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Virtual Book Tour Weed and Water Bringing The Resources of God To a Teenager #newrelease #youngadult


Book Title: Weed and Water
Author: Ian Palmer
Genre: Teenage Redemption story; Christian faith
Paperback: 266 pages

ISBN-10: 1506188451
ISBN-13: 978-1506188454



Originally from Australia, Ian lives in the high desert in his beloved Southwest USA. As a petroleum engineer, recently retired, he consulted all over the world. When he hikes with them or watches them play sports, Ian’s grandchildren are a particular source of happiness. His main interests are hiking, dancing, writing, and stimulating conversation. Ian regularly writes a new blog on various topics relating to Christian faith, and has also written a book called Hiking Toward Heaven.


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A mysterious stranger helps a teenage boy called Ethan rescue his mentor, an elderly father-figure, from drowning when their canoe capsizes in a flooding river. A star athlete, Ethan later gets involved in unsafe sex, which leads to drugs, and gets him blackballed by jealous and gossiping team-mates. The boy is going down, and at times hates himself for it and for hurting his mom who is a caring, loving, and beautiful woman.

After another disastrous episode, where Ethan might have died, the river-stranger turns up again to confront him about his life choices. However, even after rehab, the boy’s condition is marked by a yo-yo attitude which causes massive emotional heartache for his mom.

The river-stranger, after sharing his own amazing history, suggests taking the fight to another level which draws on the resources of God. This begins a new and fascinating sequence of events, including a tornado, which get Ethan’s attention.

The book is a captivating story, packed with adventure in the desert Southwest and in the rivers and lakes of the Midwest USA. But it is also a goldmine of spiritual wisdom for teenagers. The mystery that permeates the story is compelling, and the thrilling ending may call for a tissue or two.


“A story of modern Christian guidance that will interest readers unopposed to heavenly intervention. Though a more or less well-adjusted kid, Ethan’s attitude toward life takes a downturn when he contracts herpes from a cheerleader named Rachel. Popper, ever the Christian optimist, 0 does his best to explain to the young man that his life is not over. Ethan’s attitude continues a downward slide, however, as he experiments with drugs. The nature-filled story makes use of scenery for periods of reflection about weighty matters. Notions of God and morality are never forced on Ethan; rather, they are discussed in open and meaningful ways 0” – Kirkus Reviews


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Gray Nomad said...

The book Weed and Water is a fascinating account of building trust between a teenage athlete Ethan and his mentors who are trying to help his mom. The boy yo-yos between enthusiastic integrity and depressive rebellion. The book offers practical clues to help when there are trust issues between teens and adults.