Saturday, December 16, 2017


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Indiana Tuggle

What’s holding you back from making your dreams a reality? Is it your past, limited education, family obligations, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, fear, time, money, or lack of support from others? Or perhaps you started but then the storm came, accusation aroused, friends and loved ones turned their backs and your life slowly spiraled out of control! Regardless of your current state, it’s difficult to remember that you were created for greatness, that there is a miraculous calling on your life, that all things will work together for your good or that the storm won’t last always. Indiana knows what you are going through, and has provided just the dose of inspiration to get you moving.  

Awaken the Dream, filled with 90-days of encouragement, serves as a reminder of God’s everlasting love for you and His plan for greatness for your life. With daily prayers and ‘Reflections and Reaction’ exercises, each devotional is intended to motivate you to continue to stand on the promises of God while helping you to examine yourself and live a life holy and presentable unto Him representing Christ in all your endeavors.

The beauty of "Awaken the Dream" is that it is numbered rather than dated, therefore you can mark your favorite devotional and pick it up whenever you need a dose of encouragement or kick in the butt to stay the course

About The Author

Raised in the poverty-stricken, crime infested projects of Memphis, Tennessee. Indiana turned the tragedies of molestation, bullying, domestic violence, and low self-esteem into triumph. The first in her family to graduate high school and attend college, she went on to obtain multiple degrees in Social Work (BSW), Public Administration (MPA), and Professional Counseling (MPC). Her personal testimony serves as motivation and feeds her passion for helping others not only survive but become more than conquerors.  

Frustrated with being single, constantly questioning her own singleness, and fear of failure in pursuing her dreams, her pursuit of happiness and a closer relationship with God led to her becoming an author of 3 books “Stop Asking Why Are You Single,” “Saved, Single and Frustrated” and the newly released “Awaken The Dream.” Rather than focusing on a man or obtaining a man, her books inspire singles to enjoy where they are with God,  details her personal struggles with her past, and invites the reader on a journey of healing and deliverance from un-forgiveness, rejection, abandonment, fear, and low self-esteem into a discovery of identity, purpose in Christ and the fulfilment of dreams.

Her books also serve as inspiration for I Am Woman. I Am Woman is a grass roots women’s empowerment group Indiana is creating to encourage and empower women to live a life of purpose and utilize their God-given talents in their community. Through her Awaken the Dream Coaching program and Write 2 Heal Telecourse Indiana hopes to teach women how to heal from the past and walk in freedom with Christ. With her testimony as the foundation, Indiana speaks on topics of Breaking soul-ties, Identifying Unhealthy Relationships, 
Overcoming Abuse & the Healing Process, and What to do while you wait (Singles). Indiana also believes all gifts from God, including a spouse, comes with an appointed time. If we sit around and ponder over what we don’t have, we miss the beauty and the blessings of what we do have. Life is a journey, if we never get started we will miss out on its rewards. We can choose to participate or be bystanders, either way, life moves on.

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Unknown said...

I'm so honored to be featured this week. This devotional is for the Purpose-driven woman of God who has gotten weary in well doing. Don't give up, God has not forgotten you. His word will not return to Him void.