Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Reviews for Completely Whole

COMPLETELY WHOLE, is a guided resource which can easily be applied to one’s life who is looking for full and total restoration. Paulette Harper provides practical principles, biblical foundation and personal life experiences to guide the reader along a path that leads to God.

Understanding the impact of prayer, Paulette includes a prayer at the end of each chapter that will be sure to help the reader to establish a connection, not only with the principles in the book, but a spiritual connection with God Himself. Using a simplistic approach, COMPLETELY WHOLE is sure to be a resourceful book which readers can refer to throughout their life journey.

Cheryl A. Pullins, CPC
Founder, Victorious Living International
Brandon, FL

Author Harper is to be commended for the useful compilation of thoughtful chapters, application of scripture and use of her personal experiences to assist the reader(s) in their quest for spiritual wholeness. Whether you are at a crossroad of your life or seeking to strengthen your walk with Christ, you will find valuable inspiration, encouragement and most of all, assurance that by choice you can become COMPLETELY WHOLE.

Dr. Linda Beed
Seattle, WA

Reviewer: Tamarra Bryant – Literary Wonders! (www.literarywonders)
Rating: 5 Stars

COMPLETELY WHOLE is an uplifting inspirational guide that will motivate its reader with the practical use of biblical comparisons. Ms. Harper uses easy to understand language to guide the reader to search inwardly and rely on God for renewal.
Ms. Harper uses her personal experiences to guide the reader to use specific bible verses and themes that will enhance the reader’s spiritual journey towards becoming, COMPLETELY WHOLE.

Contemporary situations that are sure to be recognizable & personal to each reader on some level are covered with simplicity. The reader is given practical explanations and uplifting solutions.

Each section ends with a prayer that provides the reader with a specific thought process, which if said with sincerity, from the heart, will definitely reach God’s ears. The use of bible verses from the Amplified Bible provide clear proof that our God is with us throughout our journeys & provides the answers if we are willing to listen.

“COMPLETELY WHOLE” is a guide one can refer to over and over again during times of need. Ms. Harper’s grasp of real life and her method of dealing with these situations truly make this guide a learning tool that can be used over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

Completely Whole is thought provoking and educational. Ms. Harper has written this book with bible verses that are relevant to one's walk with God. This book is a must read for anyone at anytime in his/her life, because you will grow deeper with Him. Ms. Harper has created this book so that it can be a pocketbook companion.