Friday, December 16, 2016

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W Parks Brigham

W Parks Brigham lives in Houston, Texas and has two adult daughters. She’s spent her adult life teaching small children and loved every minute of it. She is now a retired (Halleluiah) teacher of thirty plus years and loves every minute of that for sure. Her main interest and hobbies includes active participation in her church, listening to her own radio station designed especially for her, playing spider solitaire, working bent and wiggly word search and Sudoku puzzles. She is an avid reader of every genre of AA Romance which has prompted her to write and self-publish her own with plus size women as the heroine.

            Therefore, it’s her honor and pleasure to invite you into her world of love and romance.  She has penned twelve of the sweetest tales with plus size women as the heroine, touching your every emotion. Her heroines are beautiful, educated, and sophisticated with high self-esteem. They are not looking for a man to validate their worth…just love them for who they are.  Drama, the element of surprise with lots of twists and turns, romance, love, and semi-steamy intimacy are featured in each story. She considers her AA Romance stories in a class all by themselves, Contemporary Christian Romance since she includes intimacy. Remember she was first to tag her stories in what she’s sure will be a new category in the near future.

Delana Crawford was livid with her twin brother’s news. She couldn’t believe after thirty plus years as a widower, he was in love and planned to get married. At fifty-eight years old, please!  There was nothing wrong with having a friend and companionship, but marriage?  She just didn’t understand. Why, after all this time?

Yes, that was how she felt until the wedding and she bumped into a gorgeous, sexy gentleman by the name of Charles Johnson.   Fine syrupy brown, six-feet plus, mingled gray, HUNK with a firm handshake and a smooth baritone voice.
After meeting the savvy handsome Charles Johnson, sister girl is now singing a different song.

But why is she being so hard-nosed and difficult at fifty-eight years old?  Somebody please tell me?


A novella from The Golden Years Series Book #1


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