Friday, September 16, 2011


Often when we are faced with a dilemma, we think "Why is God doing this to me?"" instead of wondering "What is God trying to say and teach me through it?" When we accepted Jesus as our Savior, we became a child of God and we feel we should have a easy life, no disruptions, everything going just fine, Well that"s not the way it is. Life is not a easy road and there is no easy way out of things. Throughout the Bible, we find mighty men of God petitioning God to be delivered from a hardship. As we face hardships in our life, many turn to behaviors that are self destructive... extra-marital affairs, drugs and alcohol, and many other pleasures of life. But when we reach the bottom, God is always there reaching out his hand to pull you back to him. As His child, God, at times, will place a "thorn" in your life. Maybe to keep you humble, or to make you aware of how you must rely and trust him or to discipline you for your self- destructive ways which will remain with you from then on.

"Completely Whole" is a self help book, but, in my opinion, more of a guide to help you along the way in your walk with God. In the thirteen short chapters one will find; how to be made whole, what is best for you, how not to look back on you past and other understanding meditations to help fulfill your life in Christ. With a powerful prayer after each chapter I feel the reader will get much satisfaction out of reading Ms. Harper's book "Completely Whole". Even though written for women, I feel a man will learn just as much from this book and his walk with God. Recommended for everyone.

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