Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#NEWBOOKALERT #NEWRELEASE The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles: Secrets Revealed by Casandra Charles

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Casandra Charles

The Jamie Reynolds Chronicles: Secrets Revealed
©Casandra Charles

Robert was older than me and one would say he was my first taste of a grown up relationship. Naturally, I had boyfriends in the past and they were real, my first love was my high school sweetheart Wes at the age of 17 and pretty much stayed out of serious relationships all through college until I met Robert my senior year in college. He was 6 years older than me. I meet him at an 18 and up club when I was 20. He was very well known in Atlanta and it felt pretty cool to be around him. He treated me like a queen or so I thought. However, he never lied to me about his situation and he had a serious relationship “fiancee” at home. I was the side chick but somehow at that age I didn’t care. I never understood guys, why would you ask someone to marry them if you are still dating other people. I loved Robert so I never thought I was doing anything wrong.
Robert and I went through so much. Since I wasn’t old enough to go to the club with him we often just did dinner, movie’s and stuff like this. He never hid me from anyone. I meet all of his friends and they all respected me. I never felt like the sidechick until I turned 21.
I was super excited to finally be 21, I felt like an adult and I can finally go to the club with Robert. I was young, with a coke bottle figure and was about to graduate from college not to mention Roberts friends was in the industry so I had work already lined up. Robert was great, he supported me in all aspects. I could never understand what he told his girl as Robert started spending the nights at my apartment (often) and we was a real open relationship. However things changed when he finally sat me down and told me his girl was pregnant. The funny thing is I think I was more upset to find out he was actually sleeping with his girl. Nevermind the fact he was sleeping with us both without protecting.
“so what is she going to do?” I asked not knowing what he would say.
“come on Jamie, don’t ask me that question. I’ve been open and upfront with you about her. I thought you would be happy for me and Maria.”
what the hell, how was I supposed to be happy, my boyfriend’s fiance is about to have his baby. It sounded crazy in my head but somehow Robert had a spell over me or something because he always said just the right things to make me understand our twisted relationship.

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