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There is a gamut of stories throughout the pages of Resilience in Hard Times. Some women chose to write about the pain of abortion, depression, and crippling diseases, and even death. Others share stories of mindset changes and offer spiritual encouragement. While writing stories like these, each woman became vulnerable to past experiences, hurts, and even the fear of pulling some painful memories from the past. 

Yet, it’s through stories like these that dreams are birthed, the purpose is discovered, and women learn to walk in their power. Readers will love Resilience in Hard Times because these stories are raw and reveal deep emotional trauma and trials that challenged each author to look beyond their hurt to bring hope to so many others who may be going through similar problems.

The Visionary 

Pastor Paulette Harper 

Chapter: Resilience While Waiting 

Paulette Harper is an eleven-time best-selling, two-time award-winning author, speaker, certified empowerment coach, and expert story coach. She has been featured in CBS, ABC, The Sacramento Observer, CBN, and NBC. Harper uses her gifts to motivate ambitious Christian women speakers and entrepreneurs to write, publish books, and be the catalyst for transformation in their spheres of influence. Committed to empowering women, she equips them with tools to unapologetically share their voices and stories, as well as push past barriers and discover their purpose, so they may become the best version of themselves. The founder of Elevate Your Story Mastery Program, she teaches aspiring authors how to publish books and is the visionary author of two #1 Bestselling book anthologies: Arise From The Ashes and Women Who Soar with fourteen co-authors. Her third anthology, Resilience in Hard Times, releases in June, 2021. 

As a minister of the Gospel, she has devoted her life to sharing the message of hope on as many platforms as possible. Paulette preaches, “Live with purpose. Don’t limit God. Stay focused and allow God to take you places you have only imagined.” Her motto “I teach women how to take the mic, unapologetically share their stories, and take centerstage.

Introducing the Authors

Christon Davis 

Chapter: From the Pit 

Co-author Christon Davis has contributed to an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June 2021. As an emerging voice and influencer, Christon’s upcoming book No More Shame looks to target the aspect of deliverance by combatting rejection. It has a heartfelt burden to effectively impact the lives of those who have been hurt, broken, overlooked, forgotten, and misunderstood. With over sixteen years of ministry experience in various capacities, Christon has lead teaching series for children, teens, and adults. As a prophetic intercessor, she moves in and promotes the power of prayer. In her service as a worship leader in dance and song, she has displayed a passion to write music, choreograph, and lead others to breakthrough in their intimacy with the Lord. As a prophetic voice, she has served on multiple teams and ministered to countless people in need of an encounter with the Lord. She is passionate about helping others grow in their relationship with Christ as well as experiencing his power through demonstration. As the founder and CEO of SheWearsPRPL, Christon’s focus is aimed specifically towards products for women with the hope of helping them navigate their way towards finding identity in Christ through the Word of God. Christon and her husband Dr. S. Davis co-lead The Gathering Christian Fellowship in Northern California. The church's mission is to make a clear and lasting impact that changes the culture, builds believers, and advances the kingdom of God to establish his presence in the region. Christon and Dr. Davis share a blended family of six children.

Dawn Crumble

Chapter: From the Abortion Table to Ministry 

New author Dawn Crumble first book, Until Something Happens, is scheduled to be released in 2022. She has also contributed to an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing this year in June. Dawn founded Women Who Pray Ministries in 2015 to minister to hurting women from all walks of life. WWPM is now represented in seventeen countries and has grown to include Prayer Intensifies New Knowledge Intercessors Summit, Dismantling the Spirits Revival and Conference, Friday Night Live, and Winning with My Sisters. She is creating a curriculum and mentoring program for young intercessors and prayer ministry directors for the local church, nationally and globally. Dawn uses her calling as an intercessor and exhorter to equip and encourage the body of Christ. Her next major projects are Zion Girls Academy, an academic mentoring program for girls with incarcerated parents, and The Revachah House, a transitional home for women with children. She and her two daughters reside in Sacramento, California.

