Friday, February 16, 2018


Author Letrise believes states “what is done in the dark will purge with vengeance and jealous to the light.

Meet Devin. He’s handsome, successful and has a beautiful wife, who is equally accomplished. Devin’s lifestyle is one any man would dream of but he’s not content. He has an appetite for women that his wife alone cannot curb. But soon, his playboy antics has him buried deep in a blackmail scandal and the only person who can fix it, is the one person who can destroy his life. Taylor couldn’t ask for anything more. She has a wonderful life. From the outside, all seems perfect but Taylor is harboring a secret that could end her marriage… and his name is Kelly.

Letrise has always loved writing from middle school through adulthood. Writing was always her passion and a way for her to escape into her imagination. Her creative thinking makes her storytelling seem real. Letrise graduated from Lakeland College with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and then completed her Master's degree in Accounting and Financial Management. Becoming a mother shifted her dreams of writing and broadcasting to being deferred dreams. Having worked in corporate America, it would be the "empty nest” feeling that she would rediscover her gifts, passion, and love for storytelling by launching her first Blog titled Sistah's Place2 and then Sistah's Place Entertainment where she would grow that platform showcasing indie artists in film, theater, literary, and television. Blogging helped ignite her passion for writing and storytelling, but most important her gifts to inspire, entertain, encourage, and have an impact on others through her writing.  She is currently writing the next book in the series, growing her business, and an aspiring screen writer. Letrise resides in suburbs outside of Chicago, IL with her beautiful daughter Simone.


Letrise said...

Thank you for this wonderful feature Paulette.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Letrise!!

David Carter said...

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