Thursday, January 18, 2018


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Kyndra Marie Snoddy

About The Book: NEVIAH FREEMAN is a young and free-spirited woman whose small town life is turned upside down when she starts having mysterious dreams and hearing disembodied voices.
Neviah finds answers at the popular church of RICHARD BERTRAND and things fall into a dark, but enlightening perspective.
When Neviah's and Richard's paths collide, allowing Neviah to find out about a secret that he has been hiding from his wife KATE and congregation, Richard becomes paranoid about being exposed and does everything in his power to silence Neviah.

Genre: Christian/Fiction

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About The Author:  Kyndra Marie Snoddy, a prolific writer, prayer warrior, youth ministry volunteer, and blogger was born in Southern California to Michael L. Snoddy Sr., Bishop of Logos International Ministries in Rockford, IL., and former wife Cheryl Houston, Radiologist Technician of Houston, TX.  Kyndra was a precocious young lady growing up. Raised in south Houston, she held an affinity for writing and a desire to utilize her linguistic intelligence for a higher purpose.  
She was surrounded and supported by extended family, including her wise-cracking, deeply religious, stringent grandmother, Bessie Lee Semien, for whom she attributes as providing structure, direction, and guidance to her life. Although her mother was the quintessential nurturer and provider, it was her grandmother who was the no-nonsense, straight-shooting, matriarchal enforcer who would develop Kyndra's discipline, faith, and work ethic.  Kyndra graduated from Thurgood Marshall High School, located in Missouri City, TX, and was educated at Texas Southern University and Houston Community College majoring in Communications.  

A member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Kyndra received many accolades for her writing. Being a part of the newspaper team with Crispus Attucks Middle School, Evan E. Worthing High School, and Texas Southern University, Kyndra was encouraged by teachers and professors to write beyond the confinement of a school.

Claiming to be far from perfect, Kyndra was called tothe ministry in 2009 particularly focusing on the youth of the city. Kyndra believes that this generation of young people can and will be on fire for Christ if and when more believers are transparent, patient, and handle them with more love.  With many projects in works, Kyndra is poised to be the newest force to be reckoned with in the genre of Christian/Fiction.

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Unknown said...

Thanks very much Pastor Harper! Neviah is a story about imperfect people who discover that no matter what they've been through, what they've done, what the norms of society are, God can and will love them back to wholeness. Although the "Christian cuss word" is thrown around in this book, it's to drive home the point that NO SIN is greater than the other. Doesn't matter how bad it is, we serve a God who specializes in redemption. It's a story about the power of forgiveness, love, family, and most importantly recognizing the gifts and callings that God has bestowed upon each and everyone of us. This life has more meaning than just living and dying. There is a purpose for everybody, and if it hasn't been realized yet, a day is coming when everything will come together and you'll know EXACTLY what you were created to do.