Thursday, January 5, 2017


Welcome to Behind The Scenes

Today's featured author is Paulette Jones

The me I am is the me I was born to be.

It's my thing it's also how I live if I wasn't born to be this person then I wouldn't be here. It's that simple and it makes life so much more fun to live. It even drives my writing and the things I actually develop and released.

My specs are simple really, graduated high school, got my degree, found a job and started figuring out life. The realization that thirty-five was knocking on my door led me to sit down with my laptop and get out all the thoughts running through my head. For years like many others I'm sure I found every reason not to write and now I can't seem to find a reason to stop. I'm a positive mind even when life isn't headed down a positive road anyone that knows me would agree with that. I genuinely love escaping into the world of words. 

Where Your Heart Belongs is my first series. I sat with me the longest and I had so much fun developing and presenting the different novels. Now my "Ladies" are flowing through my mind so I am slowly presenting them to the world.

About The Book 

Roots Before Branches (Where Your Heart Belongs Series Book 3) (CAN be read as a stand alone)

Ashley Case opens the 3rd chapter of the "Where Your Heart Belongs" Series

Ashley's life leading up to this point had been spent leaning on her close knit family and living in her brother's shadow. Despite many people's predictions, Ashley has created a life to call her own. A life exceeding what many expected for the little sister of "Superstar" athlete, Brandon Case.

As Ashley heads into what should be the happiest day of her life, she is a bundle of mixed emotion. Events that had been slowly unfolding in her life have now started to tumble over with reckless abandon. The realization of having to stand on her own has hit her and all of these missing pieces start to cause Ashley to question her choices. She begins to wonder exactly where her heart belongs.

Always secretly hoping to find answers to the questions plaguing her for a seeming eternity, Ashley feels her way through heartaches and tragedies. Join her as she discovers how her roots are the foundation for truly spreading her branches.


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