Thursday, June 9, 2016

#Secretplacesrevealed #HotNewRelease #Bookalert Getting to know Aaron Blackman

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sharing three things 

about the character Aaron Blackman in 

Secret Places Revealed

1. He is the co owner of Blackman and Blackman Law firm

2. He is single, sexy and works out daily

3. He has a tattoo on his shoulder of an eagle

About The Book

Single and content, Real Estate Developer, Aaron Blackman is determined not to be in another relationship. His ex Macy, gave him enough drama to last a lifetime. The only thing that has his attention right now, is his growing business, that’s until Simone Herron comes along. Fighting to keep his promise to himself, he soon learns that when it comes to love some rules are meant to be broken.

After losing her fiancé to an untimely death, Simone Herron is relocating and trying to put the past behind her. A new chapter in her life is what she is hoping for but what happens when her past and her present collide? Will she let the walls she has built come down?

Simone must learn that in order to love again, she must conquer her past fears and allow God to put all the broken pieces together. 

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Did You Know? 

Some of the highlights in Secret Places Revealed is that a few of the 
featured places that Aaron and Simone 
visit are in Oakland, CA

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