Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#INTERVIEW #WRITERWEDNESDAY #FOLLOWFRIDAY with Model and Actor ~~Acy Brown ~~ aka... Aaron Blackman~~ #secretplacesrevealed

Welcome to Nothing But Books

Today I'm doing something a little different

we are interviewing Model and Actor Acy Brown.

Acy is the model on the cover of Secret Places Revealed.

I had the pleasure of meeting Acy about a year ago on Facebook. We didn't know each other then, but we had a mutual friend that connected us. Some people meet by chance, others have a divine encounter, I believe our meeting was divine. 

Welcome Acy!!!!!

About Acy Brown

Mr. Brown is a professional performer with more than ten years of experience as a commercial print model, fashion model, and an actor. Born in Chatham, Lousiana, Acy brings a southern, sexy, “everyday” man flair to fashion and multimedia. As a sought after face to canvas print media, commercials and more, Acy is soaring to new heights with an aspiring acting career and the business of product endorsements.

His passion stems from a childhood desire to have a career in the advertisement/entertainment field. Although he danced through life working in "corporate america", Acy knew that career choice was not for him. He realized his love for fashion and acting is where his heart is and went up for the challenge. Acy is amazing when he is in action. He has excelled many milestones since starting his career and enjoys every project he has completed. Acy is a natural talent who is always looking for new ways to bring out the best in his performance and ready for any challenge on and off screen.

In addition to his aspirations of succeeding in the advertisement/entertainment business, Acy's other interests includes researching, mentoring youth and young adults, and working out a few hours a day. His regime of exercise may include weight training and cardio. Furthermore, Acy's leisure entertainment is watching sports, NFL/College football/ NBA College basketball and he also enjoys watching Western movies.

The Interview

How do you feel about being the character, Aaron in Secret Places Revealed?

Honored and flattered that an award winning artist would consider using me as the focal point of her novel and pattern her main character in the book after me!

When you first realized that your picture was on the cover what was your reaction?

My initial reaction was "I can't believe out of all the photos I have taken that photo was actually chosen to be used as the cover!"

Meet Aaron & Simone. This is their story. 

As a model, what is your ultimate dream of doing?

My ultimate dream/goal as a model is to someday be a featured model in GQ Magazine wearing a suit!

Can you tell us what two things identify you with the character Aaron?

I am passionate when it comes to my lady and my work and secondly, I consider myself to be a well groomed/dressed man!

As a model and being in other print magazines, newspapers and brochures, what make this experience different, if any?

Being on the cover of a romance novel is different from the perspective that most romance novels are purchased by women. 
And I have to come off as sexy and alluring to women in order to bring attention to the book and peak the interests of those woman in order for them to want to make Secret Places Revealed part of their library.

Tell us a few things about Acy that people don't know? 

My favorite movies are Westerns and I love to eat bream fish that you can fry whole and eat bones and all. LOL

For Booking, Appearances, Endorsement 
& Audition Opportunities


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"Yet who knows whether you have come to the
kingdom for such a time as this?”
Esther 4:14


Nothing But Books said...

I welcome your comments.

Unknown said...

Great interview. The cover looks wonderful. All the success to you Acy.

Nothing But Books said...

Hey D.C. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Unknown said...

I Am so happy for Acy. I've never met him but I Pray God continue to Bless him with many more opportunities to showcase his great talent. I will be purchasing the book and asking all my Book Club members to do the same. I'm sure it will be a great read and discussion. Thanks for sharing your talent as well.


Thank you Theresa for stopping by and leaving a comment. As the author of the book, Secret Places Revealed I would love to have a discussion with you and your book club.

Enjoy Aaron & Simone's love story

Unknown said...

Acy is very dear to me! He isn't only handsome, but he has a beautiful spirit and very intligent! I am blessed and honored to consider him a friend! This is just the beginning of a beautiful future!

Unknown said...

Acy is very dear to me! He isn't only handsome, but he has a beautiful spirit and very intligent! I am blessed and honored to consider him a friend! This is just the beginning of a beautiful future!

Nothing But Books said...

Hello Beatrice,

Thank you for taking the time to visit Nothing But Books. I've enjoyed working with Acy and doing the interview...

Hope you grab a copy.