Friday, September 29, 2017

#BEHINDTHESCENES The Bed Defiled by Sylvia M Dallas #FRIDAYFINDS #INDIE #AUTHOR #NONFICTION @wnlbooktours #wnlbooktours

Welcome to Behind The Scenes

Today's featured author is 

Sylvia M Dallas 

I was born on June 9, 1965 in the parish of Kingston.  I am the second child of Alice Walker and William St John Straw. I was saved from the age of ten years old after hearing the Gospel preached on the bus.  I reasoned that only Jesus could help me to survive the things I was going through.   I walked wide over the divide of the Lord and the world for thirty-six years until 2007.  The Holy Spirit arrested me and asked me, “Sylvia, when you walk over a crack what happens?” I responded, “well, I guess you will be divided.” He asked, “What happens when the crack gets wider?”  I replied, “well you have to pick a side.”  He said, “Pick a side now.”  I did and have not looked back since.
I am a Poet, Photographer, Author, Publisher and Teacher of the Word intent on fulfilling my divine purpose. Moving from the role of sensuous poet to new works in Christ, I am determined that all my works must glorify God.  I write easy to understand books and blogs that explain the Scriptures, and have published three books through my publishing house – The Publisher’s Notebook Ltd – which focuses on the Christian genre. A passionate teacher of the Word, my focus (though not exclusively so) is usually based on faith, giving, relationship with and intimacy with God. I also research the Word and present a feature called Know The Facts at my local assembly.  I am sometimes sent out from my local assembly to minister at other churches and am currently working on my new series of books called Undying Love.

 Is the bed clean just because you have spread a new sheet on top of the dirty one? Is the house clean if it is not swept, but you have put up new drapes? Many couples live together in relative harmony before getting married, but as soon as they are married, all hell seems to break loose. Why is this so? Sylvia examines this phenomenon based on the Word of God. The simplicity of the answer may surprise you.

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