Thursday, December 7, 2017


Welcome to Behind The Scenes

Today's featured author is 

Lisa Bradley

Lisa was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina.  She and her husband, Mathis, have been married for 24 years and together they have one daughter, Alisha.  Lisa graduated from Central Carolina Technical College, Morris College, and in December, 2016, she received a Masters Degree from Webster University in Educational Technology.

She began writing while attending a local college.  She was asked by one of her professors to put into words what she thought the Bible meant to her and she wanted to be creative so she wrote her very first poem.  And from there, her writing adventure began.  Little did she know that this class assignment would be the what would prepare her to deal with what was to come later in life. 

Writing for family and friends, and different events and occasions is where she shared her expressive words, but before it was all over, the reason for writing changed and developed into something more personal.  She started writing for others but in the end began writing for herself.

Lisa published her first book, Expressions of the Heart, in April, 2016 with the Christian publishing company Pure Thoughts Publishing.  She thanks God for the opportunity to share the gift He placed in her.  She may have started writing later in life than most but God’s timing is always perfect. 

To contact Lisa or find out how to purchase a copy of her book, please visit her website 

Expressions of the Heart, is a book of inspirational poetry centered on strong faith, unexplainable peace and unconditional love.  This emotional journal has poetic words for any situation given in life.  From family to friends to God, the author shares her emotions and feelings as she and her family deals with the diagnosis of major depression of her then 13-year-old daughter.  This book inspires, uplifts and encourages the heart and soul.  But most of all, God is at the center of every verse on every page of this personal expressive journey. 

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Thank you so much Ms. Paulette Harper Johnson for this opportunity. You are doing amazing things. Thanks again!