Sunday, September 5, 2010

Author, Visionary, Talk Show Host John Wills

John T. Wills, the publisher of the “The John T. Wills Chronicles”, is an effective communicator, Public Speaker, Educator, and Businessman. I have earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors of Art in Business Administration as well. I have been a professor at Sojourner-Douglass College (HBC), Past Board Member of the Bowie State University Foundation, President of JT Wills Consulting, LLC, Past Vice President of the MD/DC Minority Supplier Development Council, one of the hosts of the Black Empowered Men Radio Show, producer of The Literary Book Tree Radio Show, author of “Just a Season”, a Journalist by way the Washington Examiner and as a blogging, supporter of several community organizations, a volunteer and friend to many.

Just a Season is a luminous story into the life of a man who, in the midst of pain and loss, journeys back in time to reexamine all the important people, circumstances, and intellectual fervor that contributed to the richness of his life. This fictional narrative begins with a grief-stricken father visiting the grave site of his beloved son who was killed in a tragic accident; a moment that he and no other loving parent should ever have to face. As he sadly gazes at his son’s headstone and reads what is inscribed there, the dates 1981 – 2001 bring about an illuminating discovery.

Praise for Just a Season . . .

“. . . Thank you for your example of tenderness and discipline in what I know is a story of love, delicately shared with readers in a way that says, this life, though brief, is significant. So hold it in highest regard for “the dash” is our legacy to love ones, indeed to the world, which we are blessed to share, albeit, for Just a Season.” Excellent! –Sistah Joy, Poet, Cable TV Host

“This is the stuff movies are made of… not since Roots have I read anything that so succinctly chronicles an African American story.” One Word phenomenal!!! Cheryl Vauls, Library Services

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