Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 1 Excerpt:Lord, I Am Made Whole By My Experiences

Wouldn’t life be so much better if we could tell God how to do His job? Or maybe we could assist Him or give Him some advice on how to deal with our issues. Wouldn’t we simply make sure we avoided much of the pain, sorrow, and disappointment life brought? The answer is a resounding yes! Avoiding hardship, pain, and heartache would be our primary solution in dealing with everything that life brings our way. If we could just sit back and live in complete harmony and joy, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Who wouldn’t want this kind of life? 

Unfortunately, the world in which we live doesn’t allow this type of ease. We call this kind of world imaginary, make-believe, or a fairy tale. Fairy tales are fables created for children with the illusion that the world is an ideal and wonderful place, a place, where there is no care or worry, and a place that is free or exempt from negative external influences. 

The truth of the matter is the world in which we live can be disappointing and cruel with plenty of let downs. Yet, depending on our attitude, the world can also be a place of limitless successes, great achievements, abundant blessings, and untold happiness. Each day that God blesses us to experience is a day in which some type of lesson is going to be taught. The question is: Are we willing to learn? Many times we ask God, “Why? Why must we endure the things we do?” By nature, we do not embrace new experiences because most experiences require us to give something of ourselves. 

The truth is we don’t want to give anything without a guarantee of a return. We are not willing to surrender, submit, and give God what He asks for in the midst of our circumstances. We must remember that when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we placed ourselves under His authority, His care, and His direction. Laying down our will and yielding to God’s will must come from a heart that has complete trust and confidence in His ability to sustain every situation, and resolve every conflict. 

When we face a trying dilemma, our question should be, “What is God trying to say to us and teach us?” In life’s experiences, if we learn the lessons that God is attempting to teach and convey to us, we will gain valuable understanding, which makes us comprehend more clearly what is happening and why. Oftentimes, we do not like how God picks those experiences for us. 

There are some experiences in life that I can’t go through because God knows my makeup, temperament, and personality; the same with you. Some experiences are more difficult to handle than others; yet God, in His infinite wisdom, knows exactly the kind of experiences each of us can bear.

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