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“Brother Half Angel”

By Martin Roth

“Brother Half Angel” is the first in a series of international thrillers by Martin Roth. These feature Brother Half Angel, the leader of a secret new church military order dedicated to helping Christians under attack around the world.

In this first book of the series he is dispatched urgently to China, where an underground seminary is under siege from fanatical sword-wielding members of a local cult who still pay homage to the bloodthirsty extremists who tried to expel all foreigners from China in the nineteenth century.

The following is a short excerpt from the book (continued from Scroll to the end to learn how to read more, and also to learn how you can buy the book for a special price and with the chance to win a $200 Amazon gift voucher.

Chapter 2

Fulang, China

“And suddenly we have a new emergency in Corinth. False prophets have infiltrated the community.” Daniel Westloke - one half of the American couple alluded to by the young Chinese mothers - was teaching the New Testament to a dozen of his advanced seminary students. It was testing his Mandarin Chinese language abilities to the limit.
“So Paul affirms that he is a superior servant of Christ, because he has suffered greatly while fulfilling his role of apostle. In other words, he is affirming that the true power of an apostle is actually God’s power, revealed through human weakness.”
Several of the students were taking notes. Others were listening intently. He knew that the moment he stopped talking he could expect a vigorous debate. Every single one of these students knew intimately how the church in China was being forged in suffering. They understood Paul as well as anyone.
Sometimes Daniel felt so excited about all this that he could barely contain himself. It was as if he were walking alongside Paul himself, watching and experiencing the birth of a young church, one that was destined to have an enormous impact.
Indeed, Daniel sometimes struggled to comprehend the passion of these students. They were on fire. With their burning intensity to learn, they were set to change China, and quite possibly the world. Already Daniel’s wife Jenny was teaching some of them English, so they could transport their faith to the four corners of the globe.
The seminary occupied an ageing stone farmhouse, a compound that would previously have housed an extended family, with half-a-dozen bedrooms. Several of these rooms were now classrooms.
Daniel’s own classroom was a cramped space with a long table, perspex chairs that a local restaurant had abandoned, crumbling pink plaster, a couple of holes in the ceiling and a high window that allowed in just enough sunlight to keep the room from darkness.

On the wall he had taped some large posters brought with him when he arrived two months earlier from North Carolina. One showed flowers - roses, tulips, daffodils, lilacs and more - with the names in large letters. Another displayed a selection of vehicles and their names - automobile, van, truck, bus, taxicab, locomotive, fire engine, bicycle, motorcycle and so on. Should the police raid the premises - something that could happen at any time - these posters were intended to help assure them that it was only English being taught here, and certainly not theology.
Next to his room was another, where English really was taught, by his wife Jenny, one class a day each afternoon to a select group of elementary school kids, again intended to assure the authorities that this really was an English school, and also to bring in a little income.
“Now let us look at some of the persecution endured by Paul,” said Daniel.
It was at this moment that Jenny walked in. She was tall and slender - the same height as her husband - and, though this region of northern China did not lack in tall people, she was still a striking figure with her blue eyes, long auburn hair and creamy complexion, complete with a sprinkling of freckles.
“Excuse me,” she said to the students, coming near to exhausting her Mandarin vocabulary. She looked at her husband. “Danny, Uncle Ling wants to talk to us. That’s what Brother Yoon has just told me. He says it’s urgent.”

“Right now?”
“He says it’s urgent.”

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