Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finding the Purpose of Life

5 Ways to Grow to Empower Women

“So many of us allow bad experiences to get the best of us and we don’t learn how to turn those experiences into stepping stones for us to grow spiritually, emotionally, financially or socially.  I would be the first to agree that life can be hard and challenging however if we take a look back and begin to analyze how to use those bad experiences to help us in one area of our life, we will never look at bad experiences the same.”

Coming from Paulette Harper‘s new book Completely Whole, provides women of all ages with keys to living a life on purpose spirit, soul and body. 

Here are her five suggestions on learning how to live a happier life. 

1. Accepting that sometimes the “Why” will never get answered.  When we can accept that many times we won’t be able to change the outcome and accept what has happened.  Realized that it happened for a purpose and rest in that, we are better prepared to handle all experiences. 

2. There is no easy way out. Many times we want to escape the bad experiences by not dealing with them head on, but that won’t solve anything. Stop for a moment, look at the situation and make the necessary changes that are required to be more empowered.

3. Realize that God is in control. Our lives are totally in the hands of someone who knows how all things will pan out. Trust Him in every situation, knowing that He will guide you as you look to Him for help.

4. Forgive yourself and others.  In life people will hurt us. That includes family, spouses, children, and parents.  As you forgive others for their trespasses, people will also forgive you.

5. Pray that God will show you what it is He is trying to teach you.  Allow this opportunity to let God reveal to you what lessons are to be learned. Treat each experience as a great opportunity to grow and mature.

Completely Whole
Publisher: Thy Word Publishing
Amazon paper back: list price: $12.95
Kindle list price: $4.99 -
Author: Paulette Harper, website:
ISBN# 978-0-615-33101-0
Pages: 154


Christina Morley said...

I'm following you back from Real Church Life with GFC and Twitter. I've also Tweeted this post. God bless!

Tina - mom of 4 and author of 5 blogs

May said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post.. And thanks once again for linking up in Exposure 99% weekday blog hop. I look forward being part of your blog. Remain blessed..

Dee said...


Thank you for sharing this book with us. It amazes me how we can go through life so broken and hurt and others not realize our suffering. But God knows and he sends his wisdom through his Word and works such as yours!!