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Todays featured author is

Becca Hart

Two years after a violent break-in left Elizabeth Seymour widowed and with blood on her hands, she’s finally starting over in the little town of Avalon, Ohio, with her daughter, Haley. She has the house of her dreams, a good church, and friends she can rely on. Everything seems to be falling into place—until she receives a threatening note from Veronica Sadowsky, the sister of the man Elizabeth shot, the same woman who tried to ruin her life once before. This time, though, Veronica won’t stop until she gets revenge.

When Elizabeth's home goes up in flames, she turns to family friend, Doctor Gilbert Callahan, a widowed father of three. He invites her and Haley to stay with his family. As Veronica draws Elizabeth into a game of increasing stakes, she and Gilbert only grow closer, learning to trust and rely on one another. But Elizabeth’s presence in Gilbert’s home endangers his family and creates tension with his oldest son. Preserving peace in the house is hard enough, but when Veronica comes after Haley, Elizabeth will risk everything—including her life—to get her child back.

Why do you write?

I love it; I can't not write. I began writing seriously at fifteen when I felt God's calling on my life to become an author. He guides this endeavor as much as He guides every endeavor I embark on, and I write to bring Him glory. 

Are Elizabeth and Gilbert based on anyone in real life?

Yes. Elizabeth is a combination of me and my mom with a sense of humor more like one of my best friends, Jenelle. Gilbert is drawn mainly from my husband with a little of my dad thrown in.

What was the inspiration behind the book (why did you write it)?

The novel that inspired it was Sophie's Heart, a Christian romance by Lori Wick. Though that novel isn't suspense, it does tell a moving story of a woman and man trying to put their lives back on track with God's help and falling in love in the midst of trial, and that's essentially what my novel is about with some suspense. Against All Odds kind of demanded to be written; I worked on it for a solid ten years, trying to get it right, before I ever submitted it to Anaiah Press. I love the characters, and I genuinely wanted to tell their story. 

Who (or what) is your greatest encourager when you write?
Mainly, my husband. My daughter encourages me quite a bit too, tells me she's proud of me.

What genre is your book? 

Christian romantic suspense

Any tips for upcoming authors?

Persevere, read a lot, study the craft, and when you submit (your best draft) to a publisher or agent, follow their guidelines to the letter and make it as professional as humanly possible. And do it because you love it--there's not a lot of money in art of any kind, unfortunately, so go ahead and dream big but don't expect to make a living out of it.

How can readers connect with you?

Several ways. My website/blog is at, my email is, on Twitter @BeccaHart16, and on Facebook at

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