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Book Title: O'shay & Sanaa: An Urban Romance

Genre: Romance         

Book Release Date: March 21, 2019

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Currently an independent author, Jonas Brinkley was born in Georgia and was raised by his mother in Tift County. His writing talent manifested from his teen years and by the encouragement from his relatives and friends, he developed it by taking the relevant college courses that honed not only his writing skills but also knowledge on various fields like theosophy and business. He founded (Voice of My Ancestors) Voma Publications LLC. J. Brinkley’s unconventional philosophies about life and love are a gift that ought to be shared with the world via writing.

When O'shay London met Sanaa Holland, it was an instant attraction. They dated for a while and found themselves in love with each other. Finalizing their romance by tying the knot, O'shay and Sanaa found things between them starting to fall apart soon enough - happiness and fulfillment were replaced by grief and bitterness. As the couple grapples with the circumstances that change their lives forever, the question of what truly bonded them arose... LOVE, LUST or OBSESSION?

Sanaa sat in the dressing room of the breathtakingly beautiful Crystal Ballroom in Metro West, Orlando, Florida. The wedding area was adorned with eighteen dimming chandeliers, pipe and drape backdrops with up lights, Silver Chiavari chairs, high top tables, ivory linens, gorgeous aqua and silver floral arrangements, aqua candles, candelabras, and ceiling drapery. She still couldn't believe her wedding day had finally arrived. She had told her bridesmaids and her maid of honor to give her a minute to herself. Lana, Tasha, Renee, Niki, and her best friend, Bria, had been her girls since their early college days. She couldn't imagine this day without them. After Bria had finished applying the finishing touches to Sanaa's make-up, the ladies left the room and quietly closed the door behind them. 

Sanaa stared at her reflection in the mirror as she reminisced about first meeting O'shay. They were both college students at the time. He was studying at the University of Central Florida, working towards a degree in Aircraft Engineering. He had wanted to someday become a pilot and Sanaa was studying Criminal Justice at Keiser University. She aspired to be a criminal defense attorney. They were at Starbucks, both of them cramming for midterms. Sanaa tried not to stare when he walked through the door, but he was so handsome, he literally took her breath away. She noticed him watching her too. He appeared to be somewhat shy, and that's always a turn-on.
After a while, they both got up to leave at the same time and as fate would have it, they bumped into one another. They struck up a conversation and before parting, exchanged phone numbers and made plans to hook up. They were inseparable from that day forward. Now five years later, they both have promising careers and big dreams for their future. They were about to become husband and wife.

1. Why did you write this book/What was the inspiration behind this book?

A: I wrote this book because I know a couple who went through this situation. I think this story need to be told to the world. 

2. What makes this book different from other books?

A: I don't know. All I can say is my book is based on a true story. 

3. What’s the hardest part about being an author?

A: Well, being an author isn't hard but owning a business and having to learn about different subject matters and write is hard. Being a jack of all trades is a plus though. 

4 What do you love most about being an author?

A: I love the freedom to be able to express myself and address issuses that happen in our day to day life.

5. Who is your favorite author/what is your favorite book and why?

A: Omar Tyree (Fly Girl). The book has always stayed in my head. 

6. What advice would you give aspiring authors?

A: Find your own lane. Stay constant. Read more. Attend writing classes to enhance your writing. Network. Never stop investing in your projects.

7. What question or comment are you asked most frequently about your book?

A: How do I put my stories together.

8. Do you blog? What’s your blog site address? What do you blog about? 

A: Yes. I'm still learning about blogging. I'm starting with content marketing before diving straight into blogging. I have also posted my previous interviews on my website.  

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9. What events/book plans do you have coming up? 

A: I am setting up a few radio blogs and podcast shows with a few people. 

10. Describe your book in three words? 

A: Realistic, Suspenseful, Heartfelt.

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