Dianna L. Lovelace 

Chapter: Finding Resilience Within 

New author Dianna L. Lovelace recently contributed to an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June 2021. She is also a speaker, certified life coach, and mentor. Dianna, aka Lady Di, is a pastor’s wife and the founder of First Ladies Academy of Sacramento: a nurturing and developmental ministry for Senior Pastor’s Wives. She is also one of the creators of “First Ladies Guard Your Heart Healthy Heart Initiative,” a platform for healthy living and conversations. As a speaker and teacher, she has an ability to balance exhortation and revelation from God’s Word with practical application. Her approach is to be honest, vulnerable, and transparent with her audience. She desires to see people make a conscious effort to change from brokenness to wholeness and to walk in the fullness of their gifts, calling, and God-given dreams. First Lady Dianna Lovelace resides with her family in Sacramento, California.

Donna Yates 

Chapter: Love On Purpose 

First time author Donna Yates recently co-authored an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. She has always had a passion for storytelling and writing even as a child. This passion sparked her love for journaling. She has a desire to pass this creative passion on to the next generation through storytelling. She loves creating the most magical and creative bedtime stories for her granddaughters. It is igniting their passion for creative expression. Through her passion for writing, a love for the Lord and music, Donna co-wrote a Children Gospel CD entitled Souled Out. The CD entitled song “Souled Out” was performed at the legendary Showtime at the Apollo. She graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors of Art in Economics and Marketing. A businesswoman, she is also committed to empowering and equipping other businesswomen, mothers and wives through spiritual support, sisterhood and community. Her Voices of Healing; prayer call provides that support. Its purpose continues to be a support for businesswomen to pray together for increase and success in their businesses and homes. Donna resides in Fairfield California with her husband Joseph. She is the mother of Daijha and Joseph and the Yaya to six exceptional little people; “Jah and the Just Be Joyful crew”.

Dr. Josephine Harris 

Chapter: The Big Wave 

Author Dr. Josephine Harris has recently coauthored an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June 2021. Also, a philanthropist, behavior analyst, and serial entrepreneur, she is CEO/Founder of Calming Minds LLC. A coaching practice, Calming Minds helps clients to connect with the mind, body, and soul, by way of inspiration, facilitation, coaching, and other dynamic mechanisms. She has proven herself to be an ideal collaborator and earned outstanding respect. Dr. Harris ‘mantra is simple: she is inherently committed to the emboldening of women, particularly military spouses, facilitating for them all an opportunity of hope. Dr. Josephine Harris has attained a Ph.D. in Psychology, Post-Master Online Teaching Psychology Certificate, a Master of Philosophy in Psychology, M.S. in Psychology, and a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration. She is certified in both Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and is an Internationally Licensed Psychotherapist, proudly serving the Seoul Counseling Center in South Korea, since 2018. 

Her philanthropy is inspired by the late Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Dr. Harris is a deeply apricated member of her communal body and loved greatly by family and friends.

Jana Marie Toutolmin 

Chapter: Learning to Listen to Your Divine Guidance 

Author Jana Marie Toutolmin has recently co-authored an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. An ordained Inter-Faith Angel Minister, she founded the Crystal Clear Coaching Program is the author of her upcoming book, The Catalyst for Clarity. With divine guidance and spiritual mentoring, she brings peace to your heart when you are struggling with grief, indecision, a broken heart, the next steps in life, and getting your “mojo” back because you’re not sure where it went! She takes you from crying to smiling all the while you are on this magnificent journey to a healed heart and total clarity. Previously, she spent thirty-eight years in medical and graduate education; mentoring over 15,000 students; guiding them through major decision-making in their personal and professional lives. Integrating these skills with her High-Frequency connection has led her to the extraordinary mission of healing one million broken hearts. Her greatest gift is seeing the truth in your heart and bringing it forth in a gentle loving way. Jana Marie enjoys learning, the study of the spiritual and physical universe, human potential, meeting new people, international travel, and keeping up with her many diverse tribes. Her three longest-running tribes who meet weekly are The Glam Squad, five grammar school friends; The Royal Court, seven colleagues from academia; and The Seraphim Sisters who were ordained with her on Mount Shasta after completion of The Angel Ministry Program. Jana Marie enjoys every day with her biggest supporter and husband of twenty-five years, Raymond Locke. They share their lives with her mom, Anna Toutolmin, and their Maine Coon, Nali, where they live among the Redwood Trees on the Russian River in Northern California.

