Friday, October 14, 2016

#BEHINDTHESCENES #NEWBOOKALERT #FOLLOWFRIDAY #CHILDRENBOOK Lizzie & McKenzie Fabulous Adventure by Dina C. Tate @wnlbooktours @pauletteharper

Welcome to Behind The Scenes

Today's featured author is Dina Tate 

Dina Tate is the President and Founder of GlobalGirlsSquad LLC a publishing and technology company.  Her first book which combines her love of travel and japanese animation is titled “Lizzie and McKenzie’s Fabulous Adventures”.

The Sacred Scroll of False Vanity, which contains dark magic spells, has been stolen. The scroll, along with the Seven Crystals of Sisterhood, can give anyone the power to make all little girls of the world look the same.

McKenzie Rivers is a tomboy with a feisty spirit but can break things with the slightest touch or take a dazzling spiral down a staircase at any given moment. She is a loyal friend and will stand up for what’s right. Lizzie Sanders is a budding fashionista and the voice of reason. She is supportive but has a quiet strength about her. Lizzie & McKenzie are given a class assignment requiring them to do a visual presentation on a country they have learned about in class. The project is for a special event at school aimed at celebrating culture and diversity.

While working on the project in McKenzie’s backyard, a sun shower forms, revealing a rainbow and a princess asking for help. Princess Lovina needs their assistance in finding the Seven Crystals of Sisterhood Seven Crystals of Sisterhood before the Same Glam Goddess finds them. Princess Lovina tells Lizzie and McKenzie about Exquisite City, a place where people appreciate beauty inside and out and where no bullying is allowed. She explains how the Same Glam Goddess from Look-A-Like City stole the scroll and wants to find the crystals to make all the little girls of the world look the same.

The crystals are located in different parts of the world, and Princess Lovina will provide the girls with lockets that will enable them to travel the world to locate the crystals. Along the way, they will meet others who will help them find the crystals and who share the same ideals as the princess.

Lizzie and McKenzie with the help of their guide, find the first crystal.  Unfortunately, McKenzie, feeling overly proud, ends up losing the crystal. The Same Glam Goddess’s hench-girls capture the crystal. Lizzie and McKenzie must now confront them at a predetermined location if they want to get it back. McKenzie feels bad that she lost the crystal and is determined to get it back. Lizzie and their guide Lucia will help her to make things right. They wonder if it’s best to contact Princess Lovina for her help, but they decide that they can face the Mimics and the Same Glam Goddess on their own for now.

Lucia brings Lizzie and McKenzie to the Crystal Palace where they meet the Same Glam Goddess and her hench-girls. Using their diva weaponry, Lizzie and McKenzie are able to injure them and quickly call upon Princess Lovina for help. Princess Lovina, Lizzie, McKenzie, and their guide combine powers and attempt to destroy the evil goddess.  The Same Glam Goddess gets away, but Lizzie and McKenzie are able to retrieve the crystal.

Princess Lovina awards the girls with medals for heroism and makes them all the members of the newly formed Global Girls Squad and allows McKenzie to hold the crystal. The core principles of the Global Girls Squad are unity, inspiration, and strength. Unity means together we can achieve anything. Inspiration means to celebrate being ourselves and be willing to learn about others. Lastly, strength means not giving up. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid, but never let it over power you. The Global Girls Squad, made up of girls like Lizzie and McKenzie and will help them along the way to finding the crystals.  Before leaving their destination, Lucia gives them special gifts to remember her by.

Lizzie and McKenzie arrive safely back home and decide not to tell their parents what has happened. McKenzie expresses her regret for losing the crystal and vows not to be so boastful as they continue to find the rest of the crystals.

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