became a published author at the wonderful age of forty-five. It tells me it’s never too late to realize your dreams. As a child I was determined to see my name on a book and although life happened and my dream was delayed it wasn’t denied. It has inspired me not to limit myself or place a timeframe on when things must happen. Accomplishing this lifelong goal has motivated me to go after bigger and better things.



How do you see yourself in your character’s story, if at all?


The book has several characters. There are some characters like Hannah, Leah or Bathsheba that we are given a glimpse into the close of their narratives. So, we don’t have to speculate too much on how their stories end. Then there are characters like Job’s wife, the woman at the well and others that no additional information is given to us. We can only guess what happened in the next chapters of their respective stories. Finally, I am still living so my story is still in the process of being written. But I pray it ends well.



Where do you like to write?


It’s funny but I never thought about where I’ve been most comfortable writing until you asked the question. The answer is the books, poetry, blogs, monologues, plays, etc. I’ve written I wrote in bed. The irony is that’s where my first encounter with sexual abuse occurred. I was only four or five years old at the time. But it’s where my journey for healing began. As a forty-five-year-old woman it’s where I go to become empowered. Each time I write I emerge stronger and more resilient than the time before.



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