Marilyn Williams- Jerrels

Chapter: Shattered Heart 

Marilyn Williams-Jerrels wrote poetry even as a child. She uses spoken word poetry to tell stories and express deep emotions. She has enjoyed utilizing her literary skills for various organizational communications: newsletters, official letters and social media postings. Co-authoring an anthology, Resilience in Hard Times, is her first work as a published author to be released June, 2021. She is simultaneously putting the finishing touches on her first solo project, a collection of poetry. She is a United States Navy Veteran (Corpsman/ORT), LVN, and full-time family caregiver. Her “gifts of healing” flow via uplifting words or through service to others. Marilyn has helped to establish and maintain a social media presence for a variety of entities and individuals. Her hobbies include roller skating, music, photography and technology. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Marilyn currently resides in Stockton, California, and has been married thirty-plus years to her husband, Barry. Together they have a beautifully blended family of three daughters, five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Misha-elle (Misha) Hammer 

Chapter: Betrayed to Become Blessed 

Misha-elle (Misha) Hammer is a speaker, author, violinist and certified life coach. She holds a Masters in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and has been a featured speaker at several Christian events. Her signature speaking topic emphasizes the depth of God and the power we have to manifest the kingdom of God on earth. She is known for powerful and dynamic preaching, spiritual insights and applicable revelations. Her life coaching clients find empowerment and success to face difficult situations with lasting impact on their goals in spiritual development, love, family, mental health and their relationship with God. Misha-elle’s prophetic anointing is used to release seasoned and on time words from God. Her education credentials include an extensive background in Theology, violin performance, business administration and a single subject teaching music credential. Misha-elle’s bi-racial roots from Trinidad and Nicaragua have caused her to be well rounded in her ability to connect with many cultures and people. Her love for travel brings balance to her life of serving others. She believes in women being able to provide the financial life they want for themselves. With that vision, she has successfully invested in multiple properties and stocks, allowing her to build a legacy for the upcoming generations in her family as well as enjoy the life God has given her.

Pastor LoNika Harris 

Chapter: Pushing Past the Pain to Praise 

New author Pastor LoNika Harris has co-authored an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. She is Co-pastor and Co-founder of New Life Christian Fellowship Center Texas alongside her husband Senior Pastor T.R. Harris. Pastor LoNika’s heart for God's people compels her to utilize her ministry gifts as a Pastor, evangelist, teacher, and exhorter and speak messages of encouragement, hope, and victory through the power of the Word of God. She served in the United States Army for twenty years, with six combat deployments. Now retired, she continues to provide service to her fellow soldiers as an Army Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator. An alumnus of Liberty University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies/Christian Counseling; a Master of Arts degree in Human Service Counseling/Crisis and Trauma; and a Graduate of Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary with Graduate Certificates in: Executive Leadership, Worship Studies and Christian Ministry. Pastor Harris is a mother of two boys Deverrick and TreShawn Harris.

S. C. Nelson 

Chapter: Beauty for Ashes 

New author S. C. Nelson is a writer of poetry in her spare time. She recently co-authored a non-fiction anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. In addition, she has a collection of many fiction and non-fiction novels that she anticipates releasing to help others, both men and women, who desire to grow through their experiences and become the very best God has created them to be. Ms. Nelson has ten years experience working in education with vulnerable youths providing education support, mentoring, and encouragement. She has worked for The Children’s Society Charity and volunteered in schools supporting children who struggle with barriers in reading and writing. She is motivated to make a difference and help others through the art of literature and storytelling, with the ambition to change lives nationally and internationally. Nelson studied media communications and has a degree in psychology. 

