Thursday, September 1, 2016


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Today's featured Author is Maurice M. Gray Jr.

About The Author

Maurice Gray is the owner/operator of Write The Vision, and the author of two novels (To Whom Much Is Given and All Things Work Together) and a novella, Like A Brother. He is a contributor to five anthologies, including the recently released The Soul Of A Man 2: Make Me Wanna Holler. Maurice also provides editing and other literary services to assist fellow authors.

He serves on the faculty of the annual Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, where he evaluates manuscripts for conferees and teaches workshops as needed. 

Maurice is a member of Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, DE, a mentor with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and a member of Toastmasters, International. He lives in New Castle, Delaware with his family. 

About The Book 

Jeremiah McAllister lost his entire family before he turned eighteen, but was blessed with another one. As the oldest of more than a dozen young adults mentored by CC Dawson and her husband Thurman, Jeremiah takes his role as oldest brother within their chosen family seriously. To his siblings, he is confidante, emergency contact, babysitter and family ATM; whatever they need, he provides, no questions asked. However, some among them push his largesse to its limits.

Jenisse Anderson uses Jeremiah as a surrogate man on her arm for social events when she’s between boyfriends and as her personal 911 (she calls him to help her deal with anything she deems an emergency). Despite Jeremiah’s consistently being there for her, she will neither reciprocate nor discuss his feelings for her, or even deal with the issues of her past.

Erik Dawson (CC and Thurman’s only biological child) is currently estranged from his parents, and uses Jeremiah as a go-between so he knows they’re okay and vice-versa. Jeremiah’s repeated pleas for Erik to go to his parents and reconcile fall on deaf ears. Between Jenisse and Erik and the constant requests from the others, Jeremiah is pulled in too many different directions all at once.

As he reaches his breaking point, Jeremiah finds himself at a crossroads in his life. How can he break out of an emotional prison he didn’t even realize he was in until recently? Can he face his own history in order to embrace a better future?

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