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Tyria D. Jones 

Broken Chains (Anthology) 

Life’s obstacles can seem overwhelming. When you are struggling to deal with issues such as health problems, the death of loved ones, prejudice, domestic violence, depression, and more, it can be all too easy to give up and allow yourself to be chained by your circumstances. But you can break your chains and overcome your obstacles.

In Broken Chains, author Ruby Mabry and seven others relate the stories of how they were empowered to overcome their personal trials. These women have dealt with hardship and yet continue to persevere. While some of them relate problems they have overcome in the past and others tell about present problems that are ongoing and will extend into the future, all of them have refused to be defeated by their challenges. Instead, they have chosen to break the chains of adversity and live with purpose.
Introducing Tyria

Tyria D. Jones is a Houston-based motivational author and speaker, who has covered abusive relationships, self-esteem and living the abundant life. The Florida native, Tyria has dedicated her life and personal story to fulfill God’s purpose of helping women to heal, live a joyous life and love themselves. Tyria captured the attention of women across the country who related to the same experiences. As a teen, she found herself in an abusive relationship which was the beginning of many obstacles she faced.  
 Tyria D. Jones, was born in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida. As a child, she fell in love with reading and writing stories. She grew up journaling her experiences at a tender age. After serving in the military and exploring several career paths, the calling to write was pressed upon her heart. The idea to begin her writing career using her own personal experiences was impressed upon her after the constant encouragement of her husband. After reflecting on the goodness of God in her own life the desire to encourage, support and motivate other women in the same struggles was born. She began writing and speaking about abuse in relationships and it was then that her ministry for women was established.
Tyria is the author of A Crown of Beauty for Ashesand has recently finished a collaborative project, Broken Chains anthology. She is also involved in other projects that will be launched soon as well as working on her second memoir.  

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