Thursday, March 9, 2017

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Sabrina E L B Scales

Butterflies in a Mason Jar


Hi, I'm Sydney, respectfully known as 'The Curly Headed Cupid' thanks to my inherited ability to connect drifting souls to their soulmates. It seemed like a far reach at first, but with the love and support of my family and very best friend, and the bleeding hearts of quite a few strangers, I've built an empire guiding people to the one thing they can't live without–love. Granted, it's an amazing gift to possess, it's ten times harder than it looks on the surface, and one hundred times as challenging when it comes to finding my own forever love.

Given the basis of my profession, it would appear to be as simple as matching the guy who loves sports with the girl who played ball in college. But contrary to popular belief, there is more to finding your soulmate than having extra-curricular activities and favorite music genres in common. There's a magical element involved when finding your match, one that can't be checked off on a list or discovered through mere appearances. There's a feeling, one comparable to static electricity, that must be present in order to validate the connection. And if it's not there, there's nothing either of you can do to create it. But if it is there, even in the presence of the person you least desire to share it with, there's nothing you can do to make it go away.

Most people settle for something close to that magic, but in the end, at the very center of your soul, it will never be enough. I've experienced that "something close", and I've also experienced the "magic". And there was something about the "magic" that overrode every rule I'd ever set in place… with Dashmarion.

Wassup? I'm Dash, known by many as the arrogant TV lawyer who despises love in every form. And I'd agree with most of that. It's basically my job as a divorce attorney to be the devil's advocate while couples sever a promise they made to God and whoever else stood witness, to stay together forever no matter what. But that's not realistic. Sometimes things get rough–irreconcilable if you wanna use legal jargon. And when it does, I'm there to neatly arrange the division.

For a long time, after watching the ending of so many unions, I was convinced that romantic relationships were nothing more than the beginning of the end, and it wasn't until someone called me on my sinister demeanor that I looked in the mirror and realized who I'd become. Spite was my initial reaction to being shunned all over social media by a woman who flaunted love around like a trophy, and used me as an example of what love was not. But quickly, and through an experience that could only be described as magical, I came to realize that I might have been going about this "love" thing all wrong. Stranger things have happened, but never to me… until Sydney.

About The Author

Sabrina E L B Scales is a vibrant author of real, humorous, heartfelt love stories. Born into what most would consider a less than desirable environment, this small town girl from southeast Texas was gifted with a unique outlook on love and life in general. It wasn't always peaches and cream growing up between the BRICKS that she called home. Being the 7th of seven children, the closest in age being almost ten years her senior, Sabrina was often left with lots of time to herself, improvising scripts for her Barbie Dolls to play out in the tiny theater that was her bedroom. With time, and the self-prescribed treatment of a debilitating disease known as procrastination, the vivid imagination she used to escape boredom and the struggle, was finally transformed into actual characters in the pages of her books, who will blossom and grow right before your reading eyes!


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