Tuesday, November 15, 2016

#TUESDAYTEASER #INDIE Secret Places Revealed ~~~ #CHRISTIAN #FICTION #ROMANCE @pauletteharper

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 I'm posting a little teaser from Secret Places Revealed.

Simone was extremely busy over the next two weeks. She kept a running list of things to do. At times, she felt overwhelmed, but realized more than ever moving home was the best decision. While she was in California, Kendra had gotten boxes for her and placed them in her apartment. Her next task was to pack and ship her belongings. Since she was going to keep her apartment, her packing was going to be selective—the Black art and her rare pieces would definitely be shipped to California.
She surveyed her apartment and walked over to her bookcase, where her pictures of Joshua were. She lifted the heart-shaped frame and traced her finger across the picture. No doubt she missed him. He would forever be sketched in her memory, but the woman she had become because of her pain, wasn’t the woman she wanted to remain. She remembered the person she used to be—cheerful and enthusiastic. She was ready. Life was awaiting her return.
Simone closed her eyes and inhaled. She drew a sharp breath and shook her head to clear her thoughts. She had expected to see Joshua’s face in her mind, picture herself in his arms. The way they used to be.
To her surprise, it wasn’t Joshua’s face at all that she saw when she closed her eyes. Aaron Blackman’s milk chocolate skin, seductive brown eyes, and intoxicating cologne were indelibly etched upon her mind.

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