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Meiah Shaun

1)    I first want to thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do this interview.  Speaking of your busy schedule you are one of the authors in the best-selling book Women Who Soar, tell us a about yourself?

I’m an author, playwright and a prophetic voice. My writings are faith-based messages where I link my personal life experiences with spiritual life lessons that I’ve experienced. My latest novel is, Burnt Orange,an inspirational coming-of-age story based on real-life events from my life. Other works include my stage plays My First Love & A Rich Woman's Party,published by HCP Book Publishing.

I’m a graduate of LeTourneau University and Touch of God Healing and Deliverance School of Ministry. I studied play writing at Dallas Theater Center. I’m a member of Christ Purpose International Church. I’m a native of Orange, Texas and currently reside in the Dallas, Texas area. 

2)    What’s the title of your chapter? 

A Crown of Beauty

3)    Tell us about your chapter?

This chapter ministers to the reader on inner healing and deliverance. I share my personal life experiences and provide life-changing content on the strategy to defeat emotional pain, distress and darkness. 

4)    What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading your chapter?

My prayer is that the reader will receive revelation through the word of God and understand their spiritual authority. They no longer have to suffer from emotional hurts, wounds, traumas, fears, heart issues, character deficiencies and sickness. They will be able to identify the causes and the spiritual roots. And the reader will receive an impartation to break free from bondage and receive their divine healing through the love and power of Jesus Christ. 

5)    What inspired you to participate in this anthology? 

It was a goal of mine to do a collaborative writing project with other authors. When the opportunity presented itself, I knew that it was my prayer answered. 

6)    What’s next for you?

I’m preparing to produce my own stage play.  I’m currently working on the script. 

7)    What was the most difficult aspect of writing this chapter? 

Meeting the tight deadline but everything came together beautifully. 

8)    Why do you write? Is it something you've always done, or always wanted to do? Or is it something that you started fairly recently?

I began writing poetry and short stories around age 8. Writing has always been my passion. In 2013, I began writing professionally and became a self-publisher.
During that year, I met some self-published Christian authors in a writer’s ministry group. I had no idea that I could self-publish as an alternative to a traditional publisher and a literary agent. 

9)    In three words describe your chapter?

1)   Anointed
2)   Epic
3)   Life-changing

10)How can people connect with you? 

On Facebook or Twitter under Meiah Shaun. My email is

Women Who Soaris a book collaboration project of women who stepped out on faith, launched their own businesses and released their dreams and purposes into the world. 

These powerful women have dispelled lies, overcome difficult challenges, refused to take no for an answer and are now soaring and creating the life they deserve. 

Their stories are moving, revealing, encouraging and empowering. They have resolved to use their testimony to pave the way for other women to soar into their destiny.

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