S. C. Nelson was born in the UK and is of Caribbean heritage.

Dr. Stacy L. Henderson 

Chapter: Finding the Purpose for Your Pain 

Dr. Stacy L. Henderson, is a Christian Educator, Inspirational Speaker, and Businesswoman. An International Best-Selling Author, she recently co-authored an anthology Resilience in Hard Times, releasing in June, 2021. She speaks four languages and has publications in more than forty language translations - two of which are in the White House Library. A retired Naval Officer with over twenty-five years of military service and experience, her Stacy's Stocking Stuffers Christmas Charity has provided toys, meals, coats, clothing and monetary support for families around the world since 1991. She has countless military and civilian accolades. Stacy shares her life experiences and relies on faith-based doctrines to motivate and inspire others to achieve their best mental, physical and spiritual health. She is a Dean of Christian Leadership Schools at Christ Temple Baptist Church, Markham, Illinois and maintains close ties with her lifelong church family at Little Bryan Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia. She holds degrees in Education, Health Services Management, Christian Leadership and Business Administration. A Proverbs 31 Woman, she utilizes her Spiritual Gifts to glorify God and edify His people. A native of Savannah, Georgia, Dr. Henderson is a loving wife, proud mother of two adult children (KeiSha and William) and several bonus children and grandchildren, comprising a blessed and beautiful blended family. To God be the Glory!

Tonja Dews 

 Chapter: I Don’t Look Like My Storm 

New author Tonja Dews recently contributed to an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. First a woman of God, Tonja has had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for twenty years. For the last seven years, she has dedicated her life advocating and encouraging for MS awareness. In 2019 the Multiple Sclerosis Motivational Speaker Facebook page was launched on social media. This forum provided an atmosphere of love, healing and unity with current MS information and inspiring testimonials. Her personal platform is her “Daily Teacups” on social media. Her “teacups” are scriptures to be applied to everyday living and to bring encouragement to all. She is taking her pain now to serve a purpose to those with Multiple Sclerosis. She has been recognized by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society, National Congress of Black Women, Luv Radio Network Group, churches, pastors, friends and family. Tonja is a loving wife with her biggest supporter being her husband, Jesse Dews. They have six children of mine, yours and ours and seven grandchildren.


Valerie Oakley 

 Chapter: 2020 Vision 

First time author, Valerie Oakley, has co-authored an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021 Valerie feels as though she has met her life's purpose in health and lifestyle coaching. Through her business Greater Works Health & Wellness Coaching, LLC, she continues to evolve. She has been passionate about holistic health in various forms for over thirty years. Valerie's love and interest in helping empower others to create their best lives began with her own journey to optimal health after some deep soul searching and revelation. Paying forward what she gleans gives her unspeakable joy and fulfillment. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from U.C. Berkeley, later becoming a licensed Massage Therapist and had a successful practice for fifteen years, has worn the hat of financial services rep during a key transition, and currently works as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Having all of that come together through health coaching was a natural progression. Valerie and her sons, Tevin, and Jonathan, enjoy traveling and creating memories. An honorable mention is Rockefeller, or "Rocky", the chihuahua who joined the family in 2009.


Wandah Mitchell Parenti 

Chapter: Perfect Timing 

New author, Wandah Mitchell Parenti, is a co-author in the anthology Resilience In Hard Times releasing in June 2021. Wandah, a native of California, was born in the San Francisco Bay Area but she was raised in Inglewood, California. Her true passion is ministering and mentoring women which she has been purposefully fulfilling for several years. After she completed her ministerial studies, she felt it was time to apply her faith and she currently volunteers as a counselor and educator for the PACE Program for post abortive women at Valley Pregnancy Center in Pleasanton, California as well as serves as a faith based crisis counselor for NAMI Contra Costa. Wandah and her husband of eighteen years are the proud parents of four beautiful children and seven grandchildren who affectionately know her as “Mimi”.

