Saturday, November 19, 2011

Interview with Radio Host Andrea Griggs

Andrea, Welcome to Empowered to Prosper

Andrea, tell us about yourself and your business.

Wife, mother, and dreamer

Females With A Mission Radio is a show designed to help women across America realize there is a special something within them that makes them special. The show is designed to profile women who have made it there business to “be on a mission” to fulfill their dreams and live purposeful lives.

What services do you offer?

Intimate training on blog talk setup and social media setup

What made you decide to pursue being a radio host?

Radio is my background. I received my degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Radio/TV broadcasting from Jackson State University. While in college, I began working in radio and I had so much fun. I worked at a radio station in Jackson, Mississippi called KIXIE 107.5 FM. After college in 1993, I returned home to Atlanta to take a job at WIGO 1340 AM. I was working as a news reporter. That job was short lived because I came to work one day, actually three months after I had started, and the doors to the station were bolted and the radio station had been shut down. From there, I tapped into my minor degree, which was English, and I began teaching.

What do you enjoy about the Blogtalk Radio Platform?

I’ll be honest. I have never really explored other avenues. Blog Talk Radio was just the one I found first, after deciding to get back into radio. There are a lot of platforms out there. I do like that other people from around the world can pick up my podcasts from itunes absolutely FREE.

What are your other favorite social media platforms and why?

Right now I am visibly on Facebook with a fan page, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. It’s a lot of work to manage them all but I have to say, I like Facebook and Twitter the most. I am still trying to master how to engage my Facebook following, however, Twitter is just as fun and interactive, too. The main thing to remember with social media is to be patient with yourself and focus on your goal not everyone else’s goal; that can be a distraction and it can be discouraging. Social Media is a bit of a learning curve for me, but I believe if you are wiling to learn, you can succeed at anything.

Where can visitors find you online?

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