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Title: Two Steps Past the Altar

Genre: Genre: Inspirational Romance/Fiction
ISBN: 978-1732130913

          Meet Patricia 

Reading and daily journal entries were the catalyst to Patricia’s first novel, Reflections of a Quiet Storm, published by an independent publisher in 2009. An avid reader, her previous published work includes two books, multiple short stories, monthly health care columns for an online magazine, and several health care articles for a local newspaper. She also enjoys reading Women’s Fiction and Romance novels, which occupy many seats on her bookshelves.

Patricia is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, she holds Adjunct Nursing Faculty positions at two universities. She is a member of the National Black Nurses Association/Council of Black Nurses – L.A., Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Black Nurses Rock, California Association of Nurse Practitioners, and International Black Writers & Artists.

Patricia’s church home is Greater Zion Church Family in Compton, CA. She considers music, reading, and prayer as the keys to relaxation and creativity, and she loves spending time with her family.

Patricia’s short story appears in the Brown Girls Books Anthology Single Mama Dating Drama, an AALBC two-time best-selling book. Two Steps Past the Altar is her third and latest novel. She is currently working on her fourth novel.

                                                About The Book

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Sasha Edmonds, is a motivated high-flyer with a stellar track record. Being the top sales representative and having a fiancé who loves her is more than she could ever imagine. Her life spins in another direction when she discovers that her mom requires a life-saving medication and her fiancé, Damien, may be cheating. Devastated, she breaks off their engagement. 

Amid healing, she becomes captivated by Wesley, a wealthy pharmaceutical businessman who may hold the cure for her mom, career, and wounded heart. Romance transforms into a love triangle, surfeit of lies, blackmail, and deception. A story of love, trust, restoration, and forgiveness.

Where did you get the inspiration to write Two Steps Past the Altar?

 Honestly, the idea for my novel came to mind while I was working on another one. My ideas are normally inspired from real life situations, mostly from what I’ve heard or seen in the world. Other ideas pop into my head, and I start jotting down notes. I write a few chapters and come back to them periodically until I am ready to work on the project.

What sets Two Steps Past the Altar apart from other books in the same genre?

 I think the book is an interesting story that will appeal to many readers. The novel is an edgy Inspirational Romance book that exposes real-life imperfections. Sasha Edmonds is the main character, and readers will get to know her strengths and weaknesses as she struggles to deal with her mother’s illness, career, love life, and the relationship with her father.

As an author, how do you get your work out to the public?

 Work, and more work. I promote on social media and I use multiple forms of  promotional resources. I also attend conferences and literary conferences where I can meet other authors and readers. I think it is important to connect and network. I try to do book signings when the opportunities are available, and I have a blog that has been useful in promoting my books, website, and where my books are sold. I also promote other guest authors on my blog site.

How much planning goes into writing a book? How long does it take to
complete your books?

 Planning for me starts with writing a synopsis of the novel. From there I develop character sketches, plus I find photographs of them online. I search for the perfect photos that match my characters’ personalities and appearances, then I add them to a file and save until I start writing. I must know names and information about the main characters at the beginning of the book. 

In the past, my full novels were completed within five to six months. Short stories within approximately two to three weeks. Several years ago, I participated in the NaNoWrimo writing contest that required writers to complete a book within 30 days. The contest takes place every year in November. I wrote the first draft of Two Steps Past the Altarin 30 days, and I was so excited after I finished. The positive side – I completed the book with a little over 50,000 words in thirty days, and this process helped me focus on strictly writing. The negative side – Afterward, I had an extraordinary amount of revisions and rewriting to do because I could not edit during the contest. But, this was a great experience and I have no regrets. However, I will stick to the 5-6 month timeframe.

What advice would you give aspiring writers that would help them finish a

 Write every day, even if you do not meet your word quota. I stopped using
word quotas. I write whatever I write, whether it’s one thousand words, two thousand,
or five hundred. Research what you do not know, and be sure to hire a professional
editor to read your book. Developmental editors are very useful, and a copyeditor
after you complete your book is, too. I use editors that are referred to me by other

What’s next for Patricia A. Bridewell

 I am working on my next book, and my goal is to write books more frequently. I have a deep passion for helping other people and lifting spirits. I believe writers are so powerful. I thank God for the gift of penning genuine stories that readers can relate to.
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