Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clutch your Pearls Girl

Stephanie McKenny is a licensed minister who resides in South Carolina. She has written one novel and three non-fiction books. She facilities a yearly women’s retreat (dates for 2011 are May 19-21, 2011) and has recently started her own self-publishing company (J & J Publishing). Visit her website at: for more information.

Is Mr. Right…Really Right? Some women are caught off guard when they finally find out Mr. Right isn’t so right after all. By then, their heart, mind, and body are already ensnared by an unhealthy relationship.
Relationships are what keep us all connected. Every woman wants a man of her own whether she wants to admit to it or not. We all have an innate desire to love and be loved. However, there are some relationships we should never entertain. Every man that comes into your life doesn’t necessarily deserve access to your heart.
This book is filled with sister wisdom that brings awareness to healthy and unhealthy relations, exposing unhealthy characteristics in men and pointers on helping you become the woman God intended for you to be.

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Tyora Moody said...


Thank you for hosting the Clutch Your Pearls, Girl Blog Tour with Stephanie McKenny.

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