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Running Scared Blog Tour

February 28 – March 4, 2011

About the Author

Robert Leon Davis was a respected police officer in New Orleans, who became involved in crime and fled arrest, living rough in the backwoods of America and Canada for over two decades before handing himself in. He now has an extensive speaking and teaching ministry.


Robert Leon Davis was a street kid from a tough community. Raised on the brink of poverty, he and his siblings often went hungry, but with the help of a family in the neighborhood, he beat the odds and studied criminal law at Loyola University and joined the New Orleans police department in 1975.

He began his career with aspirations of being a great cop, but before long he was exposed to a darker side of law enforcement. While partnered with a veteran, Davis first witnessed an officer violating the very laws he had vowed to uphold–and he shared in his crime. One compromise led to another, and Davis soon was caught and faced a substantial prison term. Cops in prison don’t last long. He fled.
Davis found himself a fugitive, living off the land in remote forests in the United States and Canada to elude capture.

His church upbringing was abandoned in anger. For over twenty years he hid, becoming an expert survivalist. He might still be running, but through a stranger’s prayer the angry atheist realized he was weary of hiding. Slowly he yielded his life to God and eventually gave himself in. But when the New Orleans DA dusted off his file, what would his sentence be?

Today, Robert Davis is a committed Christian and motivational speaker. He uses his extraordinary experiences to share his message of hope and redemption to both adults and children.


A sinner and professed atheist has an encounter with the living God. WOW! Incredible, moving, heart-wrenching is how I would describe this book. You will cry, pray, rejoice all the while trying to grasp how God did not let Robert get caught. This truly is a page turner. Robert does an outstanding job detailing each encounter as he allows us to walk with him on his journey toward freedom. What an awesome testimony for everyone as we see the mercy, grace and love of God throughout the pages of this book.

I applaud you Robert for an life changing book that will truly touch anyone who is open for change.
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Robert Leon Davis introduces his book, “Running Scared” to readers and reads a brief excerpt.



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