Friday, October 28, 2016

#BEHINDTHESCENES #NEWBOOKALERT Single Moms Drama, Born Again Virgin by Michelle Lynn Stephens #FICTION

Welcome to Behind The Scenes

Today featured author is  Michelle Lynn Stephens

Michelle Lynn Stephens hails from Durham, North Carolina and is an inspirational writer who encourages others to make comebacks out of setbacks while they overcome life’s obstacles through faith and perseverance. She is the author of The Divorcée Chronicles:Diary of a Divorcée Diva and co-author of the Brown Girls Books anthology, Single Mama Dating Drama. In addition to writing, she enjoys singing, acting and performing spoken word poetry. She is a member of World Overcomers Christian Church.

Single Mama Dating Drama

Single Mama dating! It doesn't get anymore complicated than that. How can you find love when you have a career and kids? Where can you find that love connection? Is he on-line, in church, standing in front of the grapefruit in the grocery store? In these hilarious and heart-warming stories, you'll find single moms finding love in the most interesting of places, all while steering clear of the crazies, the lazies and definitely, the shadies.

In Single Mama Dating Drama, seventeen talented writers share fictional stories about the woes, pitfalls, and joys of dating while raising kids. It includes Michelle Lynn Stephens’ tale, Born Again Virgin, where some unholy choices lead to holy drama on a divorcee's journey back to church in search of the peace of mind she can't seem to find. These captivating stories are sure to make you laugh, shake your head, clutch your pearls, and cheer for these mamas and all their dating drama!

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Michelle Stephens said...

Thank you so much! Blessings to you for the support of your fellow authors.

Nothing But Books said...

Thanks for stopping by Michelle. Wishing you all the best.