Yvonne R. Wilson 

Chapter: Overcoming the Mean Girl Spirit 

Author Yvonne Wilson has written several short stories and contributed to an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. A busy writer, she has a children’s book that she is publishing this year along with a biography that she will have completed this Spring. Yvonne believes that every lesson has been something she shares with others so they, too, know that they will make it through. A single mother advocate and ministry leader, she is a women empowerment coach and speaker. She considers herself to be an advocate for youth and anyone who has had their voice taken away from them Yvonne has a “you can sit with us” mentality and believes everyone has a special gift to offer the world. Sometimes it takes a bit of pain or trial and error to figure it. But with God, some coaching and the right leadership you can figure it out.


Sonja Babino 

Chapter: From Suicide to Triumph 

Non-fiction author Sonja Babino has recently contributed to an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. With four published works, Sonja has a uniquely wry voice that shines through in her latest work comprised of various online dating stories. She has spent a lifetime writing down her thoughts and sharing humorous experiences with those close to her. It is her unique storytelling that captivates readers. 

Her chosen career is as an I.T. Professional. Sonja is committed to using her life as an example to women and men alike to show that you don’t have to look like what you’ve been through in hopes that they, too, would be inspired to push through.

Dr. Alena Zachery-Ross 

Chapter: The Journey to Becoming a STAR! 

Dr. Alena Zachery-Ross is a sought-after speaker, coach, and consultant. A new author, she has contributed to an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. CEO of AZRLeads, she uses her gifts to develop leaders and teams to transform their environments, beginning with themselves. A leader of leaders, she is Pastor of Lane Memorial C.M.E. Church in Jackson, Michigan, and Superintendent of Ypsilanti Community Schools in Ypsilanti, Michigan. A seasoned educator, she was formerly the Superintendent of Okemos and the Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System. She served previously as an assistant superintendent, elementary and middle school principal, school psychologist, and teacher consultant. Mrs. Ross began her career as an elementary teacher and school psychologist for Detroit Public Schools. Mrs. Ross attended Grand Valley State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education/Psychology. Earned her Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology from Wayne State University and is completing (May 2021) an ED.D in Educational Leadership at Michigan State University.


Evangeline “Ann” Gamble 

Chapter: Love Thy Neighbor 

Evangeline “Ann” Gamble, a woman with an air of positivity about her, was born in Pittsburg, CA, resides in Sacramento where she lives her life in service to others. Whether its ministering at her church or mentoring homeless women and children. An Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment, a job readiness program for women. Ann, having fallen into homelessness and despair herself, brings a message of love and hope. A retired school bus driver, Ann is the owner of Ann’s Errands, A private car service. The proud mother of six children, ten grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Cheryl Brockwell 

Chapter: Exiting Shadowlands 

New author Cheryl Brockwell is answering God’s call to write. She recently co-authored an anthology Resilience in Hard Times releasing in June, 2021. She has a deep love of learning and Scripture. It brings great pleasure to sit in the Father’s presence, awaiting revelation and then sharing it with others. She completed a Master of Professional Education and Training to complement her diplomas in Business and Missiology and certificates in Training and Counselling. She currently uses all her skills to tutor and train disadvantaged people. A survivor of the impacts of suicide, the recovery journey has shown her God’s heart for the hurting. Consequently, her life is about making other people’s better. She has substantial service gifts and uses them in her local church in whatever role is appropriate, always exploring new avenues of service. Cheryl lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband. They have three children: two married and also living in Melbourne with their spouses. The third lives in Sydney. She values her role as wife and mother above all others. The family enjoys exploring and working out how to do things. She restores her soul in the wonders of nature; walking a wind-swept beach is a favorite. Gardening is both therapy and joy, particularly during harvest season. When the weather chases her inside, she enjoys books, crafts, and baking.

