Friday, January 12, 2018

#BEHINDTHESCENES #NEWBOOKALERT How Being Broken Saved Me by Angelia Vernon Menchan #NONFICTION #FRIDAYFOLLOW @wnlbooktours

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Angelia Vernon Menchan


We all have stories to tell and mine are manifold. We all have histories and mine will be told.

I was born to a thirty-year-old single mother for a man who wasn’t interested in being my father. How did that shape me?

There were times when we were broke and the lights were off and mama cooked the noodles on a heater, how did that shape me?

I saw my mom hit by her man until her face was disfigured and he hit me when I tried to help her -and still she stayed. How did that shape me?

I was touched inappropriately as a child under the age of seven by a man my family loved and who was my godfather. How did that shape me?

Well, I am going to tell you and let you decide for yourselves…
This is my story and others are only mentioned to show how being broken saved me. I hear many stories of people who are unable to get past being black, poor, and fatherless, molested, maligned, ignored or abused. I experienced all of these things and I stand whole and able to share. It wasn’t easy and there were times when I was as bitter as quinine, but I triumphed.

This is something I wavered back and forth about doing for many years; however, in my desire to protect people, I didn’t. For whatever reason or reasons, I am past that and am no longer ashamed of whence I came or how I overcame.

My intent is not to judge or malign but to tell my truth as it happened, and in doing so, I pray that God’s will is done.

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