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Three Things You Will Never Change About Your Marriage And Ten Things You Can by Elaine W. Miller

About the Author

Elaine W. Miller is a popular author and speaker known for sharing biblical insights with warmth, enthusiasm, and humor. A member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, she has been encouraging audiences for over 25 years. Elaine and her husband, an ordained minister, have been married 41 years. Together they have led many marriage retreats and counseled numerous hurting couples. Residing in upstate New York, Elaine and Dan enjoy a beautiful and sometimes idiotic life together. Elaine is the author of two additional books, Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Moms and Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Wives.

About the Book

I married an idiot–and so did my spouse. The word, “idiot” is derived from the Greek word meaning “common man.” Aren’t we all common man? In fact, there is only One who was uncommon man–Jesus Christ.  Elaine W. Miller encourages couples to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and run a marriage marathon like an idiot, but not like a fool. An idiot may stumble or fall, but a fool runs the wrong way.
We All Married Idiots teaches husbands and wives to stop concentrating on the three things you will never change in your marriage and begin focusing on the ten things you can. Then, you will esteem your mate as a gift to treasure, not as an idiot to tolerate.

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Book Review

Elaine's book We All Married Idiots is a great read for any married couple wanted to gain insight on how to maintain a healthier more meaningful relationship. What I loved about  this book is Elaine's openness about her own marriage. Filled with humor and practical examples of a typical married couple learning how to love past the differences they have. Highly recommended for any marriage ministry, group study and personal study.

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