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Katrina Shaw

I first want to thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do this interview. Speaking of your busy schedule you are one of the authors in the best-selling book Women Who Soar, tell us a about yourself?

I was born and raised in Long Island, New York. A graduate of Morgan State University.  My current profession is broadcasting and media of over 20 years. I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. I am an Entrepreneur of a health and wellness company called Le-vel with a product called Thrive. My passion is to impact and change lives to help others live a life they deserve. I am a 5-year breast cancer survivor. I am an author of 2 books. Woman Who Soar and another book collaboration called Unstoppable Warrior Woman that is not yet published. I have a blog on Facebook called MANE, which stand for Mammograms Are Not Enough. This page was created to support and enlighten women on the importance of a diagnostic mammogram /3D screening and also desires to give support to those who are survivors, going through the process of a diagnosis or have a loved one affected by the disease.  I am very involved in my church and community. I enjoy, reading writing traveling and instructing Zumba.  I currently live in Baltimore Maryland with my husband Warren Shaw. 

What’s the title of your chapter?
Unshakable Faith.

Tell us about your chapter?

In this book I share how I have overcome difficult challenges while being a survivor to thriving not only in health but through my life journey and purpose by using my gifted talent to be a blessing and inspiration to others.
What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading your chapter?
I hope readers learn that no matter how hard life challenges are, we must continue to trust God in all circumstances and keep the faith. God Always has the final say. We have to speak things into existence and let God direct our paths.
What inspired you to participate in this anthology? 
I was inspired to participate in this anthology because I am a Women Who Soars. I know that sharing my story will inspire others. I share my story because I know there is someone I can help and encourage. God enables me to stand for him and by doing so I share my testimony to glorify him.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is to launch my non- profit business MANE to help with funding for women who don’t have insurance or insurance that will not cover expenses for extra screenings and all other medical expenses related to the disease. I want to get certified as a life and health coach and be a motivational speaker and advocate. My mission is to empower women all over the world. Be successful in my health and wellness business. Financial freedom for me and my family.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this chapter?

The most difficult aspect of writing my chapter was reliving the memories when I wrote about my Mother in the book. That was a very hard time for me.

Why do you write? 

I write to express my feelings and share how God is able to touch so many lives. I love writing about my truth and being authentic. Writing gives me relief a sense of letting go and letting God. I use to write more when I was younger and I use to write poems as well. I just started writing again fairly recently.

In three words describe your chapter?

Unshakable Faith Life.

How can people connect with you? 

People can visit my website:

Women Who Soaris a book collaboration project of women who stepped out on faith, launched their own businesses and released their dreams and purposes into the world. 

These powerful women have dispelled lies, overcome difficult challenges, refused to take no for an answer and are now soaring and creating the life they deserve. 

Their stories are moving, revealing, encouraging and empowering. They have resolved to use their testimony to pave the way for other women to soar into their destiny.

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