Friday, November 25, 2016

Celebrating multicultural and interracial romances #ColorofLovehop #Giveaway

Welcome to the Color Of Love 2016!

I'm excited to be participating my my first 
Color of Love Blog Hop. 

This is an annual event where we talk about
and celebrate romance novels that feature people
of color. 

Here are the prizes you could win!

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3rd prize $30 GC + 7 ebooks
4th prize $15 GC + 7 ebooks
5th prize $10 GC + 7 ebooks
6th prize $5 GC + 7 ebooks

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My Blog Giveaway

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Here's an excerpt from 
Secret Places Revealed

Aaron sat at his desk and stared out the window. He tried hard to concentrate on his work, but his thoughts kept drifting back to Simone. How was she doing? Was she throwing darts at his pictures? Had she already tossed them in the garbage? Probably. He wondered where she was.

He rubbed the back of his neck. His head was still throbbing. Maybe, it was because Devon was coming in shortly. He’d called and announced that he was dropping by to pick up Simone’s personal things. Her brother was a few inches taller than Aaron and about fifteen pounds heavier, and he appeared to be all muscle.

 Aaron could only imagine how angry he must be at him for hurting his sister. He thought about calling security, but that would probably irritate Devon even more.

He prayed her brother would get her belongings and quietly leave, but he really didn’t believe that was going to happen. He had so much nervous energy.

Many times, he’d picked up his cell phone and looked at her number. He’d been tempted to call to hear her soft voice, but he could never go through with it. He wondered if she even thought about him. Probably not, after what he’d done. As much as he hated to admit when Shaun was right, he couldn’t deny the fact that his actions had opened the door for Lamont to step back into her life. Jealousy surged inside him as he pictured Lamont touching her. Aaron nearly gagged.

He hoisted himself up from his desk and decided to go into her office. He hadn’t been in there since she left. There was no reason to. She was gone because of him. Holly had offered to pack up Simone’s stuff and send it to her, but he told her no. It wasn’t like he thought she was going to return. For some reason, he wasn’t ready to remove her personal items. 

As he crossed the threshold of her office, he realized that her sweet fragrance still lingered. His breath caught. It was the perfume he’d bought her—one of her favorites had soon become one of his. The air was clean and fresh, a mixture of jasmine, rose, and gillyflower. Her face popped in his head. She was the woman who had changed his life, who had gotten him to do what no other had.

He leaned his shoulder against the doorjamb and took it all in. 

Aaron canvassed the room. Nothing had been disturbed. Seeing her office released a floodgate of memories he’d have preferred to forget—memories that would stay bottled up in his heart.
Sensing the presence of someone behind him, Aaron spun around and met Devon’s cold, unwavering stare. They continued to gaze at one another until Aaron broke the silence.

“Hey, Devon. How are you?” Aaron was going to offer a handshake, but reconsidered when he saw the anger in Devon’s eyes. A knot formed in Aaron’s stomach. He wished he had called security for backup … just in case.
“I’m good. I came to get Simone’s stuff. I’m going to need a box.”
“Yeah, sure. I’ll bring you one.” Aaron stepped aside and allowed Devon to enter her office. He went to the copy room to retrieve a box. When he returned, Devon was standing near Simone’s desk.

“Here you go.” Aaron handed him the box. He wanted so desperately to ask about Simone. He had to continue resisting the urge. “Let me know if you need anything. I’ll go back to my office.”

Devon peered at him. “Okay, but I’m sure I won’t. Thanks anyway.” He turned his back on Aaron, took out his list, and proceeded to check off everything as he put it in the box.
Hesitantly, Aaron sauntered back into his office to try to get his mind off the fact that Simone’s brother, who now hated him, had the answers to his most probing question. He glanced at the time and cringed. Devon would only be in the office a few more minutes.

“Enough of this,” he said out loud.
The anticipation of not knowing how she was doing was killing Aaron. He didn’t care if Devon tackled him, punched him, or put him in a chokehold, he was going to ask. He hurried back into her office and stood in the doorway, watching Devon pack away her belongings. “How is she? How is Simone?”
A long silence filled the air. Aaron walked in and shut the door. 

Devon turned around slowly and looked at him with a penetrating gaze. “Why do you want to know? If memory serves me correctly, you’re the person that hurt her. Right?”
Aaron swallowed hard to get the lump out of his throat. The look Devon gave Aaron made him regret drawing his attention.

 Devon was correct. He was the reason for her pain. He was the reason Devon was standing in her office packing her personal belongings. But that didn’t mean he’d stop caring about her.
“Yeah, I hurt her and―”

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Nana Prah said...

Sounds like Aaron did something really bad. Thanks for participating in the Color of Love Blog Hop.

Nothing But Books said...

Hey Nana,

Thanks for stopping by.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if my first comment posted. I am new to your work so it would be cool to receive a copy. Thanks for participating.

Kiru Taye said...

Uh oh. Looks like he finally got the punch in the face. Great excerpt, Paulette and I'm intrigued about the story.

Thanks for being a part of the event.

Nothing But Books said...

Hey Cheryl,

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the read.