Tuesday, September 20, 2011


By Wanda J. Burnside

There are some things and faces in my life that should not be. I cannot allow them to take over me. For my good, they are not.

They have evil plans and secret plots. They will not rule over me!

For when I was born, I was born free!

Their words are poisonous to my soul. My life they want to take control.

Lord, rescue me from this mess for without You,

I am not strong enough I must confess.

I was divinely made in the image of

The Father, The Spirit and The Son

And in my life,

Their will for me will be done!

I have a victorious and divine destiny,

No one will have the rule over ME!

Copyright 2007

About the Poet

Wanda J. Burnside is an award-winning writer and poet. She is an educator, author and playwright. She is the founder and president of “Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions International.” Wanda is also the publisher and founder of The Lamp newsletter and the president of “The Called and Ready Writers” founded by Minister Mary Edwards. Wanda is married to Mr. Simmie Lee Burnside, Jr. They are members of Greater Miller Memorial Church of God in Christ in Warren, MI. Bishop Earl J. Wright, Sr. is the pastor. Wanda graduated from the University of Detroit in 1972. She has taught in public and private schools in Detroit. She is an active community worker.

You can contact Wanda at: P.O. Box 125, Dearborn, MI 48121-0125. Email: wtvision@hotmail.com. Phone: 313- 491-3504. Website: www.thecalledandreadywriters.org . Facebook.

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Nothing But Books said...

To my sister in Christ, Wanda,

I READ, FED, and was NOURISHED by your poem "Divinely Made." It is beautiful!!!
Lord knows, I have had to weed out some people and things in my life that was stunting my spiritual growth. Thank God for the spirit of discernment.
This poem, for the sake of our young people's future, should go out to every age-appropriate elemenary school, every Junior and Senior High School. Oh yes, college students...EVERYBODY. There are some of us more mature adults who just don't understand why they can't get any further spiritually than they are; it's most likely that they are in "toxic" relationships. All I can say in addition praying is: PLEASE PEOPLE, WAKE UP!

You are appreciated,