Thursday, June 27, 2019


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Today's featured author is

Gena Ervin 

Gena Ervin is a YA Fantasy author and amateur photographer living in New Mexico who has earned a B.S. in Communications from Eastern New Mexico University. She has worked in the broadcast news field for four years but prefers being an author since she can talk to her imaginary friends and people don’t question it. A reflection of herself, her characters are timid at first but tend to stand up and push through when times get tough. They are dedicated to a goal and always fight for what’s right, not what’s easy. 

Genre: Young Adult

Title: A Warriors Path: Rise of a Legend

All Hadrien wanted was to grow up in a happy home life, but what he got was abuse and fear. When he runs away from home, he’s discovered and taken in by Arnolis, a powerful warrior with magic of his own. Hadrien can feel the magic all around him, a power that can destroy them all, and he’s losing control.
Darkness looms over the land of Niifinder, a darkness that’s been on the rise for years. It’s a world where magic is both desired and feared, a world where magical creatures are hunted for their abilities. There are some who are willing to kill for such magic, a power like the one Hadrien possesses.
A captivating coming of age story of a boy and his incredibly large dog will take readers on an amazing journey as his story unfolds in fun and sometimes terrifying ways. 

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