Thursday, July 13, 2017

#BEHINDTHESCENES #FRIDAYFINDS Love is not Black or White by Mary Rodwell #NEWBOOKALERT @wnlbooktours

Welcome to Behind The Scenes

Today's featured Author is Mary Rodwell

Her latest release:  Love Is Not Black or White

Mary Rodwell is no stranger to transformation in life. She believes every day is a new chapter worth writing and sharing with others to move past their pain into purpose. 

Today, Mary has fourth published books focusing on inspiration, self help and faith.

In life we’re taught on many levels as a child, student, worker and adult. But on each level we should have a more precise understanding about life and what to expect from it. The hidden truth of living life starts and ends with love. Although it's easy to spell, "LOVE" is not easy to digest when stipulations and circumstances exist. If you're not sure of what love is and how to demonstrate it when unjust, violence and selfishness are rapid; this book is for you. Providing real solutions to everyday problems we all face at home, work or in society.

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