Saturday, October 1, 2011

CEO Sherrell Valdezloqui

1: How was PPM birthed/ come to pass?

PPM was birthed July 2010. I had just come from a book signing in Atlanta, and as soon as I got home, it was placed in my spirit to start a magazine. I had no desire to be involved with magazines like that. But, when God placed it upon me, I knew I had to be obedient. I had constantly asked the Lord to bless me with my own business prior to Him placing the magazine in my spirit. I didn’t think it was going to be a magazine, though. I wanted to own a café or a bakery, lol.

2: Did you ever see yourself at the helm of a magazine as a CEO?

Oh no. In fact, about a year and 3 months ago, I would have flat out told others that doing a magazine wasn’t my calling. As mentioned, my heart was being the owner of a Café or Bakery because I loved to bake. Besides that, I love to write. So, I thought being an author and writing Inspirational and Encouraging books was what I would be never guessing I would be the CEO of a magazine.

3: How do you maintain a Christian Magazine/Business in what seems
to be a faithless society?

The world really needs encouragement, inspiration, and definitely the true Word of God. All though society seems faithless, in society there are lost souls and even hurt souls that the Lord is concerned deeply about. He wants them to know He’s still in there with them, and He wants to show Himself. He also wants to make aware His Servants (Men and Women of God)who are around working hard for the Kingdom!

4: How do you choose the subjects that appear in the magazine and the
individuals that you feature?

I pray and seek out Men and Women both on a local, state, national and international level, based on what they do, the information they send in and background checks of course….lol.If they are walking in their Purpose and touching lives in their communities or even in the church, they have an opportunity to be featured. Most of the features we get are doing such an awesome job. The subject speaks for itself...

5: How do you manage to run a magazine and find time for your family
and to spend time with God?

Honestly speaking, it took a while for me to get to that point. When you first start something, you’re so excited and want things to be on point. The problem is: if God gives you something, then you have to wait on Him to move forward. There were times when God had to speak to me and tell me I needed to slow it down. God definitely keeps me in check and now it’s easier to manage family and spending time with God. He showed me the schedule I should be on in which I worship the Lord, spend time with my family, and then business.

6: Where do you see PPM headed in the future? What direction is God
leading the magazine?

I see PPM being an International magazine, and I know that’s what a lot of people say because that’s just a big dream. But, the faith I have in God andin the promise in which He has given me. I have faith that this is going to happen. So,“International” is where I see PPM in the future….Having a PPM in different countries featuring their own Men and Women of God!

7: What words of inspiration could you give to someone who is either
just starting their own magazine or dreams of starting one?

People may think I’m weird when they ask this question. Normally, you would give a professional standard instruction in how to start a magazine in which you could probably find on Google….lol. But, prayer and ensuring this is what God wants you to do is what I advise. And if it’s something you want to do, definitely still pray that God would put favor on your publication. God will give us our heart’s desire, but we have to put His work first, of course. So, pray, seek God, and have faith that your publication will be successful. Statistics tell us that most publications won’t last past one year, if even that long. Oh, and also as mentioned earlier, you can still research so you’ll also know what to expect from the economy side.

8: What have you learned during this process that has proven to be
beneficial to you?

Never giving up no matter how hard things may become….Learning how to stay in your lane…. Never worrying about what other businesses or ministry like yours are doing or wanting to be like them. Look forward and run your own race and make the legacy your own and not a copy of someone else. God doesn’t make duplicates no matter how similar you may seem to others. There is something inside of you or your ministry/business that is Different.

9: Do you have any regrets or is there anything that you would have done
differently in creating and operating PPM?

No, definitely no regrets. Even the hard times I endured only made me stronger, and because I am a hands-on person and have to experience things for myself, there was no other way to learn or understand than to go through it myself. Because of it, my faith has become stronger, and I know it’s no one else, but God, that has the magazine where it is today.

10: Where do you see PPM 5years from now?

10years? I see us impacting the world Internationally, touching lives all over and receiving testimonials from many how PPMwas used by God to minister to the nations, adding souls to the Kingdom. PPM will be a publication that will not only be, a reading material, but a material that will speak to one’s soul, telling them to keep running the race. In the end, we shall be rewarded greatly by the Father.

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