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Early Bird Registration ends on Wednesday Jumpstart Your Writing Career Workshop

Hello Authors, 



I am so excited to introduce something new that you’ll love. Jumpstart Your Writing Career Workshop. 


Jumpstart Your Writing Career Workshop is for speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who are ready to start writing a book, but feel stuck, and not sure where to begin, how to select a topic or don't know how to get the words out of your head to paper.



During this 2- hour training, you’ll learn how to jumpstart your book business by focusing on three simple strategies; clarifying your story, creating a blueprint for your story, and doing the internal work by identifying external & internal challenges that get in the way of you completing your first draft.


This training will teach you how to:


• Pick your signature story that sells

• Plan and set monthly writing goals

• Finally get words onto paper

• Start writing

• Create mindset hacks


What is included:


• Elevate Your Story- Signature story workbook

• On the spot training with Coach Paulette

• Networking and connecting with other like-minded women on the same path

• Coach Paulette's E-book The Write Now Author’s Manual



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Jumpstart Your Writing Career Virtual Workshop


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AUTHOR INTERVIEW Nonfiction Author Dimitria Scott #newbookalert #newbookrelease #inspirational #fridayfinds, #christian #writer

Today We Welcome First Time Author, Dimitria Scott 

to Nothing But Books


Dimitria, thanks for joining us. Tell us about yourself?

I am dedicated to ministering, mentoring, and motivating teen moms, young women, and those who may feel hopeless. I am also the founder of Real Sister, Victorious Partners, a community of women committed to growing together in life’s journey.

My goal is to launch a non-profit, Motivating Teen Mom’s Academy, a program to help teen moms overcome the challenges they face in this role. My vision is to have a transitional home with a school and daycare facility, where they will live, learn, and raise their children in a safe environment.

What are five of your favorite things?

I love reading, learning new things, ministering the Word of God, spending time with family and friends, and having a moment to sit by the water to relax. 



What is your chapter title?


I Choose Me



What inspired you to write your chapter?

My chapter “I Choose Me” was to inspire other people to let go of the need to please people. To stop allowing others to dictate their lives for them. I especially wanted to inspire women of faith to define victory for themselves and live authentically who God created them to be. We have to learn to release the traumas of our past and rise up to the victors we are meant to be. See for a majority of my life I lived for other people, being and doing what I thought would please others even if it meant going against my moral standards or degrading myself. But I came to a place in my life where I had to decide enough was enough and start to live for me. Not that others don’t matter; they just don’t get to dictate how I live and that is why I Choose Me!!! 



What's your favorite quote or scripture? 


Proverbs 8:23 And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. 


Also, Helen Keller “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

In five words describe your chapter.

Real, Inspiring, Relevant, Insightful, Honest





How do you let go of those past aches and traumas? How will you be

able to recall the past and smile? Well, you must discover yourself.

You must choose yourself over your windy past. Rid yourself of the

chains of tears you struggle with. Accept that you’ve had some pretty

bad times and accept that it’s time to burst free of living in the hurts of

life. Realize that the future has been waiting for you for so long! Know

that it’s time to step into the light and have confidence in yourself.

Facebook is Dimitria R Scott

Instagram is MrsDRScott





Kickstart Your Writing Career Virtual Workshop

Kickstart Your Writing Career Workshop is for speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who are ready to start writing a book, but feel stuck, and not sure where to begin, how to select a topic or don't know how to get the words out of your head to paper.

During this 2- hour training, you’ll learn how to kickstart your book business by focusing on three simple strategies; clarifying your story, creating a blueprint for your story, and doing the internal work by identifying external & internal challenges that get in the way of you completing your first draft.

