Monday, January 24, 2011

Steppin’ Into the Good Life Blog Tour

About the Author

TIA MCCOLLORS is a national bestselling author who secured her spot in the publishing industry with the release of her debut novel, Zora’s Cry. She received her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina. After ten years as a public relations professional, Tia emerged as an inspirational speaker and author of faith-based novels. Her other titles include The Truth About Love and A Heart of Devotion. She continues to pen inspirational works and is currently writing a series of children’s early reader chapter books targeted towards girls, ages 7-9.
In addition to being a novelist, Tia is a motivational speaker and instructor for writing workshops. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers organization, and serves as the vice president of Visions In Print. Tia was voted as the Breakout Author of the Year by the Open Book Awards of the African American Literary Awards Show.
Tia lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area with her husband and son. For more information, visit her online at

About the Book
Shelia Rushmore thought she’d be the last woman standing when it was time to fight for her man. Instead Ace, her boyfriend of two years, chose to reunite with his ex-wife, leaving Shelia emotionally devastated. It’s a year later when Sheila is convinced that sneaking into their wedding ceremony will put closure on the gaping hole in her heart.
But it’s on the back pew of the church where a new relationship begins for Shelia. She can’t explain the touch she received from God on that day, but she’s determined to be a better woman-a woman of faith. Since high school, Shelia has been chasing her definition of the good life – it’s left her with no home, no man, and no money. But now that’s she’s living life for God, things should get better, right? Shelia learns that living a faith-filled life isn’t always easy.
With faith, tough love, and some tough decisions, Shelia realizes that the life she’d been praying for she could have for herself is actually attainable. Being wrapped in God’s arms, she decided, was by far the safest place she’d ever been.

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Book Review

This was my first book by author Tia McCollors and I was not disappointed. Steppin into the good like is a book which shows how the process one goes through when a person's life is out of divine order. Tia showed us that when a person considers everything in life more important, money, jobs, people, then having God first, how dissatisfied we will find ourselves. I loved how Tia connected Sheila with people who would not only love her but was instrumental in Sheila's coming into the good life by finally establishing her relationship with the Lord.
Great book and highly recommended.

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From Tia's Pen said...

Hi Paulette! Thanks for your support of the blog tour. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Looking forward to staying connected with you. Tia

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Thank you for being a host for the Steppin' into the Good Life Blog Tour with Tia McCollors. Blessings!