Thursday, September 29, 2016

#BEHINDTHESCENES ~~ #NEWBOOKALERT #CHRISTIAN #NONFICTION ~~Lord, I Believe But Help Me With My Unbelief by Brenda Summerville @wnlbooktours

Welcome to Behind The Scenes

Today's featured author is Brenda Summerville

Minister, Brenda Summerville is a theologian, writer, activist and philanthropist. Brenda is a technologist by trade and has over 30 years of experience in Corporate America. She earned her Master of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary. Being an entrepreneur she focuses her expertise on corporate chaplaincy, womanist theology, pop culture and theology. Brenda also maintains a blog where pop culture and theology meets entitled:  I'm not blogging I'm doing public theology.

Brenda is also the founder and director of The Summerville Kids; a non-profit organization that provides scholarships to high school seniors whose family have been affected by drug abuse. She has been featured twice in the online magazine, "The Girls Guide to Swagger," where she showcased her spiritual swagger. Brenda is an ordained Deacon at Trinity United Church of Christ and has started the ordination process with The United Church of Christ. She is a champion for women and work to resolve poverty issues. The ambitious entrepreneur is currently working on a spirituality and lifestyle book. Brenda resides in Chicago where she is an avid reader, an aficionado of lipstick, lover of wine, health, fitness, and travel.

--This is a very simple story, nothing new. It is about a battle, a struggle with God. This riveting book is the author’s testimony of how she followed her own will yet eventually turned back to God. It's her story of how she battled depression and contemplated suicide, when she was at her lowest point, but God brought her back! This is a story of contemplation, compromise and VICTORY!

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