This training will teach you how to:


• Pick your signature story that sells

• Plan and set monthly writing goals

• Finally get words onto paper

• Start writing

• Create mindset hacks


What is included:


• Elevate Your Story- Signature story workbook

• On the spot training with Coach Paulette

• Networking and connecting with other like-minded women on the same path

• Coach Paulette's E-book The Write Now Author’s Manual


When: Saturday, April 24

Time: 8:00am -10:00am PST/11:00am-1:00 pm EST

Online VIA Zoom




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Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and amazon gift card giveaway for Wellness of Life by Angela Harris. The tour will run April 5-16, 2021. 

ASIN : B087WH1X81

ISBN: 978-0578643786

Genre: Health & Wellness

Angela Harris, Founder of Wellness of Life Internal Restoration Clinic, and Wellness of Life Supplements. Truly committed Entrepreneur for over 20 years, Practicing in Holistic Integrative Health and Wellness, Published Author and Public Speaker.

Have you wondered and wanted to know how your body functions internally, or what creates you to feel weight concerns, depleted of energy and lack mental fortitude, or why you may want to know what causes sickness, illness, disease and how aging begins? Wellness of Life will give you a clear, simple, holistic, insight, pure connection of articulation on how we have been given all that we need in order for Whole Body Wellness with Ease.






with Kevin Harrington, an original 

Shark Tank

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Announcing From Ideal to Published Author in 90 Days #newauthor #newbooks #publisher #nonfiction #self-help # #transformation


This is a 90 Day Cohort program with others on the same journey!



As a result, clients who finish the program will have a deepened understanding of writer’s craft and the publishing industry, will become published authors and will have a transformational experience as it relates to their overall well-being. 

From Ideal to Published Author is a program that…

  • Teaches you how use the tools and resources so that everything is set up correctly the first time around.
  • Show you how to map out your story using the mind mapping techniques so writing your story is easier.
  • Provides you with accountability to help your cross the finish line. 
  • Shows you how to fight the very specific and personal fears that are getting in the way of you completing your first draft.

This program is for you if:


  • You’re willing to do the work by writing 7-10 chapters.
  • Can commit your time April -June to the process and working with me for 90 days.
  • You desire to write a nonfiction, transformational, subject matter, or self-help book.


Key Benefits for Authors

·      A customized book writing and publishing blueprint to complete your book.

·      Learn the step-by-step self-publish process.

·      Learn how to be your own publisher and keep more of the profits.

·      Learn how to create a marketing & best seller campaign.

·      Learn the step-by-step copyright process to protect your intellectual property.

·      Learn how the book printing and distribution process works.

·      Learn the book editing options because every great book needs a great editor.

·      Will have created a product to sell.

·      Positioned as a publisher and can publish others creating more streams of income.

 Investment includes: 


·      Two LIVE training sessions each month with me as your coach in Zoom.

·      Laser group coaching session to build confidence and crush objections.

·      Private FB group for guidance and accountability throughout the writing process.

·      Workshops, Q& A sessions inside FB group.

·      Get the support and accountability.



April Sessions:


·      Session # 1 Thursday, April 22 @ 5:00pm PST/ 8:00pm EST

·      Session # 2 Thursday, April 29 @ 5:00pm PST/ 8:00pm EST


The entire calendar will be sent only to those who secure a spot in the program. 



All Payments are Non-Refundable



Program Investment $797.00 + processing fee pay in full by Friday, April 2, 2021 


Installments Payment Schedule- $897.00


$ 897.00 in 3 installments – a deposit of $150 + processing fee will secure your spot and is due by Friday, April 2, 2012.


First installment $149.00 due April 16 (automatic withdrawal + processing fee)

Second installment $299 due May 7 (automatic withdrawal + processing fee)

Third installment $299 due June 4 (automatic withdrawal + processing fee) 


Secure a spot: $150.00 deposit here:


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If you have any questions please contact me:


Coach Paulette